Club Med Sandpiper Bay is an Active Family’s Paradise

Club Med is one of the most recognizable names in all-inclusive resorts, but the United States has only one such property: Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Two of our travel agents, Bridget S. and Kelly B., recently went to Club Med on a familiarization trip and wanted to tell travelers what to expect when they book the resort through the Global Connections Inc. Travel Agency! Here’s what they thought about their stay.

What were your first impressions of the resort?

Kelly: You know when you walk into a home and you feel comfortable there? That’s how I felt. We went up to check in and right outside the door in the humid air were these two big beverage dispensers with lemon water in one and a refreshing fruit water in another. They even had cool towels for you to wipe off. It was all very welcoming since we had been traveling.

Bridget: The property was kept up very well with the facilities and gardening. It was very clean and had a lot to do in regards to water activities and programs for children.

What kinds of activities did the resort offer?

Kelly: I golfed and played volleyball. They were a blast. I didn’t feel the effects of volleyball until I got home. It’s sand volleyball, so you feel it in your leg muscles when you aren’t used to walking on the sand. The instructor was great. There are golf pros that teach you how to chip and to pitch and run. Matt and Mike were awesome. I did a winetasting, too.

Kelly (holding ball on the left) with her sand volleyball team.

For any activity you want to do, there is always someone there to help or train you, or even organizes a game. For some activities, you have to be on time to receive the training before you can do it, such as the catamaran. To me, that means they are conscientious. They don’t want you to strap onto a catamaran or a trapeze without knowing what you’re doing.

Bridget: Yes, make sure to show up on time! We checked the schedules outside and by using the Club Med app on the phone. I was really looking forward to doing the trapeze. They informed us it was from 4-6 p.m. When I arrived at 4:30, they told me I was too late and that I missed the beginning practice and would have to come back another day.

The same thing happened with the catamaran. We went on Monday at 4 p.m. and they told us you had to do a lesson at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. I was able to do this on Tuesday, luckily.

To whom would you recommend this resort?

Bridget: Club Med is great for anyone interested in sports such as volleyball, tennis or golf. I would also recommend it to families and anyone who would just like to relax in peace and quiet by the pool.

Bridget lounging on Club Med’s giant beach chair.

Kelly: The resort is really good for families because it’s on the bay. There’s a little beach for kids to play in the sand, but it’s not like going to the ocean. There is no fear of undercurrents in the bay! That’s really important when you have kids and you want them to experience the sun and sand while not taking any chances with the undertow. Those are scary.

The resort caters to people who are into physical fitness. They even have sports academies where you can send your kids. If your child is showing athletic prowess and you want to nurture them into being a professional at whatever it is they are doing, they can go to Club Med for a summer camp. The trainers take care of everything and the kids get their lessons while at Club Med. It’s kind of an interesting spin on a resort. Famous athletes come in and give lessons, too.

What were the rooms like?

Bridget: We were in building G, which was nice. The rooms are spacious and beds comfortable, though the bathrooms do need to be updated.

Kelly: Walking into the rooms was the same comfortable feeling. It had cool tile floors, it was spacious and we had a great view. We faced Sandpiper Bay (sandpiper is a type of bird out there).

The resort has bigger bedrooms available with a walled-off area for kids. Those have bunk beds and a TV, while the parents have their king-sized bed in the other room. You can stay as a family, a couple or even a single person. You’d get the same room as a couple, but the resort might charge extra for that – single supplements as they call it.

How was the food?

Kelly: I thought the food was well-rounded. You could tell they were cooking for a wide range of people: chicken, pasta, fish, fresh fruit and salads. Kids were having a blast because they had everything that they liked.

Their coffee was phenomenal. Bridget and I wondered what could go on in that machine to serve such an amazing cappuccino, latte or coffee. You just hit a button and it fills a perfect cup. You’d think there was somebody behind the machine making fresh coffee, but it’s really cool.

How was the staff?

Bridget: Robin, Chris and April were great leaders and we learned a ton from them. I especially enjoyed learning about the tennis academy from Scott. The knowledge of sports and the property, as well as the friendly staff, make it a very enjoyable experience. I would like to give a thumbs up to the staff: Jeff at volleyball, as well as Tommy, Emily, Oliver and Matt with golf. They did an excellent job helping out and explaining things to us.

Kelly: A crew member introduced himself to us one night while we were eating and asked to sit with us. We said sure! He lived on campus, had only worked there three weeks and his main job was in IT. The whole staff was very friendly and gregarious. They are supposed to mingle with the guests, which I think is great.

Lasting thoughts?

Kelly: If your family is really into sports and they want to do it every day, you can stay on campus all week and be perfectly happy. There’s a huge swimming pool for the adults and there’s another one with zero-depth entry for kids. It’s great for families.

Bridget: I did love how the resort catered to Europeans in language, food and even health. It did even have homemade baby food, which I found cool. I also loved the adult areas. Note that when you take a membership fee for Club Med, it includes insurance. I am happy that I had a chance to see it and will recommend it to families and sport enthusiasts.

Now that you’ve heard Bridget and Kelly’s thoughts on the resort, if you’re looking for an active all-inclusive retreat in the states, look no further than Club Med Sandpiper Bay! Call our Travel Agency at 855-999-7654 to book now.

Photos courtesy of Kelly and Bridget.

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.