Cool and Helpful Websites for Travelers

A traveler is only as good as his tools: accommodations, transportation, luggage, etc. One could argue that the most important tool for a traveler is information. And yet, there are so many unknown facets of travel that people don’t have in their toolbox. But thanks to some innovative websites, your travels can be much more […]

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 Towns That Shut Down are Your Ticket to Escape

Chairs down on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

We live in a beautiful age, where almost any information we desire is accessible with the click of a mouse or the tap of a phone. But with limitless information comes infinite distractions. There are times when that does more harm than good, which is why it’s good to escape from it all every once […]

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 8 Ways to Be Comfortable on a Plane

neck pillow plane

With all the talk of low-fare options (and the confusion surrounding them), airlines are at least trying to help passengers. While they focus on the monetary aspect, it doesn’t address the physical comfort – or lack thereof – of being on a plane. Assuming you’re roughing it like the rest of us in coach, here’s […]

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