Member Reenacts Iconic Kiss for Grand Prize

Pictures are, by all accounts, records of times gone by. But sometimes they can show you visions of what’s to come, as well. Member Giovanni T. and his girlfriend Morgan reenacted the V-J Day kiss during a stop in Key West, Florida, winning grand prize in this year’s Shoot for the Stars photo contest (Wild and Fun category)! Now hear about Giovanni’s romantic moment and his amazing travels.

Where was this photo taken?

We had taken a cruise to Key West that we had found through Global Connections. As soon as we got off the port, the statue was right there.

How was the cruise?

It was a Royal Caribbean cruise – Enchantment for the Seas. We went from Miami to Nassau to CocoCay to Key West and back to Miami. It was amazing. It’s one of the smaller ships, but because of that, we met a lot of cool people over and over again. It was really fun.

We loved CocoCay the most. Since it was a private island, everything was catered just to the cruise ship. They had floating bars in the water. Even walking through the island, it was gorgeous. There was beach volleyball everywhere. We paid for everything with our cruise card, so that made everything simple.

Was it your first cruise?

I actually used to work on cruise ships. This was the first cruise I had taken where I wasn’t an employee. And it was better than any cruise I’ve ever worked on, I can tell you that.

The biggest difference was that I could enjoy the food I used to serve. When you’re working on the ship, you get to serve all of this extravagant food and you don’t get to have any of it. Now I got to sit down, enjoy the shows and entertainment and share a nice glass of wine with a bunch of other people.

Even though I used to work on cruises, I thought they would be really expensive. We would not have found this cruise and this picture wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Global Discovery Vacations.

How did you and Morgan meet?

“Where adults can be kids in Bali!”

She was a guest on my cruise, and that’s the reason I stopped working on cruise ships. I moved to Denver, Colorado, to live with her and that’s how we found Global Connections. It was serendipitous.

We both hate the cold, which is one of the reasons we moved to Australia. We just decided to go live in another country to see what it was like. We applied for our visas and since the United States and Australia have such a good relationship, you get your visa in 12 to 24 hours.

We’re loving every single minute of it. It’s also easier to travel to Asia, so we can take a lot more trips there.

How are you going to use your $500 winnings?

We’re planning our next trip to Thailand. We were waiting until we had more money saved, but that $500 is going to do it for us. That will hopefully help us book a trip to Thailand and another condo in Indonesia or Bangkok. I can’t imagine people not being on the membership. There’s so much available to us, I couldn’t imagine being on anything else.

Have you always been big travelers?

We were always on a plane – once or twice a month. Even if it was just for the weekend. When we heard of the program, we thought we would be stupid not to do it. We made almost half our money back on our trip to Bali, India, just on the condo.

“There’s so much beauty in Bali if you go away from the big cities!”

We understood that the membership was an investment. But if you plan on traveling twice a year at least, you’re going to make your money back in one to two years.

I feel like GDV opened up so many more memories for us. The picture is going to be with our wedding photos one day, should that day ever happen. That picture shows the start of what’s to come for us.

We’re looking forward to hearing how Giovanni and Morgan’s story unfolds and seeing all the wonderful places they visit along the way!

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

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