Mobile Security on Vacation: Keep Your Devices Safe

With how connected we are today, it’s a little bit difficult to truly go on vacation. Your devices are always with you. Yes, even if you’re enjoying a week-long stay at a Global Discovery Vacations property. We all have our cell phones with us all the time, even our laptops and tablets. With that, you’re a target for hackers. And your mobile security is super valuable.

So what can you do to make your phone vacation ready and increase mobile security?

It Starts Before You Leave Home

Your vacation is a perfect time to practice your cybersecurity basics. Be sure all your devices’ software is up to date because that’ll protect against known issues. Be sure to have a strong password and use a multifactor authentication to make it even tougher for someone to break into your phone. And while you’re doing that, dump those apps you don’t use and back everything up. It’s usually as simple as being connected to WiFi while your phone is plugged in.

Keep Off Public WiFi to Keep Your Phone Safe

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid public WiFi, and that’s okay. You can use it. Just don’t do anything you wouldn’t want the whole world to see on it. If you have to use it for personal things, disconnect and use your cellular data. Oh yeah, and turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it. Make sure it’s in “hidden” mode.

Mobile Security in an Airport

Just be prepared to take everything out and if you’re leaving the country, remember that Customs and Border Protection officials have authority to search all electronic devices without a warrant or probable cause. If that’s a cause for concern, you can use a new or reimaged phone when you travel and then change all your passwords when you get home. Oh, and one other thing, when you’re at the airport and charge your phone using the charger provided throughout, think again. Malware can pass through USB cords, so it’s better to use your own charger.

Rental Cars and Mobile Security

It’s probably tempting to sync your phone with your car, but maybe don’t. According to the Federal Trade Commission, if you connect your phone to the car, it may keep your number, call and message logs and maybe even the contacts and texts. Other people might be able to see that later. They recommend using a charger plugged into the cigarette charger (or where that used to be) instead of the car’s USB. If you do connect, make sure to delete your data and unpair your device.

And if all else fails and you think you were compromised, don’t hesitate in contacting whatever it was that you think was hacked to take care of it as soon as possible. You can also always find additional information at

Mobile Security on Vacation

Now that you know all this, you can feel comfortable enjoying your next adventure with Global Discovery Vacations and even using that phone to remember some of the amazing times you had wherever you’re heading!

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Source: You May Be Ready for Vacation, But Is Your Phone?