I’m Waitlisted. What Does This Mean for My Vacation Request?

When we posted our infographic about when you should book your vacation with Global Discovery Vacations, we had many members tell us about ending up on a waitlist instead of reserving their vacation. Being on a waitlist doesn’t mean you are too late or that you won’t get your condo, rather you’re put in line for the next available condominium.

Here’s a little bit more information on waitlists to help clear up some questions many of you have.

What is a Waitlist?

A waitlist is a way for us to organize members when we can’t immediately offer the condominium they requested. When those units do become available, our Vacation Specialists offer them to members on the waitlist in the order in which requests were received.

Why Would I Be Put On the Waitlist?

We have it for a few different reasons:

1. High Demand

Some destinations are just too popular to accommodate everyone, no matter what travel club you’re using. So once all the initial condominiums we have access to are reserved, the remaining Vacation Week requests are placed in a waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are any cancellations or if we are able to secure more inventory, we will offer the unit to the next member in line. If they refuse the unit, the next member is made the offer and so on.

2. Next Year’s Inventory isn’t In the System

Some of our leases have a yearly renewal and we won’t know specifics on the units until the condominium is inspected, a lease is generated and then executed, which takes time.  Some of the resort destinations are seasonal, and that means there is no set schedule on when we receive and enter condominiums for reservation. The process is continual and ongoing.

So let’s say you request something in February 2015 for February 2016 and we don’t have the inventory yet. Since you made your request as early as you could, it will increase your chance to receive an offer if we do get that resort or destination.

What Happens if We Don’t Get the Inventory or if It Goes to Other Members on the Waitlist?

Our Vacation Specialists will use their expertise to let you know the realistic chances of reserving the condominium you’ve requested. If they think chances are high, they will continue to keep you on the waitlist and search for accommodations.

If they don’t think they can find what you original requested, they will offer you comparable accommodations in a different location. We might have a west coast beach that would be just as good or better than an east coast beach or a ski resort in Oregon that’s going to give you the perfect winter retreat instead of Colorado, just to give you a few examples.

Even though we might not have the inventory at the time of your request, we still suggest making your Vacation Week request as early as you can. You just might get your accommodations right then. Or you can save your place on the waitlist and increase your chances of finding the right accommodations.

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

19 thoughts on “I’m Waitlisted. What Does This Mean for My Vacation Request?

  1. I totally get the “Wait List” explanation, but if my request isn’t fulfilled within a reasonable timeframe, I’ve lost the opportunity to exercise my 13 month window for another location while I’m waiting for GDV to notify me about the Wait List location. This is especially troubling if I’m vying for a Peak Season condo. Now, I go to the bottom of the list for a new request. This is a far different experience from how the GDV package was presented to us at time of purchase. We were told that having an eight star package , of which we have two, allowed us to reserve a condo 13 months in advance, which was an enticing selling point. Now…we’re stuck in a queue.

    • Hi Lily,

      We understand your concerns about booking in Peak Season, which is why we’ve seen members submit multiple request for the same date as a backup just in case their first option doesn’t come in. If you’ve been speaking with one of our Vacation Specialists, they should be contacting you soon after your request and trying their best to book you in that area. They will even supply you with alternate offers if they find something close by.

      Availability depends on the destination of course, so it would be something to bring up with your Vacation Specialist, but you can greatly increase your chances of finding accommodations during Peak Season by being flexible and talking with your agent on all the options you may be interested in.

      Hope this helps!

      • It is great to be flexible, you put in two choices, and I guarantee you will receive the one you don’ t want, and you have no knowledge if the other would be available in a week, it is always we have this or nothing available at this time. You do not have access to how many is on the waiting list and how many units are or would be available in the future. Also I have found in Peak areas Their will be more than one agent, and each agent has a block of units, and a block of customers, to match up; maybe for the same resort and time periods, So it takes an agressive agent to horse trade, to make the customer happy. if not you are stuck.

        • Hello Bob,

          We appreciate you recognize flexibility is an asset. We also wanted to shed some light on your other comments to hopefully make you feel better about the Vacation Week request process.

          All of our agents strive for one thing—to send you on vacation where you want to go. You’d be surprised how many want to go to the exact same place at the exact same time. Couple that with the need to wait for inventory as we negotiate contracts or renovate properties and you can see why we had to implement a wait list and request two travel options to make the process most efficient for you and the agent to get you on vacation.

          As you fill out your request, we would hope your second choice is, in fact, somewhere you want to go so no matter if you were offered the first or second, you would still be happy with the option.

          Whenever an agent finds your first choice available you can believe that’s the first thing they will offer. It’s fastest for them to confirm your vacation and makes you happy! The second request option is offered second, only if the first isn’t available. It’s always the member’s choice to decide if they want to gamble and wait for the first choice and let the second one go.

          Rest assured, our agents work together to confirm as many reservations as possible. They are travel professionals working as a team assigned to work requests based on date received and inventory open. A member may speak with different agents but all of them are working to satisfy the request together.

          If you’d like speak to someone to better understand the process or to inquire about your specific reservations, please call us at (800) 879-7779 or reply to this post and we’ll have someone contact you.

    • I am in the same situation and am constantly being told that South Carolina is still not available for June of next year. this is driving us
      crazy as our vacation requests have to be in soon.

      • Hi Janice,

        We looked into your account and see that you were in contact with your agent last week and that you have already turned down a couple of offers during your requested time. Your agent is currently looking for available options that meet your criteria and will be in touch with you periodically throughout the process.

        – Global Discovery Vacations

    • Have to say that we are also in the same situation. We’ve received emails confirming our wait list status, but can’t say that we’ve been offered alternate resorts. I also feel that ‘the selling point’ is not exactly reality!

      • Hi Karen,

        We’re sorry to hear that you are in that situation, we know that uncertainty doesn’t help your vacation plans. But when it comes to accommodating our high volume of requests for a popular area, we fulfill condos on a first come, first served basis. We want to be able to give every member what they want, but because of the immense popularity of some areas, it can be difficult.

        Feel free to give us a call at 800-879-7779 if you have any questions or concerns.

        • Corey, thanks for the reply. My point is more the fact that the sales people make it sound like there’s never an issue. That there’s not a shortage of places to stay in warm places during the winter, for example. I would appreciate a more upfront explanation rather than sugar coating when we’re in the process of purchasing! The ladies at customer service with whom I’ve spoken re wait lists have been very informative and explain the process.

          • We do apologize for you being misled, Karen. We are looking into the situation, so we appreciate your feedback.

  2. We’ve been wait listed many times, when we purchased Global we were told no matter what, they (Global) would pull condos from another company, yet it’s never happened & many times there’s been “nothing out there.” Not really pleased with this response.

    • Hi Peggy,

      We were able to find your travel history and see that the past few times you made a request, we offered you condominiums and held them for you as long as we could. However, we were unable to get in touch with you about the offers given the contact information we had on file. We want you to enjoy the membership to its full potential, so please give us a call at 800-879-7779 and let us know of a better way to reach you in the future.

      While our agents do everything they can to locate condominiums as requested, we cannot guarantee availability as inventory fluctuates and travel tastes evolve. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the trips you have taken with the membership and you continue to travel using your benefits.

      – Global Discovery Vacations

    • Hi Lori,

      We still have units in Mexico. If you’re looking online on our Condominium Reservation page, you’ll find international destinations below all of the US destinations. Also keep in mind that Peak Season weeks aren’t listed online, so you will have to submit a request for those months.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to give our Vacation Specialists a call at 866-467-9007.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Question…we have been waitlisted for quite a while and have been contacted by Vacation Specialists several times to confirm and discuss. We appreciate those contacts! If we find another unit in an alternate location and our preferred waitlisted location becomes available, can we switch?

    • Hi Karen,

      We understand it can be a sticky situation, but we, above all else, want you to be able to travel which is why we ask if you’re open to other options. You can wait as long as you are willing for your original request to come through. If you are open to other options, your Vacation Specialist will ask if you’d like to reserve a different condominium, travel date or destination. Like all of our reservations, once you accept a unit and paid all the fees, the reservation becomes nonrefundable and transferable. It’s up to you how long you’ll want to wait knowing we can’t guarantee the unit.

      Hope this helps! And if you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call toll-free at 800-879-7779.

      – Happy Travels

  4. I have read most of the replies to the “wait list” issue. Just wanted to add that I have tried to get a condo during Spring Training in Scottsdale, Arizona. I called to get the exact information on how to proceed with requesting a condo one year in advance I was told to call and get on the wait list exactly one year in advance, so I did that the first day I could one year in advance. I then waited for a call and when it finally came many months later I was told I needed to expand what I wanted from a one bedroom/loft to a 2 bedroom and that people with more stars than me would get in first, even if they got on the list later than I did. That had never been explained to me EVER until then. That info was never given to us when we signed up with Global or when I initially called to find out how to do the whole process. Then, several months later, I was sent a property in Scottsdale that was actually in February (not Spring Training month). After I turned that one down and asked to stay on the wait list I was notified that the properties were not coming through for Global and that only those people with more stars would be able to be accommodated. I think that stinks. Everyone should have to follow the same rules!

    • Hi Barbara,

      We’re very sorry to hear about your experience because the amount of Star Credits doesn’t affect our first-come, first-served policy. We have forwarded your message to a supervisor so that they may look into the matter. Someone may try reaching out to you directly for more information. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

      – Global Discovery Vacations

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