Show Us Your Savings and We’ll Give You A $100 Bill Beach Towel!

When people are asked why they don’t travel as much as they would like, the main reason has to do with money. Just think, if money were no object, wouldn’t you be off to Paris or spending a week in the Bahamas? We know we would.

That’s why we love hearing how our members save money while making priceless memories. With the membership and the convenience of a condo, you can get so much more out of your dollar and have some leftover to spend on attractions, dinners and much more. We thought we’d share some of our favorite money-saving stories and give you an opportunity to share yours as well!

Share how you saved with Global Discovery Vacations or how you spent your leftover dough in the comments by August 29, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. CST, and three lucky members will receive a $100 bill beach towel compliments of Global Connections!

“We are a family with a mom, dad and seven children along with seven grandchildren and four in-laws. Only three of the family was missing! We gathered to celebrate our 40th anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas combination, but mostly to support our Marine son, Caleb, who will be deployed in 2014! Thank you Global for making it possible within affordability.”
David G.

“We took a Caribbean cruise on Norwegian January 2014 to Jamaica and Cozumel and saved probably $1,000 through Global. Canada was our second trip but first time staying in one of your condos. Now that we know the Global system better and how far ahead to plan, we’ll be regulars from now on!”
Roy V.

“We have never taken many vacations with our family of six. It was too expensive. Now that our kids are older it is the perfect time to invest in travel and driving! We wanted to invest in it so we forced ourselves to go spend time together and have no excuses!”
Amy D.

“It was my husband’s dream to travel; and Global makes it affordable and very comfortable.”
Susan G.

“Vacation has always been important to my family. We may not have had every toy growing up as a kid, but we did always go on vacation. Those memories are much more important than any material object.”
Kari G.

“We’ve taken three trips: Two weeks in Hawaii, a week in Destin, Florida, and this trip to Gatlinburg. We’ve also given four trips to family members as gifts. We figured out the Hawaii trip alone made up for the cost of the membership to Global.”
Danna W.

“After my wife and I had a child, we stopped traveling. This opportunity to join not just improved our time spent together but it has improved our overall quality of life. It has improved our life not just on the trips but we look forward to going and coming home from that helps us get through our high stress jobs, but also we brought our four-year-old to Disney for eight days earlier this year along with our extended family with which they would have never been able to afford with their two kids if it wasn’t for Global Discovery Vacations.”
Christian S.


Now it’s your turn! Tell us how you save with your Global membership here on the Global Travels Blog or on our Global Discovery Vacations Facebook page. We’ll randomly select three winners from all of the comments and send a one hundred dollar bill beach towel to use on your next vacation.

Comments must be made by 5:00 p.m. CST on August 29, 2014. Winners will be announced on the Facebook page and on this blog post on August 30. No cash value.

Won’t you share with us in the comments below?

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

116 thoughts on “Show Us Your Savings and We’ll Give You A $100 Bill Beach Towel!

  1. I just want to say this is the most remarkable travel club, ever!!! It’s easy to make reservations and go to places I never even thought of. I have always traveled a lot so this was right up my alley. We have far surpassed our expectation on all levels. We have picked places that I would have never thought to go to…but decided to give unexpected places a shot and believe it or not they have been amazing. We even got to met Tom the owner, he was down to earth, and wanted the normal person to be able to travel at an affordable price. Thank you Tom for making it all possible, we have six weeks now, so I am trying to use it all!!! See you all on vacation!

  2. We have used global for several vacations you don’t pay yearly fee unless you book a vacation we like the extra vacation value when we book. Larry P.

  3. My husband and I became members 3 months after we got married. We didn’t use it for 7 years. Last year in 2013, 3 kids later we went on our first annual family vacation and have since went to Vegas for our 8th anniversary, another family vacation to Disney Land and sent our grandpa on a honeymoon. I forgot to mention we were even able to bless my aunt that has cancer with a trip away with her siblings. The savings are incredible, but the memories are priceless!! We are so enjoying our vacations and intend to visit Hawaii or Italy for our 10th anniversary. Thank you Global for making all of this possible!!!! 🙂

  4. My husband and I have been on many timeshare presentions both before and after Global. Global has set the standard in affordable vacationing, whereby you can search their user friendly website at anytime for available inventory and not have to go to the same place year after year. With Global, there are no exchange fees, nor do you have to pay any annual fees for the calendar year that you don’t vacation. I just love the flexibility of being a Global member. Who needs a deed when you have lifetime rights with Global.

  5. We have enjoyed staying at the condo resorts. They are just beautiful. They are like a home away from home. We have driven to our destinations and bought food to cook in the condos, as they are fully stocked with dishes and pots and pans!! Much cheaper than having to go out foor dinner all the time 🙂 We plan on exploring many more destinations that we would have never done before joining Global:)

  6. Global was a retirement plan for my husband and I. We have used Global for a weeks vacation in Florida in February 2013 & 2014 but look out 2015. We plan to use 4 weeks in February because retirement comes in just 14 days. We will get to stay in various areas of the Sunshine state. Our plan, an affordable one, is coming together thanks to Global. Cathy H.

  7. After a vacation last year in Hawaii with friends and using all of our star credits, we called Global and purchased additional star credits.

  8. We are retired and do not have a huge income. It was a big decision to get involved with global. Needless to say in our first year we have taken 3 fantastic vacations. Those three vacations cost less than $1000 and we went to Texas, South Carolina and here in Florida and the great thing is that we took one with a cousin and her husband, one with our sister in law and most of all one with our son and his family. We had a great time with all and can’t wait for our next adventure

  9. My oldest daughter is getting married Spring 2015. We have rented four condos for the wedding party, plus one for the honeymoon. All for under $2000.00 including our renew fee. That’s a total of five weeks. We can not believe the money we have saved through Global. Thank you.

  10. We have been with Global since 2002,we joined for 1 week,after our first vacation we found out how much we saved traveling with this program,we then proceeded to call and ask to join 2 more weeks, since we have bought we have never let any weeks go unused,we also took many of our friends who were overwhelmed with the savings and nice condos offered to us,I have had several party at my home by taking friends and they ask to join.we also offer our children to use but they ended up buying also so we all travel,Global works hard to find you the right place you want to be,and they have a excellent staff to work with, I recommend everyone to check this out,we have saved a ton of money and love everything this great company has to offer.Keep up the excellent work.Diane and Tom

  11. All I can say is thanks to Global we have seen places and done things that we would have never done. We take one family vacation a year and have been to places like St. Maarten, Cabo San Lucas and Myrtle Beach. In addition to our once a year family vacation, my wife and I go on at least one get away a year this has included historical places, beach vacations and cruises. Although we have been to Italy and the Mediterranean, we are now thinking about taking an Italian trip and using a Global Condo as our base of operation to visit remote areas of Italy. Thanks Global, you make it a lot more affordable amd comfortable with the various packages.

  12. Been a member about 3 yrs found it cheaper to use expedia. everything is peak season and much more expensive with global, they have no off season and never tell you during their sales promotions.

    • Hi Ken,

      We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble using your membership. We see that you have Star Credits available, so we encourage you to give our Member Relations a call at 800-879-7779 and one of our helpful representatives will show you how to take advantage of all of the benefits of your membership.

      -Happy Travels

  13. We were going to rent a cabin for one week in gatlinburg ton for 1600.00 with our friends but I thought let me see what Global can do. I called them and she said that she could get us a condo as all the cabins were booked for a week for 600.00. So I talked it over with our friends and we figured we would not be in a lot ( since we have never been there) and booked the condo. We are here now and it is just fine.

  14. Vacations have always been important to my husband and I. Before we bought our package we went on 1 vacation a yr. . Now we go 3-4 weeks a yr. THANKS GLOBAL DISCOVERY VACATIONS. We save at least $1000.00 to 2000.00 each vacation we take.

  15. Last year we went for a condo special in Gulfshores, Mississippi with my parents. My dad had served in the air force in this area. He and Mom spent very poor (on an airman’s salary in the 50’s) wonderful days here. There is no way I could have afforded a beautiful shore condo for 4, for the price you gave us. This was the last trip my Dad took as he became sick and died just a few months ago. I am so glad that I belong to Global, I have taken several trips with my disabled son and his daughter. We have hiked in Colorado, Tennessee, and Missouri I save enough money to take two trips a year instead of only one short one. Again thanks Global!

  16. This past Easter we were able to take our whole family to Florida for a week of being together. It was a fantastic trip for brothers, sisters, spouses, children, cousins, and grandparents. We could not have done this without being members of Global Vacation Network.

  17. We love to travel and especially enjoy the savings to be had by staying in a fully equipped condo. Our trip to South Padre last winter allowed us to see our Texas grad school daughter and gave her a needed beach break. We enjoyed saving even more by attending local happy hours (love the 35 cent oysters at Padre Ritas) and exploring new areas by doing free geocaching. We are celebrating our 40th this fall with a dream trip to Italy saving many euros by staying in a Global condo, can’t wait!

  18. We have stayed at a couple of beautiful resorts thru Global and have found them to be of great value. You get all the comforts of home and enjoy a week of living in a spacious unit instead of a hotel room.

  19. Vacation costs can be misleading because the numbers just seem to creep up on you. Global Discovery vacations allow us to plan better, bring or shop for less expensive food options, and do a lot more for less. Thanks Global

  20. With a disease that leaves me losing sight every year, it is important to me to make memories with my husband and three children while I can still see. With Global, we are able to take these dream vacations (we just got back from Hawaii). We get to make memories because of Global.
    Kendra Z.

  21. In addition to vacationing in fully equipped condo’s versus hotel rooms we love the $99 Condo sales. We went to Palm Springs and paid only the $99 Condo Special price while others spent over $1000 for the same. Huge Huge Savings!

  22. This is the first time using Global. My wife and I are going on a Alaska Cruse for our 40th Wedding Aniversary. We saved around $600 by using 2 stars. We decided to go on a last minute thought. The people we dealt with were very perfessional, nice and very helpful. Right now we are very happy with Global Thank You.

  23. We love our GDV membership. At every resort we stayed, people told us that they pay on average $200-$300 per day. I pay that much for a week:)

    We have all kinds of food allergies, so we are happy campers to have our own Kitchen to prepare our food. To prepare food as a family is making memories.

  24. We made the decision to join Global and has resulted to be the worse investment I ever made. Tried to make some reservations in Italy for September and and all I got were some for the wrong dates repeatedly. I wish I could get My money back what a scam. Federico F.

    • Hi Federico,

      We are sorry to hear that you have had trouble using our membership. We see that you have submitted a request, so we have forwarded your information to our Member Services department and someone should be in contact with you to go over the process.

      -Global Discovery Vacations

  25. My very first trip using Global saved my business associate and I over $2000 at a convention in Las Vegas alone! My wife and I have 2 more trips already booked and are looking for more travel opportunities. We love Global.
    Mike G.

  26. We have been members for 10 years and taken around 30 Global Vacations. To save money we pack a small bag of spices, cooking oil/spray, tea and the basics/essentials for a few simple meals. At our destination we make a trip to the grocery store with shopping list in hand to add the perishables. Nothing can beat eating on your own balcony while watching dolphins cavort in the water below. Eating in saves several hundred dollars per couple per week and is more relaxing. We love our condo vacations through Global Discovery Vacations. We have wonderful memories with family and friends that none of us could have afforded without GDV.

  27. I would not be traveling this much without Global Discovery Vacations. We have traveled to Hawaii twice, St. Maarten, Wisconsin, and Northern Michigan several times in the past 5 years. The membership is truly a bargain.

  28. My husband and I were able to take an amazing 1st anniversary vacation to California. We were on a tight budget but because the room was so affordable, we were able to do it. We love having a condo because we can also save money by cooking our own meals and not eating out for them all. We have had an amazing time! Thanks Global Discovery Vacations!

  29. Global Discovery Vacations has made traveling with my family affordable AND doable!! When my niece had her destination wedding in FL. I was able to provide for my parents and the new Bride and Groom! For my parents 50th anniversary, the family was there to celebrate their big occasion in Kauai. ALL THANKS TO GLOBAL!!

  30. I tell everyone about Global and tell them to check it out! I recently booked several trips, Orlando Florida for us and the grandkids, Naples Florida for the entire family of 8, and Ireland for our 25th Anniversary. I added up the savings and I have saved half of the initial purchase cost. Global has given our family more time to spend together.

  31. My husband and I have been members for about 13 years and just love all the places that we have been able to go to and stay. We have four daughters and were able to let three of them use this for their honeymoons. The money we put at the beginning has more than paid off – many times over. I have even been accused of lying about how much we pay to stay for a week! We leave in a week for our next stay!

  32. We have been members for over ten years and have enjoyed every vacation. Every time we book a trip, we take a look at other condos in the area and we figure that we are saving up to 80% depending on the time and location. Before Global Discovery Vacations we would stay in hotels and we thought those were okay — now we stay in condos and have a much better time with the extra amenities that they have to offer. Having Global Discovery Vacations has made it possible to visit places we might not normally visit. Thanks for everything!

  33. I joined Global last year. I have three grown children. I was able to take each child on a special trip last year, each family seperate, and a special trip with my husband. This year I took by 3 year old granddaughter to Disney world for her birthday, and my grown sons each their own week in cancun. As you get older you realize the best thing in life is spending time with your grown children, grandchildren and seeing new places that you could never afford before.

  34. I love being able to take friends and family with us on vacation that normally would not be able to go with us without Global Discovery Vacations. My husband and I took my sister in law and bother in law to puerto vallarta Mexico for their 10 year wedding anniversary and they only had to pay for air fare. Also we gave my mother in law a trip to vegas with her girl friends when she had not been on a vacation in over 9 years. It is great to bless other family members with relaxing vacations and have them join us on trips.

  35. We haven’t saved anything yet as Global’s newest members, but right around the corner we intend to have the vacation of a lifetime and enjoy our new found freedom to save from spending all our hard earned cash on a swanky place to stay. The promise seems almost too good to imagine but we are stoked to find out!

  36. A friend and I had a great time at the vacation spot that we stayed in Port Charlotte Florida. We would never have been able to afford the cost if it hadn’t been for global vacations. It was a very large and spacious condo that we stayed in nice area close to the beach friendly people. What made it really nice was we could cook meals when we wanted to go out meet when we wanted to. So all I have to say is “Thank you very much global vacations!”


  38. Global vacations saves us $$ each and every time we use it, especially when traveling internationally where common hotel rooms are small and hotels charge extra for triples and quads. I travel with my two teenagers and it saves us from booking an extra room and gives us the space we like to spread out. On a side note, I pack a small hard side suitcase with snack and pantry items to use in the kitchen and on the return trip home that now empty suitcase is used to pack and carry our precious treasures we find during our travels around the world…thank you Global Vacations!

  39. We saved for our vacation using an idea we read in a magazine. Every time we got a $5 dollar bill in our wallets, we put that money in a jar. After a month we typically had $100, so after a year we had enough money to take a vacation and not have to use our other savings for it. It covered most of the travel & GC costs to go to Sedona, Arizona for our 12th wedding anniversary, and we had a great time.

  40. Before we got with global connections we barely went on vacations. Since we’ve been with them we take one every year and sometimes twice a year. We even take our extended family with is for a big vacation. The farthest we’ve traveled is Hawaii now were planning on taking a trip in October to Florida. We have saved so much every year by using the condos and hotlines I am so glad I found global connections. It brings my family joy to go on vacations

  41. We just booked a seven day trip to Sunset Beach South of Los Angeles for the second week of October for $361. I challenge anyone to find a place to stay on the Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California for $51.57 per night! Thanks once again to Global Vacations!

  42. My friend and I had a wonderful vacation in a great condo with a pool and hot tub in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. We were only 4 blocks from Governor’s Square and enjoyed the local sights

  43. My wife and I are both engineers. Before joining Global we thought that any type of timeshare was a waste of money,and still believe that most are. At first we believed the offer from Global Discovery Vacations was too good to be true. After we joined, we went home and did a pay back analysis to see how long it would take for a membership to pay for itself, and determined we would be breaking even after just 2 to 3 vacations based off the offer we received and the condos we would stay at compared to comparable condos or hotels. We have used the service 3 times, twice to mexico, and once to hawaii, and plan to use it a lot more to a lot of different locations we’d like to visit in the upcoming years.

    One condo we stayed at in Mexico also sells their own timeshares, and globals annual membership fee was 1/10 of their annual ownership fee for maintaining the property, and our initial membership fee with global was also about 1/10 or 1/20 of their sign up fee, and we still received more weeks through global than they were offering. With global, we have the ability to travel to a lot more locations than we would have through that timeshare, can substitute weeks for cruises, etc. Staying in condos presents a lot of additional ways to save money on each trip, but we thought that the price of membership vs the cost of staying at comparable condos/hotels was the biggest savings, allowing us to go on more trips or to do more fun family activities during the trips we do go on.

    Other cost savings include the special buys and expressways that global offers to gain additional weeks on top of normal membership, savings on food always having a kitchen to cook at, we also do credit cards for companion fares for airlines to basically get 1 plane ticket for free each year for an expensive flight to mexico or hawaii. Global Discovery Vacations truly is a great opportunity to save money on vacation and vacation more often.

  44. We have been members for over 5 years. We love Global! Global has very nice condo’s in a variety of beautiful loacations. We pay one low price for the entire week. I have seen similar condo’s rent daily for more than the amount that we pay for a week. We use our savings to do more activites during our vacation. We have stayed in some wonderful places. Thank you Global!!

  45. My wife and I traveled to Kauai for two weeks right on the beach in a very nice resort that would have cost us $3500 more if not for Global. We have been on several other vacations, some costing as little as $100 for a week. No way can you come close to those deals, but it is some extra effort to make all the arrangements for the places and times preferred.

  46. my wife and had a great time in the condo we rented in Williamsburg va. this past july we entertained 3 of her daughters and 8 grandchildren and saved $1300 for our stay .we compared the price with what the resort would have charged and our price was $1300 lower larry j

  47. I love the fact that I or my family members can get an expressway for & excellent price most anytime & all of the resorts they & myself have experienced have been “GREAT”… Just need to know how to get more vacations once mine R gone!! I also love that the yearly maintenance fee stays @ same low, affordable price!!! Thx for everything, Mitch Goldman

  48. We booked our first Global vacation in Gatlinburg, TN, in the one bedroom cabin. When we drove into the driveway, we felt like we were in a dream, which got better as we opened the door and went inside. We saved not only money with Global, but our sanity. We now take regular vacations, and that is more important then any savings. 🙂


  50. Our family has used Global Vacations many times since beginning our membership. If you are free to schedule a vacation, there are resorts available all over the world. We have been able to take 7 members of our extended family to Kauai. Global made all the airplane and rental car arrangements along with reserving our resort. Everything worked out fine and it was very memorable, worry-free vacation.

    We have traveled to Collingwood, Ontario; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Park City, Utah; Phoenix, Arizona; Destin, Florida; Williamsburg, Virginia; New Orleans, Louisiana; Laconia, New Hampshire; Branson, Missouri; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We love the resorts and being able to make it our home for the vacation week. We would buy groceries and make at least a breakfast and dinner using the resort’s kitchen. I like being able to do laundry if we need to during our stay. We would explore our surroundings and be amazed at the beauty. We would either take in the activities offered at the resort or take a day trip, then return to the resort for the evening.

    The ease of reserving on line or talking to a vacation advisor makes it worry free. We either go on a vacation as husband and wife or take along our daughters or other extended members of our family. I like the freedom of being able to go when and where we want. I would not buy a timeshare, which keeps your vacation in one place. Since our retirements, we hope to visit every state in the United States and maybe more countries using our Global Vacations. I like the convenience of not paying yearly fees unless we know we will be able to go on vacation. We would not have been able to afford these vacations without Global. We have been able to take vacations and make many memories. I just wish there would be resorts available in every state.

  51. We just started using Global, first place we stayed was in SC , what was suppose to be our vacation turned out to be spending last moments with our sister in law, good thing we had this condo to stay at because there was to many staying at the house. My son is in the military and is in the UK, so we will be planning a stay in Paris or Ireland with them, so excited to be able to give them a lil break from work. Also for some extra spending money, I have a jar that I put cash in every wk. being there is 52 weeks in a yr, the first wk I put 1.00 in the jar 2nd wk I put in 2.00 3rd wk 3.00 and so on, by the 52nd you will end up with $1378.00 , great lil chunk of extra spending money. Thank you for letting us enjoy the stay with Global, The Elston

  52. We love St Martin and frequently use our stars going to that island. There is such a good mix of things to do, things to buy, and things to eat and drink. And my wife loves the many casinos there.

  53. My husband and I have taken 3 trips in the year we have belonged to Global. One trip would have cost more than a one year membership!! We love GLOBAL!!! Thanks! Pat and Kathy Donahue

  54. We love going on vacations and exploring new places. Now with our Global membership we are able to take more vacations. The money we save on accomodations and the fact that we have a condo where we can cook a lot of our meals, saves enough for the expense of travel. We love it and plan on expanding our vacations to destinations outside the country. I have never seen so many wonderful places! Thanks Global.

  55. We purchased our Global membership for affordable travel after we are both retired. That event will happen the end of this year, we are currently booked for five weeks in paradise for the cost of a two week conventional vacation.

  56. First of all I want to say how much we love our condos with Global connections! We have been members since 2011. Last year we were able to get my husbands side of family together in Branson, MO. We rented 3 condos at $359 each for 11 adults and 8 children.
    We were all next to each other. Where can you get a hotel or condo for $52 a night per condo? This year we were able to spend a week at Hilton Head, SC in July in condo for $229 or $33 a day!Even if I add our yearly fee its only $92 a night. Beautiful grounds and pool. 8 min from beach which a shuttle will drive you and pick up! That was awesome in peak season at such a rate! Our next vacation is to celebrate our daughters 30th Birthday in Kissimmee, FL day after Christmas for a week at $359 a condo that is $52 a night, Even if I add the fee per year its only $81 a night per condo. Where can you rent a fully loaded condo with washer and dryer or hotel room which can fit 6 adults for $81!!! AT CHRISTMAS TIME!
    I think if I add in money put down to join it still wont make it unaffordable. I never could afford to do these vacations without being a member of Global Connections! We have been happy with every condo we have stayed in! As we get more comfortable with scheduling vacations the value will increase each and every use of your services! It will be even affordable when we retire. Then we can take advantage of even better offers! Thanks We believe in you 100%! The Morgan’s

  57. Where do I begin… Williamsburg was wonderful and a week for only $159! That’s one night stay at a nice hotel.. And we had two rooms, so the grandkids could come visit… The balcony almost in the trees, oh so beautiful! The pool, playground, park, and fabulous location to everything too! Staff went over and above with hospitality.
    And I could say “Ditto” on our trip to Vermont with Global travel… So glad we joined… Always ready to go!

  58. I used to travel every year until I got married then it wasn’t so often, but now that we have joined global travel about 4 years ago we have been able to travel more often, and even bring her parents and even plan ski trips when her kids are in town. We just got back from Hawaii using global travel and we saved a bundle. We stayed in a nice place for 7 days and paid less for that then 1 night somewhere else.

  59. Simple answer…. I’ve been with Global for about 8 years….How it saves me money? Easy… I joined it…….. It’s that simple.

  60. We have been members for 8 years and have taken numerous vacations within driving distance. Before we travel, I go on line and check for Groupons or daily deals in the area. We have gotten some good deals on entertainment and food by doing so. We usually cook and eat in for breakfast, lunch and most evenings – only going out for dinner a couple of times each trip. Saves us money in addition to what we have save on the condo with Global.

  61. I totally agree with Frederico on this the worst investment. I tried several years ago to go to Myrtle beach as Frederico stated the dates were off not able to accommodate my time slot for vacation. Then global tried to get it within 2 days of vacation, they wanted my money and tried to get me into a condo, I was not able to change my dates so I declined the offer. I then went to Myrtle beach on my own. I made it a point to go to the condo that global was suggesting my stay. I was able to make contact with the condo and property owner at no time did that particular condo allow vacationers to stay. Total rip off wish I had my money back also. I can only suggest the people on this blog must work for global ripping honest people off. If you really want to know about Global check them out on better business bureau . I really hope people see this and think twice before you buy any stars please don’t they will lie to you and take your money. Please please please be aware of these crooks.

    • Hi George,

      We apologize that you haven’t been able to take advantage of the membership. We have forwarded your message to a rep and they told us we have left you a message. Please give us a call back and we’ll see what we can do to help.

      -Global Discovery Vacations

  62. We have been members over 10 years. Our friends and family cannot believe how little we pay for luxury lodgings. Much more spacious than a hotel room with a kitchen to help save on food expenses. We try to do 2 vacations each year and still keep an eye out for special deals, too. Works for us!

  63. Excelente membresia para vacaciones bueno,lugares hermosos a bajo costo. Celebramos aniversario de bodas en Canadá. La villa del condominio fue estupenda,fabulosa. Muy apta para la ocasión.

    Al siguiente año hicimos viaje familiar para navidad.Pensylvania fue una buena elección. Desde la nieve blanquita los venados.
    Para ambas vacaciones ha sido la semana de días y 7 noches. La economía en alojamientos es bien considerada. Si no se hubiera vacacionado atraves de global no se hubiera visitado Canadá.

  64. We just completed a Family vacation in Gatlinburg, Tn. staying in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath cabin with a hot tub. It was the perfect accomodations for my wife and I, our daughter and her husband and our 3 granddaughters. While staying there I did a websearch to see what those particular cabins would cost us during that time of the year, and all of my searches came up as the 3 bedrooms being booked with no vacancies but with 2 bedrooms going for $1200 a week. We paid $400 for our cabin at the time I made the reservations thus a savings of at least $800.

  65. Love it! Love It! Love it! We have been members for over 10 years and have saved thousands of $ through Global Travel. With 5 married children and 14 grandchildren it makes traveling affordable. Some times its just the two of us and other times we take the kids. We are always impressed with the lodging. We use Expressways more each year and always take advantage of the Special Buys. Thanks Global!

  66. So far we have gone to Hatteras, SC, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, and Ireland using our Global Connections Travel Club. We never would have been able to afford these remarkable locales without our membership. Next year we are already booked for Destin, FL. We plan on going to Orlando with our grandkids soon too. This is the best investment we have ever made. Thanks Global!!

  67. When we joined Global vacation ten years ago, we never expected such wonderful, enjoyable, and exciting vacations. We have traveled to Costa Rica, Bahamas, California, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, and our daughters used vacation pkg to go to Jamaica. We have had some glorious vacations lodging where we stay. The people at the resorts was just warm, friendly and kind. They made sure we were comfortable and was satisfy with the resort amenities. When we needed assistance from the main office of Global Vacations, the assistance was great. We thank Global vacation standing up to their A+ ratings. We have recommend Global Vacation to many of our friends and relatives. Some have joined us and thank us for sharing this with them. They said “We have travel to many places that we only dreamed of, but now our dreams are reality. We love it.” I also want to thank Global Vacations for the many gifts that was given to our guests who attend our home presentations and for those who joined Global Vacations. We are planning several trips this year 2014 and 2015 for our family and friends. This is the best vacation package that we have ever came across.

  68. $159 Christmas Vacation! That’s right. When we planned our trip with 2 other couples to the Florida Keys for New Years I thought…why not add the week prior and turn the long drive from MI to FL into a 2 week vacation. Checked Global’s condo website and there it was…a 1 bedroom condo in Cocoa Beach. Perfect. Can’t find a better savings than that. The kids are getting older and busy with their own families. We’ll just celebrate before or after the holidays with them…save a ton of dough on our Christmas week stay in FL…and enjoy a relaxing holiday for just the 2 of us. We have owned several time share companies in the past, but always agree “Global is the biggest bang for your buck.”

  69. Thanks Global for such a vast array of beautiful spots to vacation. We have been to Colorado, myrtle beach, and ocean city. We are looking at Europe sometime soon. Lots of places for so little money. Now we just need more time.

  70. We just spent a romantic week in New Orleans. We had a great condo right on Canal street with a deck that overlooked the French Quarter. We took the trolley and the bus all over the city and ate amazing food. We saved money by doing some shopping and eating a few meals in the condo. However, I still gained five pounds! The most expensive part was the plane fare.
    Last Christmas, we spent the holidays in Palm Springs where we were able to drive. We were between two of our kids and spent time with them and our grandchildren. We swam every day and had a great time exploring.

  71. Global has so many awesome locations to travel too. We would have never been able to afford any of the places we have been for this price. Our friends are so jealous when I show them the photos where we have been. Thank you for the great service!

  72. We have been with Global since 1999 and it has been awesome! We are able to afford to take really nice vacations throughout the year! It really helps with work/life balance and spending special time with the family. Global is an incredible company that makes it simple to go anywhere you want and takes all the pain of owning timeshares and trading out of the equation. We go to amazing places and save thousands of dollars a year! When you can go to Maui for a week and spend $105 or get a huge modern log cabin in Gatlinburg for $105… the list goes on and on. The places we go are first class and I plan on continuing to use Global the rest of our lives and pass it down to our kids!


  74. I was able to take 3 kids & my sister to hawaii to spread my mother’s ashes. Something I couldn’t of done had I not been a member of global connections. I saved so much money on the condo vs a hotel & cooking for ourselves in our own kitchen. Now I can afford to go back there again.

  75. Soon after we bought into global, we had an idea to have a family reunion. As we began discussing it with a few family members, my wife and I chimed up and said that we would take care of the accommodations! Well, we decided on Hawaii! A year later my extended family got on a plane and headed to Kauaii and had an amazing time! Thanks, Global, for making a family reunion in Hawaii viable!

  76. Our initial membership cost was covered in just our first trip in accommodation savings based on the rate the resort was charging so it is so awesome to know moving forward that we aren’t going to be spending big bucks for lodging on our future trips. Our next trip to Mexico is costing us less than $300 for the whole week!

  77. We love global vacations. We used to own a time share and it was a horrible experience! We only got to actually use it about 2 times in the ten years we owned it! We have been with Global since about 2007, and we taken a vacation pretty much when ever we want. We have been to a gatlinburg TN, Florida, Vegas and have had great places to stay wherever we went. Thanks global for a great experience!

  78. We joined Global after hearing glowing reports from several of our friends. We’ve been completely satisfied. The affordable units have enabled us to travel more often and to locations on our bucket list – going to Paris!! We are now retired and look forward to many more exciting trips.

  79. We have been so happy with Global. When we went to Australia two years ago (you HAVE to go when you have a new granddaughter born there) , global found a place for us near the gold coast. It turned into a great way to see a lot of a huge country.
    We tend to take advantage of free rounds of golf wherever we go. If we sign up for a ‘spell’ from someone else…they always say we can’t touch global for good deals……

  80. We have taken several trips with Global and have been having a blast. Weddings can be expensive. Our gift to our son was paying for his honeymoon accommodations. Well it only cost us a couple hundred dollars and saved us a few thousand as they honeymooned at the Morritt’s Tortuga Club in the Cayman Islands. They had a wonderful time! Thanks Global!

  81. We absolutely love this vacation club , we are honored that we were selected ! Global Vacations has made it so easy and such a joy to travel !!! No worries what so ever. We also would recommend this club to anyone, Are friends are actually a bit jealous that we travel with such ease. we couldn’t extend our vacations like we have now without Global Vacations, Thanks Global .

    The Alspach Family

  82. We recently took a vacation to Hatteras Island NC. With our vacation pkg we booked our room for $159. The same room without normally books for $1039. Quite a savings we think, thats why we love our investment into Global Vacations!

  83. We have gone on a family vacation every year since joining global. My husband is disabled and the condos are very accomadating. It has been a wonderful experience for my family. Being able to cook meals in saves unough to offset travel expenses. Would recommend to anyone looking to travel on a regular basis.

  84. Thanks to Global, I was able to spend two weeks in Hawaii at a condo that was located in Oahu and did a lots of sight seeing in that area & other Islands that no could I afford those stays if I had to pay the full rental price. I highly recommend Global to my friends & family it is so nice to stay in a condo & not a cramp motel room

  85. My husband and I historically did not vacation because of work. I desperately needed a vacation due to burn out…we have found Global forces us to take a vacation each year that we need because once we make a reservation and pay we are NOT about to lose our investment in the week off so we plan and take the time we need. We would never consider renting a condo for a week due to the cost, but with Global, we not only can enjoy a week but we can share a week with my brother who gives 24/7 care to my mom who is paralyzed on the right side and bed ridden. Where else can you have a beautiful condo for under $200 per week?

  86. We have traveled in several of the Eastern states using Global. Last year we saved money by travelling with our extended family to Orlando and went to Disney. The fact that we were able to cook dinners at our home away from home allowed us to spend more time in the park.

  87. Using Global Connections has given my wife and i the affordability to vacation in Hawaii in back to back weeks on two different Islands rather than just a single week, single island. The condominiums we have stayed at have also been very nice with clean facilities and convenient locations.

  88. My Husband and I love Global. We have taken move vacations and we were able to go places we would never have gone before. We have been able to provide vacations for my Daughter and her family that they would not have taken otherwise. We have been spoiled I never want to spend time in a hotel room again. I love having multiple rooms and a full Kitchen

  89. Global ROCKS! We have been able to take 3 week vacations with our kids and Grand kids for the past several years. 13 of us in all. We have seen places and done things that would have never been possible without Global. Thanks!!
    Mark and Carie R. West Jordan, UT

  90. I’ve saved enough money to buy all the right snowboarding gear for my three year old daughter. Spent an entire week at the park regency condo. Taught her how to snowboard at park city resort. She rides for free. And the shuttle from the condo is free. Excluding the tip of course. Thanks global

  91. Mike and Tracy Chovancak

    With retirement looming, our initial thought of becoming a member was “no way, no interest just give us the gift”, but the Global representatives showed us how it makes sense….taking us from the “don’t wear white socks in the room” hotels we normally would stay at–Global has provided us with beautiful condos or some cases homes for our vacations while spending less money! For the last 6 years we have visited so many places that we probably would not have seen and saved big on our lodging…from the wooded mountains of Gatlinburg to the sandy beaches of Grand Cayman and St. Maarten –
    Global has done it all for us…..

  92. We’ve been members for 3-4 years now and have used it to travel to so many places, from Cabo Mexico to Austria….for just pennies a day. How cool is THAT???!!!! We love it.

  93. My daughter has Crohn’s disease and becomes quite ill quite easily on trips, especially when we are out of the US. Staying at a Global condo allows me to cook things she can eat. Otherwise, we would have to eat at quite expensive restaurants to get the quality of food that she could tolerate.

  94. Let me start by saying GLOBAL is the BEST! And now how I save when I go on vacation, well lets see, I don’t have to get an hotel room, and the beds are usually very HARD. lol. We get an condo, or some might say apartment, they are very roomy, the showers are big, and just everything is very clean… 🙂 Plus we get a kitchen that has all the appliances, and you don’t have to go out to eat if you don’t want to, you just go to the grocery store, and but your food… Take it home and cook your dinners, you know what your family will be eating a lot healthier then eating in a restaurant can give you, plus I know that you will be saving a lot of $$$… We all like to save $$$$… 🙂
    Thanks again Global, Dan, and Sue Townsend
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

  95. When your a crazy family of six, finding the perfect vacation can be hard and time teasing. But global connections makes it easy and affordable. I can say that since i got global it one less problem on my to do list done in a jiffy!!

  96. Thanks to Global we took our grandson to Florida last year, and we are taking my
    daughter, son in law , and three grandchildren to Disney this fall. What a treat for all,

  97. We love going to Disneyland and Global has beautiful Condos only 3 miles fron
    m the park in Kissimee. It is nice to leave the park and go and lounge around the pool. Mike & Suzie Owens

  98. Global rocks it has given us memories with our children that we could have never afforded otherwise. Yes we save money on accomodations and by cooking most meals in our condo. However the best thing about vacations now is we can afford to play and do excursions now. We have parasailed and rode jet ski’s. Weve taken dolphin tours etc. Thanks global ive even shared with many a friends whom are now members too. Most importantly hubby and I cant wait to share memories with future grandkids as well. Xxxooo

  99. Ron & Lisa Cadarian

    Thank you Global for saving us $$$. We had booked out room at the Park Shore Resort in Naples for the 22nd of November throught 29th. Checking our fight made online, we found out, that our flight was booked for August 22nd. Global’s discount week for $99.00 was heaven sent. The only flight we could get was for the 18th of Nov. So we booked Little Habor in Ruskin, Fl. for four days. Drove from Ft. Meyers to Ruskin. Not a bad drive. We stayed for 4 days. A great on the beach resort. We left on the 4 day and drove the coast line to Naples. It was an enjoyable ride with stops along the way.

    TWe were thinking what it would have cost us if we hadn’t belong to Global. For the 10 day vacation came to $467.00 , not counting the airfare.

  100. Global has saved me lots over the years. Joined and on the first vacation had a 3 bedroom unit in Whitefish, Montana to ski the Big Mountain. Had 3 friends who thought $200 for the week was great. I saved the cost to join on that trip alone. Have been to Steamboat and South Lake Tahoe many times and all but one have been great condos. (They no longer use that one). Have also been to Hawaii twice. One time it was a beach front unit on Kawai. And all for about $100 for the week. Just a little saving there. And many wonder memories. Throwing Don down the mountain, snorkeling off Ni Ihau, limestone caverns in Virginia, lots at Lake Tahoe, and someplace new – Brian Head Utah.

  101. My husband and I have taken our two boys to Cape Cod as an annual vacation for the past 8 years. The rental rate we were paying at a resort was creeping up yearly to a current rate of $1,300. for a week. We found a cottage for $800. which was a significant savings but without the amenities of a resort. Thanks to Global, we have found the best of both worlds. A beautiful resort with all the amenities at a rate of $165 for the week. We saved so much this year that we were also able to book a second vacation for our family. Let the memories continue to grow, thanks to Global.

  102. We have been Global members since 2001, we have enjoyed many wonderful vacations with them. Every Resort we visited has been spectacular and the accommodations have always exceeded our expectations. Global is the most affordable way to travel, We highly recommend!

  103. We have been members for less than a year and are so looking forward to continuing the savings we get by not having the crazy rental rates and exchange rates we were having to pay with those other vacation/resort agencies. We save every which way with Global.

  104. When we signed up for Global in February, we already had two vacations planned. Our beach house cost $1,600 for the week and our hotels in Seattle cost us $1,650 for the week. Now that we are signed up with global, our week vacation for Thanksgiving is booked and only costing us $159 for a week! From $1,600 a week down to $159 a week. I can’t wait for our first trip with Global!!!

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