50 Global Discovery Vacations Bucket List Ideas, Pt. 2

From the air to the sea and everywhere in between, we have 10 more places and activities for any Global Discovery Vacations member’s bucket list! Don’t forget to share what’s on yours for a chance to win a FREE Expressway Week. You’ll find out how after you discover more amazing attractions you can visit using your travel club membership.

11. Pick berries, taste wine and meet alpacas at the Fruit Loop in Hood River, Oregon.

Member Christal S. told us that swimming with dolphins off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, was an unforgettable experience.

Member Christal S. told us that swimming with dolphins off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, is something that she will never forget.

12. Swim with dolphins, man’s best friend in the sea. Your ideal destinations are in Florida, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

13. Go ghost hunting in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Member Barb G. lends Thomas Jefferson a pen in Colonial Williamsburg.

Member Barb G. lends Thomas Jefferson a pen in Colonial Williamsburg.

14. Relive the past in Williamsburg, Virginia, at one of the historic sites and reenactments: Jamestown Settlement, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown Battlefield and more.

15. On every kid’s bucket list: the amusement parks in Orlando, Florida: Disney World, Universal Studios, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and that’s just the beginning.

GD36636 - In Maho beach  St Maarten, planes are coming in for a landing right over head

The planes can fly in pretty close in St. Maarten. Photo courtesy of member Richard R.

16. Have a multi-cultural experience in St. Maarten (Caribbean) and stand under the landing planes. From Cathy W., Global Connections Vice President: “The island was at one time divided into a French and Dutch side.  It has been united, but you still see the influences of both countries with culture, architecture and cuisine. From this island, which is a must for sailing, you can also take a Ferry over to St. Barts for top designer shopping and the subject of Jimmy Buffet’s ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise.’ Anguilla is a very quiet island that has not yet been truly discovered with some of the best beaches, powder white sand and turquoise water.”

17. Take a scenic bike trail on the North Central State Trail from Gaylord to Mackinaw City, Michigan.


Fritz Sendlhofer cooking up a meal for his guests. Photo courtesy of Gyula F.

18. Hang out with former Garibaldi Beard World Champion, Fritz Sendlhofer, like members Sarolta and Gyula F did on their trip to Austria.

19. Drive in a NASCAR race car around Daytona International Speedway at the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

20. From Tina H., Global Connections Inc. lease manager: Alcazaba (in Málaga) is the most amazing site to see in Spain.”

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Come back next Tuesday for part three of our five-part Global Discovery Vacations Bucket List series and discover more places you have to visit in your lifetime!

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Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

132 thoughts on “50 Global Discovery Vacations Bucket List Ideas, Pt. 2

  1. Went on a cruise to Hawaii years ago and always wanted to go back to each individual island (the five most popular) and spend more time at each one, through global i am working on this bucket list, every 2 years pick a different one ,, Kuaui this year and Oahu in 2013, only 3 more and i can take it off my list, truly is the only way to see Hawaii

    • That’s impressive, Hope, we can’t wait for you to visit the rest of them. We’d love to hear about it when you do!

      -Happy Travels

  2. Our whole family (from across Canada) met in Banff for a vacation in August, 2013, and we are hoping to do it all again in 2016 – only this time we want to meet in Disneyland! GDV made it easy for us all to stay in the same resort and it was wonderful.

  3. On my bucket list I have Japan, Costa Rica, Switzerland, France, Italy and spain. I better not die as this is a long list. We have been to Hawaii 9 times, thanks to Global, we have also used Global in many other US states. In the recent past we used it in Banff Alberta and Vancouver British Coumbia. Now its time to go to the other side of the world. Oh! if Global had partners in south Africa, I would absolutely love to be in Sun City SA or any other place around there. GDV, you can help me with a free expressways week, better yet, you can add a free ticket compliments of your airline friends – that’s not too much to ask is it?

  4. My Bucket list is Hawaii because my mom took me when I was 18 and she just past away. so b4 I turn 50 next yr I want my only daughter to experience Hawaii w her mommy on a GTV Vacation to carry on this family tradition as she just turned 18 this month..

    I have 7 children and we’ve never been separated FROM THEM ,one of my sons and his wife just got transfered to Florida a yr ago. I want all of us to get bk together and spend a great week at Disney World. I know GTV is all about family and thus would b a great family reunion and the best way to do this is with GTV

    My fourth son is in Chile South America for 2 yrs on a mission and GTV could help my family get to go to south Am and see the beautiful country side w him and have him share this once in a lifetime experiences with the whole family and the whole GTV family.

    My 15th anniversary is coming up and having 7 kids doesn’t give us much time alone so I know GTV would help my husband and I escape for a week alone and spend a dream vacation in amErica history capital Pennsylvania see America’s history sites. Somethings we’ve always wanted to do and could never afford w all these kid’s lol ,,nice get away

    I would love to go on an Alaskan cruise. We have never been on one and I think GTV COULD HELP US CHECK THIS ONE OFF OUR BUCKET LIST FOR SURE!!!

  5. Paris, Tuscany, Sicily or Australia. I know they don’t seem related much to my wife and family they are. Those are our “heart” strings of places we most want to visit. Part for the pure romance, some for family ties and lastly for the pure adventure! What joy to be able to bring my wife to Paris – it would be a life-long dream fulfilled. The other closer time we came to Paris was having it as the theme for Karla’s 50th Birthday Party. Thanks for the dream again..Greg

  6. We have enjoyed several GD sites, but still have seen very little of the northwest…and have never travelled outside the U.S. Would love to see the Caribbean.

  7. I would love to take my family to hike, zip line, raft, and enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the mountains and Glacier National Park. The glaciers will eventually all be gone and I would love for my kids to experience them so an expressway to Whitefish, MT would be a dream come true!

  8. I am so excited to be using GDV for the first time! Checking off Williamsburg, VA in March 2015. My husband and I are history buffs and this trip has been on our bucket list for sometime. Thanks GDV for helping us get there!

  9. What’s on my bucket list? Australia and Antartica are the only continents left to go. A cruise for Antartica and a couple weeks of condo works for Australia. In the US only a couple of states to go. The Black Hills is on the list as are some National Parks like Yellowstone. Have been to Hawaii but still need to see the big island. Paris would be neat at some point.

  10. We just found out late in 2014 that my husband has lymphoma. Maui, HI is on our bucket list to hopefully swim with the dolphins. We have wanted to do this for sometime. My husband is 65 and I am 60. We have been members for several years.

  11. We added a trip to Hawaii to our bucket list. My husband is 71 and I in my late 50s. We so want to see the Hawaiian islands while we are both physically and mentally able to make the trip. We watch all the travel shows about Hawaii dreaming to go one day.

  12. On the top of my bucket list would be indulging in my life long passion of metal detecting, but instead of Colonial Artifacts here in New England, it’s my dream to go to Jolly Old England and search for long lost Roman and Viking treasures. While I’m on the other side of the pond, I would also want to see the sights..among them, the Roman Fort at Vindolanda, Hadrian’s Wall, Colchester, the British Museum, and last but not least, Stone Henge. I guess you can say that I’m a history geek!

  13. The military has sent me overseas to some wonderful places but I am determined to see the wonders we have here in the United States. Growing up in upstate New York I never got the chance to see Niagara Falls and this is one of the wonders I want to see on my bucket list. I also want to see the Grand Tetons and visit the Upper Pennisula.

    • Hello, Debby, I saw your comment on visiting the Upper Peninsula. That is where I live, near Houghton on the west end and it is very beautiful. A good choice, but come in June for summer and September for the fall color. We have a very short summer here. Right now we have 3 ft of snow on the ground, which is below last year. If you ski, late January is best. But do come. We will make you welcome.

  14. Realized a dream of a lifetime last May, my sister and I traveled to Italy, land of our heritage. This picture is from Portofino, a gorgeous sidetrip. Happy to check it off my list but would love to return to tour other areas of that wonderful country.

  15. i would love to take my family on a SKI TRIP!!! My husband is from the North and I am from the South, our boys are very diverse and would love to experience real snow and snow activities. I have wanted to Ski for over 10 years, but each time we were close to making it possible, something happened to prevent it. I am hoping to win this sweepstakes so i can take my family skiing!!! 🙂

    • Hi Debbie,
      Just offering….I live in Utah! Greatest Snow on Earth country. I’m about 40 minutes from Park City. Less than an hour from many ski resorts.
      If you don’t win maybe we could house swap. I’d love to be somewhere warmer in the South for a week in the winter.

  16. Ron Keeling says I have been to every state and nearly every capital. One I am missing and would like to see is Carson City, NV. I’m sure Global has properties in Reno or around Lake Tahoe, both of which are close to Carson City.

  17. I’ve been on a cruise to Alaska but I wish I spent the money flying into Anchorage and spending more time on land. Alaska land tour (in Summer time, of course) is still on my bucket list. I’m getting old and may be running out of time.

  18. I’ve dreamt of visiting Ireland all my life. The green, vast beauty, the edges of the shore looking out at the amazing landscapes that God created. Visiting the little pubs in Dublin and walking on the stone pathways in the hills. There is nothing about Ireland that I don’t dream about, think about, and desire to see. GDV has helped me travel to a couple places in the USA, but my hipster spirit and desire to travel sends my mind across the Atlantic…GDV can help me get there, no doubt. And I’m sooo excited to see the world, one trip at a time. BUCKET LIST: Ireland, London, Scottland, England, Italy, Greece, Paris, Alberta, Banff National Park, Netherlands, Grand Canyon, Red Wood Forest- my list doesn’t stop there…up, up, and away! I’m a lifestyle photographer who desires to be a traveling photographer…I’m a GDV fan because someday, it’ll make that dream a reality, I’m sure of it! THANK YOU FOR THE ADVENTURES! PLEASE SEND ME AWAY!!! 🙂

  19. I’d really love to explore Europe (Italy? France? Austria?) with my daughter before she starts back to school for her master’s degree. She deserves a break and we could use some time together now that she lives halfway across the country.

  20. My bucket list includes New York City and a Broadway play or three. We went to New Orleans last summer and loved it! We want to go back and do even more. Another place is Europe to see where my ancestors came from in Scotland.

  21. On my bucket list is laying out on the beaches of Greece. I met someone from Greece many years ago and he was a world traveler and promised that of all the beaches in the world, Greece had the most beautiful. Ever since then, it’s been at the top of my to-go list. I love that Global Discovery makes this dream more attainable for not only me, but friends and family too. Ever since joining, my husband and I have started a list of places to visit and it’s exciting to know that because of Global Discovery Vacations, we will get to to check them all off.

  22. We have always wanted to take a Mediterranean cruise. We have never traveled abroad, and believe this to be the most intriguing way to visit places on our bucket list.

  23. Our list includes New Orleans, LA., Savanna, GA., Washington D.C., The Oregon Coast, Hawaii, Tuscany, Scotland, London, Berlin, The rivers of Germany, Austria, and Hungary

  24. One item on my bucket list is to visit all of the places in the song by the Beach Boys called Kokomo….Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama, Key Largo, Montego, Martinique, Montserrat, and Port Au Prince. I only have five left to go.

  25. One thing on our bucket list is to take our daughter to every state. She is 2 months and we will already have 3 states knocked off by the time she is 4 months! It’s a start! #GDVBucketList 🙂

  26. My bucket is list is to take my parents on a vacation for their 50th wedding anniversary! We lost my brother 2 years ago to cancer and he didn’t have the opportunity to travel outside of the continental US. Our mom wants to go to Ireland and dad… Dad just wants mom to be happy! I’d love to take them on a tour to show them the culture of Ireland from the Uisge Beatha on the isle of Orkney to perfect pour at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin to the delight of the Dingle Seafood Chowder! We can show the spirit of my brother all the wonders of our Irish heritage while giving my parents a grand tour!

  27. since i have never been on a vacation one item on my bucket list is to go on a vacation to an island where i can spend the day on a beach enjoying the breathtaking views.

  28. In 2011 while I was recovering from knee surgery, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park in Michigan was named “the most beautiful place in America”. I immediately put Sleeping Bear Dunes on my bucket list. In 2014 we reserved a condo near Sleeping Bear Dunes for Oct 18-25. On Oct 11 – ONE WEEK before we were to leave for Michigan, I fell and broke my leg – had to cancel our plans. This year we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and are determined to go to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park and hope GD will help us get there (finally!) and we can cross it off our bucket list. Thanks.

  29. Since I got certified in scuba diving my love for the ocean has only grown! I plan on becoming a mermaid in my next life! My bucket list would have trips to new islands to experience the tranquil beauty of the reefs, sea life, and shipwrecks to explore as well as mingling with the local residents to learn about their lives. I try to bring back a CD from each place of local music I enjoyed while there. Come on Global (GDV), help me get to my next island! AND thank you, for helping me explore Grand Cayman and Abaco so far! Wonderful memories!

  30. My bucket list has always had Prince Edward Island on it. When my children were small, they watched a tv show called Avonlea, which was set on Prince Edward Island The beautiful sand beaches, vast blue skies, and calm ambience called out to my soul. I’m not sure how Global Connections can help me get there, but it’s the one place I’d like to visit in my lifetime.

  31. I would love to go to Singapore where I was born. I would like my children to know my heritage. Any ideas how I could get there without breaking the bank?

  32. One place to visit on my bucket list is Ireland. I want to take an extended self drive all over the country and visit all the typical tourist places and the ones only the locals know,stay in castles and sing in pubs. I have some Irish relatives back in the older generations and would love to see the whole country.

  33. My bucket list is simple. I would love to get to Germany to discover some more information about my ancestors, I would especially like to see the Neuschwanstein castle. The other other item is for me and my husband to take a second honeymoon to St Thomas. We only got to spend a few hours on the island and would love to get away from everyday life for a little while to recharge.

  34. My bucket list item is to see the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Lots of my friends are interested in seeing sights overseas, but I really want to experience the amazing sights in the United States. I was born in Pennsylvania and have lived in Florida for over 30 years. My dream is to visit Arizona and make a day trip to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. I have been a Global member for years and as I only (until I retire) have 3 weeks vacation it makes it hard to utilize all my stars. BUT just wait til retirement. Thanks for the opportunities you have given me to experience this wonderful lifestyle. Global is Awesome.

  35. Well I am almost seventy-one, been to Hawaii,Mexico and the caribbean a number of times. But I would love to go to Italy and explore the history and culture. I would also like to explore Ireland by car. the only other travel destination I have would be a cruise to Alaska.

  36. My #1 bucket list would be Figi. I have always dreamed about getting married there! I am getting married this Valentines day and we aren’t able to take a dream honeymoon. This would be the most amazing dream come true!

  37. My wife and have been to Puerto Vallarta 3 times. We want to go back and take our 2 granddaughters with us. We lost their mother, our daughter, in August of 2014. That is the reason they now live with us. The oldest who is 15 is in her 3rd year of Spanish and wants to experience the culture first hand. The youngest who is 12 likes the idea of seeing and experiencing something outside the US. We would love to take all our grandchildren but we would need to save for a few years to handle airfare for 5 grandchildren and the 2 of us. The 2 girls and us we believe we can afford that. Puerto Vallarta is the safest and welcoming place we have ever traveled to. We love the Grand Mayan there. The help at the Grand Mayan are above average and the people in the city are just wonderful.

  38. Somethings on my bucket list included certain places to travel. This list was made when I was in grade school. I am blessed to have accomplish my whole list. However, when I completed my last wish (spending Christmas in Germany) I realized how important the bucket list was and so I have added to it. As the years are piling up on me (72 in fact) There still are more things I would like to do. My biggest one at this time is a Viking River Cruise on the Danube along with a pre cruise stay in the Munich Germany area and in Prague Czech Republic. Hopefully, this item will also be filled come November 2015. Oh there are more like, Spending more time on Mikenos but one that would not take us ‘far away’ would be spending time again along the coast of Maine or Cape Cod…Love the East as do our grown children.

  39. On my bucket list is to drive across country and check out the scenic wonders of the USA and spend some time at each like the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, the high plains. i would take my grandchildren on the trip

  40. Dear Global Vacation,
    My husband and I enjoyed staying in condos through you guys in the past. Our 7 kids are finally old enough that we can start traveling a little more now. Unfortunately, my husband has had many health issues the past few years and the medical bills have prevented us from doing his dream vacation of Alaska. We wanted to go for our 25th Anniversary but were unable to afford it. Our 30th Anniversary is coming up and I would love to surprise my Husband with a vacation to Alaska:)


  41. My husband and I would like to go to Napa Valley. We just became empty nesters having raised and graduated 6 amazing children. As a gift he gave me a sommelier training course. I’d like to give him his dream trip, and learn a little more about Americas great wine producing country along the way!

  42. Our bucket list includes Australia, Hawaii, the California coast, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, the Canyon Lands, Florida Keys, Aruba – the list is long! We have a nephew who is spending this year in Australia and would love to go see the sights and visit him – this has been on our bucket list for many years. Would love to do this while we are still able to travel. Help us get there!!

  43. There are a few countries on my bucket list including India, Australia and England. I would love to go to Rajasthan and Agra, see the Taj Mahal and other sites in India. My ancestry is Indian but I have never been to the continent. I would also love to visit Sydney and London. I have been a member for a few years but have not had the opportunity to take a real vacation. GTV could help me visit any of these places if I win the free Expressway Week.

  44. We joined GDV 4 years ago very much because it would enable us to make it to bucket list destinations. in our first year of membership we traveled for 2 weeks to Kauai and Maui – WOW. What a way to kick it off! Around that time we learned that Hawaii has been on my mom’s bucket list since she was 10 {she is now 60}, so we decided to make sure she gets there. We are now in the process of planning a 2 week trip with my sisters and spouses to show my mom around her only bucket list spot on the planet. Can’t wait! There is no way this would be possible for us without GDV – so Thank you! Cheers to great adventures.

  45. My short term Bucket List includes:
    5. New York, NY at Hope Lake Lodge where I hope I’m close enough to go see The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
    4. Orlando, FL since it has been 20 years since we last visited Disneyworld with the family.
    3. Myrtle Beach, SC because I hear it’s so beautiful there.
    2. Napa, CA at the Riverpointe Resort and ride a Hot Air Balloon with my husband.
    1. Sedona, AZ because my husband and I love the desert and there’s a different type of beauty to behold.
    I know these places will be feasible through Global Discovery Vacations! #GDVBucketList

  46. Looking for an opportunity to go to Las Vegas in April 2015 to meet up with my Husbands long time Marine Corp buddy. We would love to get an Expressway for somewhere in the area. If Global can help – we are Members and LOVE to travel with Global!

  47. My top bucket list items that I would love to accomplish is to visit the Coliseum in Rome, Napa Valley and Bora Bora. I created this list in college and since then I have been too focused on my career as well as my family (also very difficult to travel with 3 boys under the age of 7). I still dream about getting to these destinations and hopefully my wife and I will try to make it happen one day.

  48. We have six children under the age of 11(3 girls and 3 boys) and my wife and I are determined to travel with them even though it is very challenging with six children. All of our trips have been within a drive of our home but we have it on our bucket list to take the kids somewhere outside of the United States like Cancun, or the Dominican Republic. We have been saving to be able to make such a flight and a free expressway week would help us take that next step. We want our children to have great memories from their childhood and GDV has helped us do this. We are so glad we joined. -The Webbs

  49. Europe, Europe, Europe……take me any where. I have traveled to many European locations, I love the adventures of different languages, currency, and cultures. Take me back to Italy, the British Isles, Spain and Austria. That would make me a happy “condo-er”!

  50. We joined GDV about six or so years ago and have never been able to use due to our son being in the military. It is so hard to schedule using a week when we never know his leave time until about a week notice. All the places we’d love to visit together takes more than a week notice. Jeremy is in the USMC and serves as a Security Guard for the US Embassy’s around the world. We only get to see him once per year. Our bucket list to be together as a family along with his fiancé and her parents (6 total). Would love to go somewhere warm since he has been in Moscow for a year in the cold. Places like Cancun, Jamaica, Caribbean, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Riviera Maya, etc…We’ve been on a Caribbean cruise after his Afghanistan deployment for five days but would love to stay at a resort together.

  51. Bucket list item #1 is a trip to Ireland! I’ve never been there and want to visit areas of my ancestral roots! #2 is a trip to Alaska to explore the northern areas of our great country! #2 is a return trip to the Grand Canyon, this time with white water rafting, hiking and camping! Traveling to Australia to visit my sister is #4 on the list!!

  52. My husband and I are finally able to do some traveling. We have many places we want to see. Ireland, Hawaii, Alaska Cruise… So many things on our Bucket List!

  53. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. I have been to many of the places on my bucket list like Australia, South Africa, Egypt and Prague but Hawaii the number one for me. I would love to have tours of the different islands, eat food that is traditional and lay on the beaches. I missed my opportunity years ago when I had a friend that lived there and the opportunity has not presented itself again.

  54. I have two college students. One graduates this spring and another graduates next spring. I would really like to take them to Maui for their graduation gifts. I would like to rent 2 2 bedroom condos. As for our bucket list we would like to go to Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, and a couple cruises to the western Caribbean and a Mediterranean cruise

  55. We joined GDV last year and have not yet had the opportunity to make any of our bucket list dreams become realities do to my husband having a bilateral lung transplant and me having two artificial heart valves replaced. We have covered all of the USA with exception of Hawaii, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maine and Rhode Island!! Most of all we would like to trace our heritage back to Ireland. Australia is another big dream, so if we are lucky enough to get picked to follow our dreams it would be a wonderful 44th wedding anniversary present for both of us as well as a dream come true!! Please consider us when making your decisions and we wish to complete our travels of the USA using our GDV as soon as possible.

  56. GDV has completed with one check, (a trip to New Orleans), and is helping with another item on our list. Spending our 3rd anniversary in Hawaii this summer. our next item on our list is to cruise the canals and sip wine in Venice, Italy for our 5th anniversary. We love our vacations and GDV has made trips so less stressful to plan, and much more comfortable to enjoy.

  57. I would like to enjoy a family trip to Hawaii and visit the islands. I am turning 60 this year and desparetley need a vacation with my family and enjoy life. I’m a Mom and work full time. I have three kids one which had a liver trnsplant years ago. My Mom passed away last year and my Dad before that. My Mom retired at 70 and couldn’t travel much after she retired. My time is getting shorter and I need to get going if i’m going to check off items on my bucket list. GDV help me get one checked off with a trip to Hawaii!!!!

  58. I was born on an Air Force base in Fairbanks Alaska, my dad was stationed there during the cold war, and lived there for about 5 years. I have always wanted to go back but have never been able too.

  59. My daughter ,the youngest graduates this year. She is in Honor society and french four honor society.She really wants to go somewhere french related. We would love to be able to go to France or St.Marrten which still has the french culture. Never have been either.An invaluable experience we couldn’t afford afford normally to send her off to college and have final childhood memories with family before real world comes!She wants to start her bucket list early , better chance of getting everything crossed off:)

  60. GDV Bucket List: Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and to go back to the Hawaiian islands.

  61. We visited Hawaii when my husband was on R&R from Viet Nam and would love to go there again. Also on our bucket list is the Grand Canyon/Arizona and Alaska. We have been members for several years, but with raising grandchildren and career have not been able to travel. Seems like there’s been a hole in our Bucket list, dear Georgie! Traveling to one of these sights with the help of GDV would definitely mend that hole in our Bucket list.

  62. We have been to Hawaii 3 times and loved it but 2014 was not a good year because I had major back surgery so we were unable to take advantage of taking a vacation. We would live to go to Lake Tahoe and also take a viking cruise of Italy France Greece and other over seas places that has always been my lifelong dream.

  63. Always wanted to go to Hawaii and travel the wored in our retirement years…..love to swim with the dolphins and go back to Myrtle Beach and enjoy vacations with our grandchildren so they can see and explore new areas of the world. Spice up retire mentioned with
    trips from Global.

  64. Have always dreamed of visiting Australia and New Zeeland. Hope to accomplish this by the time i’m 60. Have been a few places with Global with wonderful experiences and would love to make Australia my destination if I win this contest. Thanks.

  65. The places that are on my bucket list and where I really want to go to in my life time are:
    Israel (especially Jerusalem and the Dead Sea);, Australia (I want to visit Hlllsong Church in Sydney); Costa Rica, Alaska and Hawaii (all of the Hawaiian Islands); and I want to take my whole family on a cruise (K-love’s friends and family music cruise and a Royal Caribbean ship, too)
    And as you can see, I have some REALLY BIG dreams!!!!!

  66. How can I choose just one place to go? I have so many places I would like to visit and explore! I have been a GDV member for a three years now and have been able to vacation to several places. I really love being able to travel and visit places I never thought I would be able to afford. I have kicked around the idea of exploring other countries and I am actually going to Mexico for the first time this March. The more I think about it the more I realize there are so many places in our own wonderful country that I haven’t been able to see. So on my “BUCKET LIST” is a visit out west to explore the grand canyon, I would love to be able to stay in a nice lodge in Colorado, a cabin in New Hampshire would be fantastic! I plan on visiting Ohio (yes, I said Ohio) this summer and enjoy one of our great lakes. I have always wanted to experience life in San Diego and San Francisco, CA. And who wouldn’t want to visit Hawii? These are just a few of the places that I have yet to cross off my list, but with the help of GDV I eventually will. Outside of our country? I will someday make it to Italy, but that will be down the road, for now I would love to explore more of our great nation. I look forward to at least two vacations every year and I am considering expanding that and possibly going on more, because I enjoy it so much!

  67. Bucket lists wish: Naples Italy, Barcelona Spain, Costa Rica, Belize and another Royal Caribbean Cruise

  68. We would like to go to Spain and see a bull fight and try some of their cuisine that I have never had before.

  69. Over 40 years ago when I was first introduced to the fascinating Roman empire and the impressive cultural accomplishments of Italians during the Renaissance era , I have dreamt of immersing myself in Italian culture by visiting wonderful architectural & historical sites like the ancient Roman Coliseum and the Sistine Chapel, tasting authentic Italian cuisine, visiting great museums, and experiencing as much of Italy as I can squeeze in!

    When I married a history teacher 35 years ago, this was a trip I always thought we’d take but family and responsibilities got in the way. This summer as I celebrate my 60th birthday, it’s finally time to scratch this dream trip off my bucket list. If I’m selected a GDV bucket list winner, I’ll share fabulous vacation photos of my ultimate dream trip!

  70. After having to give up our dream of being able to have a family, my husband and decided to fill our hearts with joy of travel.

    Both of us working full time and running a full time small business has left us with little time not only for traveling, however for each other.

    Having something to look forward to and dream about has brought a new life into our hearts and hopefully one day a couple of children to share it with.

    We signed up for Global a year ago and now have the pleasure to book our first bucket list item. Visiting the Caribbean. We booked our trip to the Cayman islands for our 10 year wedding anniversary in November. Our excitement cannot hold back our smiles. We have something special planned everyday and we can taste the rum and feel the sunshine already.

    Our near future bucket list includes, Costa Rica, Australia, Ireland, Belize, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand and of course the clear waters of the Cayman Islands! We hope to visit each of the Caribbean islands and all of Europe in our lifetime. One trip at a time, one dream at a time!

  71. I would love to take my family to Hawaii and go to the PCC. I love the ocean and would love to see the blue ocean off of Hawaii

  72. Hope to finally use some time for travel this year, our bucket list is too long to even list but just a few highlights would be to get to see a volcano in Hawaii, see the Ponderosa cabin, pick up a gris gris bag in New Orleans and show my daughter a little history in Williamsburg.

  73. We would love to get out to see the red woods…we are runners and nature people and would enjoy long hikes and runs out there!

  74. We are headed out on Friday to Exuma, Bahamas. Thanks to Discovery Vacations we will be staying in a nice Resort on the beach. Later this year or next year we would like to go to Florida Keyes or Belize. We are checking out different place because our dream is to live the Caribbean life.

  75. We are planning a trip to Paris and Italy in March, we would love for you to help us find a nice hotel in Paris. We alo love cruises and hope to make it to Hawaii some day.

  76. No one dies wishing they had gone to work for one more day. And yet as a career professional I am dedicated to my job, I love my work, so much so that the delay of gratification may result in never even creating a bucket list. I was fortunate to travel Europe extensively as a child and worked in China for 6 weeks. Then came work, and family, and lack of time!!! We have travelled the USA fairly extensively, jaunting into Canada and Mexico. But it always seemed so difficult to arrange for a vacation. We joined GDV to force/allow us to enjoy life and so far it is working. Our last excursion was wonderful, both for the location and the experience. We have 2 more on the docket for this year. But we are still exploring the USA.

    So where would the bucket list lead? In The Truman Show, Jim Carrey longed for Tahiti. No where else on earth like it. What could be more exotic than the South Pacific (whether Tahiti or any other cluster of those beautiful islands) with your loved one? Exotic, romantic, unique, an experience of a lifetime. Just time to enjoy your existence and the beauty of the earth. Can Global get us there? It would be hard to top a journey like that. Because what else do we really have then our memories and experiences?

  77. We joined GDV years ago and I was so excited to travel and see the beautiful places in this world. But due to certain circumstances, to this day, we have never been able to utilize our GDV package. 🙁 My first hope is to go any where tropical!!! Palm trees, sun, sand, water, relaxation… I’m ready!!!

  78. The top item on my list is a river boat cruise through Europe. The scenery and architecture are truly something to behold. Yes, I’ve been to Germany for my past employer, but it was in December and everything was snow covered and cold. My wish is to return in the spring or fall.

  79. My dream vacation is to Hawaii. My husband and I have traveled to the other 49 states during our almost 40-year marriage–one reason being is that he loves to drive and explore. Since driving to Hawaii is an impossibility, and the cost is more than our other trips, we haven’t made it there yet. My sister lived in Maui for twelve years, and I asked my husband to please fly there with me because we would have a free place to stay. We would need at least a couple weeks to explore Maui and cities on the other islands, so he said we would go–eventually. While she lived there he had a work schedule where he couldn’t take off long periods of time, and we had other responsiblities like helping to raise our grandchild.

    We weren’t prepared for my sister and her husband sudenly moving away from Hawaii.But now that we have joined Global Discovery Vacations we can stay on the beach in Maui for a low cost. Right now he’s saying that he wants to wait until a couple we know reitre to go to Hawaii, so we can go with them. But I’m praying that happens before he dies. Otherwise I tell him the only way we are going to make it to our 50th state together is for me to bring his ashes along and sprinkle them there.

    Because my sister lived in Maui and liked it there so much, that is the location in Hawaii I want to see the most. We could meet here there, and she could show us around. I even made a list one evening of all I would do there. At Adventuremaui.com I found information about surf lessons and the promise that they will get you to stand on the surf board or you get your money back. Then there’s the Maui Volcano Downhill Bike Tour where a van takes you to a summit and you have guided 28-mile downhill bike tour. And of course I need to go to a Polynesian Luau. Walking and lounging on the beach is a given.

    Yes, a Hawaii vacation is definitely on my bucket list. And Global Discovery Vacations is going to help to make it happen.

  80. On my bucket list would be a trip to Ireland, my mother wanted all of our family to go one day but she passed away before that happened, out of 8 children in our family there are 6 left and Dad and this would be wonderful with our husband’s and wives.

  81. For my bucket list I would love to go to Hawaii & Jamaica. I’ve been to the Bahamas as well as Bermuda but Hawaii is a place I’ve wanted to visit since a kid. Global Discovery Vacations can make this come true by awarding me with the free Expressway week.

  82. My husband and I are retired. We have kept grandchildren for nine years since our retirement. We have enjoyed many wonderful vacations with the family through Global. Now that the grandchildren are in school we can devot some time on our bucket list. My husband was stationed in Germany while he was in service 40 years ago and has alway wanted to go back. This has always been on our bucket list.

  83. I’m a huge Disneyphile so my bucket list would not be complete without visiting every park. I still need to see Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. GDV makes it affordable by cutting my lodging bill. It also allows me to save money on food because I can prepare meals in my condo rather than eat out for every meal. Also by not staying at the Disney resort and staying more days than I’m visiting the park it gives me a chance to visit the city, see the sights, and find the most important part of visiting any new place. Spending time off the tourist path somewhere that is quintisentially that city. For example, when I visited New York, I made it a point to shop at a bodega and found the most amazing neighborhood Irish bar.

  84. We have enjoyed our Global trips so far. Fun memories. The main destination on our bucket list is to visit Europe. I went as a musician in High School. But my husband has never been. It’s been on my bucket list since we met to be able to take him to all the places I saw as a teenager. We are mid 50’s now. There is a town in England with the last name Greenhalgh so we’d like to find that, My ancestors are from Denmark so it would be a dream come true to find Vollerup Soro Denmark! And do some Genealogy.

  85. My dream is to go on a safari in africa or some kind of close contact with lions. To actually see lions up close and all the wildlife. Lions lead a very intriguing lifestyle. I am very attracted to lions, as i am a leo, born in August. I have always had cats for pets too. Plus my name is Kathleen. Alot of people call me Kat.
    I would love to actually be able to pet these big cats…though its obviously life threatening. I’ve seen the tv show where the guy gets up close and personal with lions, and to do that just once would be exhilarating. Dreams can come true! 🙂

  86. I have always wanted to cruise the inside passage and Glacier Bay on an Alaskan Cruise and see the whales and also have dreamed of a Caribbean vacation on an island resort. I would also love to see the Grand Canyon and Yellow Stone National Park.

  87. My parents have never been out of the country – and now as empty nesters they are starting to cut loose a bit more! I would love to take them to a real octoberfest in Germany! 🙂 I want to deck them out in traditional lederhosen and turn them loose in a whole new country full of crazy and wonderful experiences!

  88. My dream is to take my wife to the “big island” in Hawaii. We had plan this trip before she was diagnosis with pancreas cancer in November 2013. Her gallbladder and spleen and 75 per cent of her pancreas was removed. Her chemo and radiation treatments continued until October 2014 before her test all proved negative. At age 75 a trip to the big island is at the top of her bucket list!

  89. We joined Global Travel a couple of months ago. My husband is among the millions of Americans who has Alzheimer’s disease. He is still well enough to travel and we traveled by car to many destinations during the past year. Now we want to fly to Spain, Greece, the Caribbean, Canada, and Arizona (granddaughter there) before our time runs out. Travel seems to stimulate him and help him stay in the “current plateau”. We are planning as many trips as we can take and packing in the memories. We have today! What a blessing!

  90. We always wanted to spend a week in Utah and visit Five National Parks. Thanks to Global, we are going there in May this year!!! YEAH! SO, our the next item on our bucket list would be a European vacation. We would love to visit Italy, France, and Spain. We want to soak up the culture, embrace the history and experience where the locals go. It would be our first time going overseas but we are ready!

  91. Our bucket list is to bring my sons, their wives, my grandson and my parents to either Hawaii, Australia, Bora Bora, Bahamas or anywhere in the Carribean. My parents are retirement age but won’t be able to retire anytime soon so I would love to take them on the vacation of their life, my grandparents who are in their late eighties and my grandma had never been out of the country and as well as take our sons and their families as well..

  92. My bucket list includes a trip thru Europe, I have studied and talked about the sites for years. I have never been and this would be a wonderful time in my life to do so and be able to enjoy it.

  93. I would love to go to Denmark and walk the streets that my ancestors walked. I would visit cemeteries and find ancestors and perhaps find a visit with distant relatives that still reside in this beautiful country.

  94. I have accomplished some of the things on my bucket list, those that are more internal blessings and free. Some travel to destinations before a family and a few places in the USA with the family but the one thing I would love is to take my mom and dad,four grown children,their companions and my husband and I on a Greek Cruise around the islands. We are a family who loves history and tend to go places that have a lot of past where you can imagine yourself walking in the path of others, As a family we have traveled in the USA but we are just a baby country compared to Europe . What a wealth of history to be explored. Thanks for the dreams And helping to make them come true Global!

  95. The great rivers of the world flow through gorges, farmlands, archaeological monuments, vineyards, and other sights of surpassing beauty. My bucket list is to experience each of the great rivers, if possible from source to delta, including the Danube, Rhine, Amazon, Mekong, Volga, Rhone, Nile, Yangtze, Congo, Niger, and Mississippi.

  96. There are so many wonderful places in my own country, USA, I would love to explore with my family! Alaska, Maine, Montana! Airfare ans expressway for my family would be amazing!!

  97. We are new members to GDV so our bucket list is a big one! I guess for starters I would like for my husband to have the fishing trip of his dreams which would be deep sea fishing for marlin or fishing for tarpon in Florida. My husband has also never seen the Grand Canyon so it would be awesome for him to be able to see it as well! As for me and my bucket list there are so many places I would love to go to such as, Paris France, Ireland, Hawaii, Jerusalem Israel. I would also LOVE to go on an Alaskan Cruise !!!! I am losing my eyesight so I am hoping to be able to travel and see as many places as we can before my sight is gone. We are starting our GDV in just 1 month with a week stay in Branson Mo. !!

  98. I want to take my husband to Rwanda, a country I fell in love with when I was just 16. I discovered today that through GDV the flight prices are lower than I have ever seen them in my entire lifetime! We can actually go to the country I love, and still have money to visit the gorillas, donate goats, and work with the organizations I worked with in the past! Thank you so much, this completely changes how I look at us travelling the world together.

  99. Our bucket list includes taking an sleeping compartment rail trip down ( and back ) on Amtrak, to Albuquerque, NM for their Balloon Fiesta in October. This year it is being held from October 3rd through the 11th. Been a dream of ours for way too long!

  100. We wanted to go to different places and discover different things with our 2 kids. We wanted to see Hawaii and spend days at the beach, hike and see the beauty of Yosemite, explore Arizona or enjoy Palm Springs, have a fun week at Florida and the list just goes on and on. I know one by one we shall accomplish what is on our bucket list and Global shall always play a big part in having these dreams come true…

  101. I have always dreamed of an Alaskan cruise. Now that we are members of Global that “bucket list” wish may be closer than ever. I flew through and stopped in Anchorage once in the early-eighties on my way to a duty station in the far east with Uncle Sam’s Floating Circus. From over-head the beauty of Alaska was awesome and something I promised myself I had to come back to see again. I spent several years going on cruises that were always “Haze Grey and Underway” all around the south Pacific, China Sea, and Indian Ocean. I didn’t have a lot of time for sightseeing or just enjoying the sea life during those days as a sailor, I was always working. And it was always so hot! Now I have the opportunity to go back to a truly wild and wonderful place with an Alaskan Cruise and can only imagine the beauty of the glaciers, mountains, whales and other sea creatures, and the beautiful vistas of the untamed north. Global; you are going to help us get there, just like you did a few months ago when we finally spent some time in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and checked that off my wife’s “bucket list”!

  102. I want to visit Adare, County Cork,Ireland as a part of my bucket list. My surname is Adair (an Americanized version of the family ancestral name). And I want to spend at least one night in Adare Manor which is now a beautiful resort. GDV has an available location nearby in Tulin. You can make this happen.

  103. We are trying to go to Hawaii in sept and i have always wanted to swim with dolphins they appear to be able to communicate with humans on a very high level and i want to experience this first hand as i am limited physically and cannot do more active things.

  104. Finding time to get together as a family is #1 on our Bucket List. We are an active family and long for time to get together for some adventure and fun together. Our ultimate destination would be to travel to the Caribbean, and we know Global Discovery Vacations has some amazing properties we’d like to experience. The Dominican Republic would be perfect! We have used Global for many vacations and find their booking agents exceptional in the industry. They have guided us to just the “right” properties, enabling us to be close to the places we want to visit. We love the ability to travel alone, with our children, and they’ve even accommodated us in multiple units to enjoy a vacation with our extended family. We’d love to experience the Caribbean with Global Discovery!

  105. Send me to Colonial Williamsburg, VA. We haven’t been to the Chesapeake in a few years; and haven’t fit in this very special historic site yet! Did check off Ocean City MD recently, tho, thanx to GDV!

  106. Have been trying to get to vegas for the past 5 yrs. Hoping to see the Grand Canyon and the Hoover dam in the same trip. Would really love it if global connection can help me!! Then next year I am looking at a Florida vacation.

  107. Finally getting my 1st passport and trip out of the country is # 1 on this 60 year old’s Bucket list. We have been members for several years and have not been able to experience the benefits of membership, due to my being the only caretaker for both my parents. My mother recently passed and I have since placed my father in a senior living facility. I would love to remember what living my life and laughter feels like, while resting and celebrating our 25 years of marriage in either Hawaii or Australia. Now, that would be, A Real DREAM come true!

  108. I would love to be able to renew our vows in front of family and friends while all vacationing at Disney World. I picture being at Epcot and hopping from one food experience to the next, then off to Animal Kingdom and Universal with all in tow!

    • A dream vacation for us would be 3 weeks, 2 in Australia and 1 in New Zealand. Hopefully I would be able to couple this trip down under to some professional international travel so the cost of airfare would be covered for me.

  109. We are new to GDV and have our first trip planned. We are going on an Alaskan cruise in June. Definitely a bucket list item! Going to Hawaii is something I have dreamed of since I was very young. Maybe it could be that honeymoon my husband and I haven’t taken yet, even after 37 years of marriage! I hope to eventually make it there through GVD, but it would be nice to win it. Fingers crossed….. =)

  110. I have always wanted to find my maternal grandmother’s birthplace in Austria, but I didn’t know what town she was from. I recently found out from what part of Austria she hailed: it’s called Romania! So I guess I want to go to Romania, as well as checking out the intriguing cities of Florence, Italy, and Prague, Czech Republic. (I’m a bit wary of visiting the birthplaces of my other three grandparents, all born in the Ukraine.) I have an especial interest in visiting old synagogues, so I supposed I will also want to make a stop in Rome. What a chore — oh wait, Rome… that’s all right then! If I happen to pass through (and make meaningful stops at) any interesting spots on the way (I happen to like trains a lot) I won’t complain. Yes, southern and eastern Europe is calling me!


  111. I would love to be able to tour the Everglades and also experience the weather and atmosphere of the Florida Keys. I can only imagine the excitment of skimming across the water in the Everglades via an air boat and seeing all the flora and fauna; it must be like taking a step back in time.

  112. I would love to meet/visit with my relatives in England and Australia! My mom came to the U.S. as a teenager, and I’ve never met her extended family! I am 46 and I’ve never traveled anywhere! Kinda pathetic, huh?

  113. Visiting the Grand Canyon is one of the big trips on our bucket list. With our GDV membership, we will stay in Sedona and take day trips to the Grand Canyon. While staying in Sedona, we can also see the red rock formations and visit Slide Rock and the ghost town, Jerome. We like to hike and will see the beauty of the countryside and varied wildlife.

  114. I got to spend Daddy/Daughter week with My babygirl Madison an we had a blast in the pool at the beach and at Disney AND Universal Studios. Thank you GDV for helping me bond with my little girl. Now every Spring break is daddy/Daughter week with Global. Maybe ours could be Disneyland in California next???

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