It’s Worthwhile to Plan Ahead!

Advanced Notice Can Save Travel Disappointment

You wouldn’t expect to successfully plan a major event or a destination wedding a week or two from the event date, would you?

The same philosophy should be applied to making travel plans, particularly when they involve special conditions, like accommodating a group, holiday and peak season travel dates, or a special event like a wedding or reunion.

One of the money-saving reasons Global Discovery Vacations members love the travel club is the rate guarantee your membership provides for available destinations. But the travel club can’t always guarantee availability, particularly in the instance of short notice.

By following some of our expert tips on planning ahead, you can reduce the possibility of missing out on getting what you want, when you want, where you want.

1. Think and Act at the Same Time


Global Connections Condominium Operations Manager, Emily Ceruzzi, says a good rule of thumb is to start the process as soon as you get the idea for that next vacation. “When you start thinking you’d like to go somewhere, that’s the time to call us and get your plans in motion,” she said.

2. Perks of Non-Peak

Customer Relations Operations Manager, Eric Stout, notes that Peak Season isn’t always the best time to travel. “For some locations, Value Season can be a much more pleasant time to travel. Fuel is cheaper, airfare and other discounts are more abundant, and major attractions have fewer people and shorter lines,” he said.

It’s important to check specific attractions ahead of time and make sure the things you want to see and do are open or available during the time you’re going to be there.  Stout suggests checking with resort management or the local Chamber of Commerce.

3. Same Place, Different Day

Stout also notes that some destinations have year-round fun, it’s just a matter of looking at a different kind of vacation. “For example, a lot of people think of Colorado for ski vacations,” Stout explained, “but Colorado offers a lot to do all year round: white water rafting, hiking and kayaking, to name a few.”

4. The 120 Day Rule…

…is exactly what it says. Ceruzzi recommends that any requests for a resort destination should be made at least 120 (four months) in advance, regardless of plans or season. But when you’re traveling with a large group for a special occasion, or you really need a specific date or place, ask as soon as you can. You can make your reservations and requests up to a year in advance.

While it never hurts to ask on a whim, plenty of advanced notice is bound to yield better results. So the only question left is … where do you want to be for your next vacation? Start planning now!

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