Abroad Perspective: Just Sayings [Infographic]

Did you know most sayings are hundreds of years old, and usually come from real life situations? For example, the expression “to fly off the handle” refers to a loose axe head flying of its handle uncontrollably.

Every country has its own way to describe situations, so it should come as no surprise that expressions vary from place to place. As a Dutchman, I’d say “let’s wash this piggy!” meaning getting the task done. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites from around the world.

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And more:

dutch english sayings infographic

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As a Dutch American, I am well aware of cultural differences. In my series, Abroad Perspective, I will tackle the challenges of international travel.

What are your favorite American or foreign expressions? Feel free to share this or any other cultural shocks with us in the comments below and your idea could be featured in the next blog!

Ray originally hails from The Hague, Netherlands and one day showed up at Global Discovery Vacations’ doorstep. When he is not traveling or writing, you might find him engaged in playing ping pong, swimming or planting tulips.