Summer Dates For Your Next Vacation

It’s so easy to plan a vacation and just pack the days with sightseeing and great food, but why not take some time for romance on your next Global Discovery Vacations adventure? You’re already on vacation, so you can skip the theatrics and do something relatively simple. Of course, you don’t have to do that either. There’s a perfect summer date for everyone on a vacation.

Here are six awesome summer date night ideas for when you’re out of town (many also work when you’re not on vacation).

Hit the Beach for a Summer Date

This one seems really obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take advantage of the awesome natural date scenery. Maybe you’re staying with us in Clearwater, Myrtle Beach or any of our several Hawaii resorts. Or maybe you’re a bit of a drive, but it’s still doable. Day or night, this is a great summer date.

Bird Watching

Go bird watching on your next summer date

Seems kind of silly, right? Well it’s not! Think about it. You’ll go somewhere that’s likely fairly isolated and have the chance to watch some birds that you typically wouldn’t see. It can be peaceful and very romantic if you give it a shot.

Cook at Home

One of the great perks of your Global Discovery Vacations membership is that so many of our resorts offer kitchens right in the units. That means that you can take a night while you’re relaxing and spend some time on a delicious home-cooked meal. Get a bottle of wine or whatever your drink of choice is and cook together in an atmosphere where you don’t really have a care in the world.

Go on a Bike Ride, Maybe Pack a Picnic

Look on the map (or ask the front desk) for a great spot to head to with your honey bunny and hit the trail. Unless you’re both super competitive, remember that it’s not a race but an opportunity to do something different together while you’re out of town and without a care in the world.

Go Fruit Picking for a Great Summer Date

Fruit Picking for a Great Summer Date

This is another one that might seem sort of silly, but it can be a great opportunity to do something you probably can’t at home. You also can’t at a lot of vacation spots, but you can’t get to the beach everywhere either, so that’s okay. Find a local orchard and start picking. It can be so relaxing and fun!


You can do this literally anywhere, though some locations are easier than others. Maybe you have to drive for half an hour to get away from the city lights, but pack a blanket and some snacks and maybe some beverages and head out to find the perfect spot to see all the beautiful stars in the night. It might be the most romantic night of your entire vacation and it’s super simple.

Just remember, when you’re traveling with Global Discovery Vacations, to leave some time for romance in the middle of your busy schedule. It can be the best part of your vacation!

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Source: 10 Summer Date Night Ideas for Your Vacation, Because Romance Doesn’t Take Breaks, Elite Daily