Member Monday: Williamsburg Lights Up for the Holidays

Terry and Shirley J. took a Christmas vacation to Greensprings Vacation Resort in historic Williamsburg, Virginia, and they highly recommend visiting this area for the holidays. What made it so special? They told us in this week’s Member Monday.

Where would you recommend a fellow member to go to…

We ate most of our meals at the condo, which was very nicely equipped, making meal prep easy. We did treat ourselves to dinner at The Trellis, which is in Merchants Square, just outside the colonial section. It’s a lovely restaurant with interesting food. We both had the pork chops, which were delicious and HUGE! We left with a doggy bag with enough meat for the next day’s lunch. On Christmas day, we had dinner at the Josiah Chowning Tavern, which was nice.

Merchants Square is also a good place to shop. Lots of nice shops that carry good quality merchandise. We also enjoyed Yankee Candle Village. Because we were in Williamsburg at Christmas time, the village was beautifully decorated. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, especially because it was a rainy day and not good for walking around Williamsburg.

Have fun
As for attractions, you can’t beat the colonial area. Visiting all the restored buildings and learning lots of things about that era filled our days. We loved seeing the horses clip-clopping along while pulling the carriages through the streets. We especially liked seeing the colonial characters dressed in period clothing, mingling and chatting with the tourists. We ran into George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, along with many lesser known colonists.

What was your favorite…
Resort amenity
At Greensprings Vacation Resort, we were thoroughly happy with our unit. Everything was neat, clean and attractive, and everything we needed was right there. I especially liked the jetted tub and took advantage of it after long days of walking around the area.

Why this destination?
We chose Williamsburg because it’s such a beautiful and fun place at Christmas time. The decorations in the colonial area are very simple, which is a nice change from all of the usual holiday glitz. There are so many activities at that time of the year that it’s hard to fit them all in. It’s so much fun to follow the fife and drum corps through the streets and see all the lightings during the various illuminations.

On Christmas Eve, the traditional firing of the guns is exciting – and loud! That is followed by the lighting of the tree. Also, there are always a large number of great concerts. This year, we especially enjoyed Timothy Seaman playing his hammered dulcimer, as well as the Holiday Brass concert.

Who did you travel with?
Hubby and I usually travel alone, as we did this time.

Terry & Shirley in front of tree at the DeWitt Wallace Museum, Williamsburg

Terry & Shirley in front of tree at the DeWitt Wallace Museum, Williamsburg.


What was your favorite memory of your vacation?
Our favorite memory of this trip would have to be the candlelight concert at the Governor’s Palace on Christmas Night. Eighteenth century music played on antique instruments in the cozy candlelit music room was just lovely.

Any tips for a traveler to this resort or destination? Anything you think they should bring?
We would highly recommend visiting Williamsburg during the Christmas festivities. While it’s usually quite nice, it can be very cold, so be prepared. And there’s a lot of walking involved if you want to see everything, so bring comfortable shoes. Forget about fashion! I saw women stumbling around the cobblestone streets in three inch heels, and they didn’t look like they were having a good time!

About you
Terry and I have been married 18 years, we’re both retired and we love to travel, which is why we joined Global in 2012. We’ve taken eleven trips, and every single one of them exceeded our expectations. The staff at Global is always friendly and very helpful, all the properties we’ve visited have been clean and well maintained, and the price is certainly right. We look forward to our next trip, which will be to Colorado.

Photos courtesy of members Terry and Shirley J.

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.