Destination Guide: Arizona

Notable Cities: Sedona, Scottsdale


You’ve got blue waters, golden sand, green and brown forests and white snow, so now it’s time to add a touch of red and some succulents to your sightseeing rainbow. The red rocks of Arizona, which act as a reflection of the desert’s burning sun, are some of the more unique and stunning landscapes you’ll see in the United States. It’s no secret that Arizona is hot and the dry summers are going to be harsh. But it never gets cold there, making it a nice winter retreat for those who live up north.

Must-See Attractions

Member Ron P. captures the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon.

Member Ron P. captures the vastness of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon
It probably doesn’t need an introduction, but this world wonder should without a doubt be one of your day trips if you’re staying in Sedona. A mile deep and 277 miles long, there’s an immense amount of sightseeing here. You can drive around it, hike through it or take one of the popular Pink Jeep Tours. No matter how you choose to explore it, the magnificence of the canyon cannot be denied.

Red Rock Scenic Byway
Since there is so many formations to see in the Red Rock Country of Sedona, you’ll need a way to navigate the area. The road is only 7.5 miles, but it breaks off into many pullouts and trails and takes you through Coconino National Forest. This road offers a nice sampling of what Sedona has to offer, so it would make a nice start to your trip.


Photo credit: Desert Botanical Garden.

Desert Botanical Garden (Phoenix)
Did we mention Arizona has an abundance of succulent plants? The ability to retain water is a necessity to survive in the arid desert, so you’ll find different kinds of cacti, agave and more. And if you want to see thousands of these beauties all in one place, the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix is an amazing place to spend an afternoon. Between the rocks and the succulents, Arizona isn’t like your normal vacation destination.

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Festivals and Events

  • Sedona Arts Festival (October)
  • Festival of Native American Culture (June)
  • Sedona Film Festival (February-March)


  • Arizona was the last of the contiguous 48 United States to become a state (February 14, 1912).
  • The Sunshine State may belong to Florida by name, but Arizona is statistically the sunniest state in the country.
  • You can ski in Arizona. No joke, just head to Flagstaff and check out the Arizona Snowbowl.

Suggested Resorts

Member Feedback

Talk about a traveling rainbow. Member Kevin M. shot this beauty in Jerome, Arizona.

Talk about a sightseeing rainbow. Member Kevin M. shot this beauty in Jerome, Arizona.

“This resort was outstanding. Everything was perfect. They even had activities like free water aerobics classes plus salad and salsa making. There was so much to do. Location was great. Easy to get to stores, casinos and sightseeing.  A vacation spot I will definitely return to.”
-Patricia J. (Scottsdale Villa Mirage)

Members John and Dee Dee S. stayed for two glorious weeks (their words) in Sedona in this Member Monday.

Member Amy D. also spent two weeks in Arizona, one in Sedona, another in Scottsdale, and has plenty of her own attractions to share.

Top photo courtesy of member Art L.

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