Defeat the Post-Vacation Blues

We’ve all been there. We spend weeks planning and getting psyched up for the awesome week-long vacation. The anticipation sets in the last couple days in the office and then the vacation begins and it’s amazing. Every detail planned is perfect and even if not, who cares? And then the flight home comes and the post-vacation blues set in. How do we get past that to make sure your next Global Discovery Vacations adventure doesn’t leave you down in the dumps after you get back?

Post-Vacation Blues Remedies

Take a Vacation from Your Vacation

Take time to relax to deter the post-vacation blues

One of the most exhausting parts of a vacation is coming back from it to have to head right back to work and into your regular responsibilities. It’s best to ease back into the everyday. If you come home on a Wednesday, maybe take the Thursday and Friday off as well to give yourself four days to get back into the groove. If you can’t do that, shoot for a vacation ending on either a Thursday or Friday so you can get to a weekend quickly to recover. Sometimes a return home on a Thursday is best. It gives you one day in the office to catch up on emails and then hit the ground running on Monday.

Be Good to Yourself

Get back to healthy living to help cure the post-vacation blues.

Vacations are inherently about indulging. “Sure I’ll have that piece of cheesecake, I’m on vacation” and “Why not? Let’s go to that club even though it’s late. I’m on vacation!” are things you might easily hear if you eavesdrop on vacationers around the world. Traveling tends to cause us to relax our healthy habits, which is great! But it’s important to get back to them. Make time to work out, nap, make a healthy meal or anything else you might need to get back into your regular routine.

Organize the Memories

Cure the post-vacation blues by organizing memories.

Whether you just took a million pictures on your phone or kept a journal or even just made mental notes, taking some time to remember those moments and organize all of them can bring you the good feelings of vacation while you’re in the comfort of home. It’s a nice way to marry the two activities and start the transition back to the day-to-day.

Plan Things to Do at Home

There was some research done a few years ago indicating that the planning of your vacation is actually the happiest part. It makes sense when you think about it because you’re looking forward to great times. Anticipation is sometimes better than the end result. But that high doesn’t have to be left on vacation. You can plan things at home as well to find things to look forward to even if it’s just a Saturday morning trip to the farmer’s market with your spouse and dog.

Donate Your Time

Volunteering gives you the chance to reconnect with your community and maybe even nurture friendships while giving you the great feelings of helping people. Connecting with your hometown helps to minimize the post-vacation blues and give a nice reminder of why you love home.

Plan the Next Vacation!

Even if you aren’t able to go anywhere for another year after your vacation, you can start thinking about it! Give yourself the vacation planning high immediately. Start with a list of where you might want to go or even something as simple as the climate you want to be in the next time you travel. Then log in to your membership to see what’s available. And remember, the earlier you book, the more likely it is we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for available, so it helps you get the most out of your membership as well!

For more ideas to combat those post-vacation blues, visit The Discoverer Blog. And keep them in mind the next time you head out on vacation to make sure coming home doesn’t have to be a chore.

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