50 Global Discovery Vacations Bucket List Ideas, Pt. 1

Danger, inconceivable sights, eye-watering beauty. The world is full of endless treasures, too many to possibly experience in just one lifetime. But we have to see at least some of it. To aid in this daunting task the “bucket list” was created: the comprehensive list of everything we want to do before we kick the bucket.

Traveling is at the top of most bucket lists, and we’re sure it’s the same for Global Discovery Vacations members. So over the next five weeks, we’re going to share 50 remarkable bucket-worthy things to do or places to see, inspired by our resort destinations. And if you share yours, you could win a FREE Expressway Week to hopefully cross something off of your list!

Check out these 10 now and look for more every Tuesday over the next four weeks. And be sure to find out how you can win a vacation from Global Discovery Vacations below!

Photo courtesy of member Amy D.

Part of the Sinagua culture, these cliff dwellings were once a 20-room high-rise apartment. Photo courtesy of member Amy D.

1. Take a gander at the ancient apartments at Montezuma Castle, near Flagstaff Arizona. Thanks to member Amy D. for pointing this one out!

2. And what Arizona vacation would be complete without a trip to the Grand Canyon. While you’re at it, take the scenic Pink Jeep Tour from Sedona.

3. Walk among the geysers of Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone sits inside of an exploded volcano crater and the park holds most of the world’s geysers.

4. Drive Route 66. From Santa Monica, California, to Illinois, this iconic highway covers 2,500 miles and eight states. It’s a great way to see half of the country and check out a couple of our resorts along the way.

Swimming pigs of Exumas

5. Swim with the pigs in the Bahamas. Yes, their pigs are a unique breed.

6. Taste wine and spot some giant redwoods in Napa Valley, California. The ocean helps produce a fruitful environment for sommeliers and redwood trees. The coastal redwoods are the tallest living organisms on the planet, standing at 300-plus feet tall.

7. Climb a 14er. Fourteen thousand feet above sea level can be painful, but so rewarding.

Assateague Is., MD (3)

Photo courtesy of member Barbara M.

8. Watch the wild ponies of Assateague Island National Seashore near Ocean City, Maryland.

9. Catch a fish in Destin, Florida, also known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.


At 550 feet, the High Roller in Las Vegas is the highest observation wheel in the world. Photo credit: Denise Truscello.

10. Take on the Las Vegas Strip, whether you’re a gambling high roller or on the High Roller.

Let us know what you’d like to see or do in your lifetime and you could win one out of two FREE Expressway Weeks!

Two Ways to Enter:

  1. Tell us what’s on your bucket list and how Global Discovery Vacations can help you get there in the comment section below.
  2. Post an original photo of accomplishing something from your bucket list on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #GDVBucketList.

We will pick one photo and one comment based on our favorites and send the winners a certificate for a FREE Expressway Week! Winners will be contacted via email.

Restrictions apply. Contest ends Tuesday, February 10, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. CST. No purchase necessary. ALL ENTRIES BECOME THE PROPERTY OF GLOBAL CONNECTIONS AND MAY BE USED FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES.

Come back over the next four weeks to see the rest of our bucket list items!

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Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

47 thoughts on “50 Global Discovery Vacations Bucket List Ideas, Pt. 1

  1. Wanted to go to Hawaii for our 30th anniversary but had a hip replacement instead, hip is doing better and now would love to take my wife on the trip we’ve been dreaming of for thirty one years now.

  2. One of the biggest things on my bucket list is Ireland. I don’t know when or why it started but I just think it’s beautiful in every picture I see and would love to see it in person with my family.

    • If we had a vacation like that, Christine, we’d call it a success. Just search for “Italy” in the search bar above, and you’ll find tips from a few members who were able to do just that!

      -Happy Travels

  3. Our bucket list includes the US National Parks. We traveled to Sedona AZ fall 2014 and drove up to see the Grand Canyon! Totally amazing – – we had a fabulous time and our accommodations in Sedona were top notch.

    Our list of National Parks include the parks in Utah – – Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Archer National Parks. A free week would be AWESOME!

  4. We visited 3 Islands in Hawaii and stayed with Global. A wonderful vacation. The things that impressed us most is the active volcano, and the Place of Refuge in the Big Island, the road to Hana, and snorkeling with the Manta Rays in Maui, Waimea Canyon, Hanalei all the beautiful wild roosters In Kauai. Each island is very beautiful different from each other……..amazing.

  5. On my bucket list is Oahu in the summer of 2014 to celebrate our 60th birthdays. We can’t see to get a week there. We definitely can’t afford a hotel there. Thanks

  6. The night I signed up to be a Global member, I scribbled out my bucket list travel destinations anticipating ticking off one per year. Jamaica 2012, Hawaii 2013, Paris 2014. Well, I have not traveled to those destinations yet, but my first Global trip was to Sunny Isle, Florida. Now I know for certain I will get to those other locations eventually and Global will take me there.

    • I find that writing out a list increases your chances of getting it done. We can’t wait for you to reach the rest of those destinations, Mary Ann!

      -Happy Travels

  7. With so many Global Discovery Vacation locations, it’s not easy to pick a favorite. But, I traveled to Italy prior to meeting my husband. I would love to take him to Italy and show him the romance of Rome, the fun of Florence, the scenic coastline of Sorrento, the pizzazz of Pisa, the vitality of Venice, and the marvelous vineyards and architecture of Montepulciano. This would be our dream vacation and is definitely on our bucket list. Aaahhhh!!!

  8. Sonora “Rocky Point” Mexico has been on my bucket list ever since I heard about this wonderful, sleepy paradise so close to the Arizona border.

  9. Visit my father’s birthplace: Vinchiaturo, Provencial de Copabasso,Abbrussa Italy and possibly locate long-lost relatives.

    Cruise the Alaskan passages and experience it’s majestic glaciers and wildlife

    Cruise the Panama Canal passage

    See Australia and/or New Zealand

  10. We have a large bucket, Ireland and Australia / New Zealand (which I see are no longer available) are at the top of the list.

  11. Our bucket list is any vacation my husband and I can enjoy together. Life is so short and we can thank Global for the opportunity to take affordable dream vacations we otherwise could not have experienced. Global not only gave us the opportunity, but the initiative to take the time to reconnect with each other and with our family, and to enjoy and experience what this world has to offer. Whether it be an island with beautiful blue relaxing beaches and comforting blue waters, to a challenging ski resort combined with warm ambiance for the non-enthusiasts, to the sight-seeing historical vacations so important to rejuvenate our minds, whether it be alone, with a spouse, with the family or friends. Global vacations offer adult time, family time, mind and body rejuvenating time, The trips Global has to offer are ll inclusive for the your body and soul.. Life is too short, make the commitment and enjoy…we did and thank Global for the inspiration to slow down and enjoy life.

  12. The Out Islands in the Bahamas are on my list! A few of them (San Salvador, Cat, Acklins, Crooked Islands) are in my family history and I would love to see them and maybe even meet some extended family.

  13. My wife and I would love to visit more than 5 places, but here are the top 5 that we want to visit: venice, aulstralia, Africa, cruise the mediteranian, greece

    5. Greece
    4. Cruise the Mediterranean
    3. Australia
    2. Venice
    1. African Safari


  14. Being Floridian natives, my husband and I have seen everything tropical and Disney! Although we are very blessed to have been a part of this culture, we would love to explore SNOW with our children! Please help us find our way North where we can spend a day tubing, skiing, and sledding but end the day cozying up by the Fire snuggling with our kids at a lodge.

  15. I’ve always wanted to go ziplining and it has been on my bucket list. It was made possible while my fiance and I were in Hilton Head, SC in October! What a blast and oh, so exciting! We had fabulous instructors and a great group of people. Next…taking my fiance to Disney! He’s never been there and I haven’t been there in over 23 years!

  16. We’ve used GDV expressways to cross Paris, France off our bucket list. My wife Lois had always wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower as she felt she was destined to meet someone there and when we walked the Parisian streets, turned a corner, and saw the tower looming in front of us it was truly surreal. She, in fact, did meet and made friends with a Parisian couple that joined us for a boat ride on the Seine. We regret now that we didn’t explore more and especially visit the Gardens of Monet. So, returning to Paris is back on our bucket list and when crossed off there will be no more regrets.

  17. The number 1 thing on my bucket list is to take my 4 childRen to Disney world….I would love it if global could help make this a reality by helping me with a condo….or arrangements for 6 of us….my kids work hard…and deserve a great vacation of a lifetime…..thank you

  18. Aruba was near the top of our Bucket List. GDV made that a reality and our family enjoyed the snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and the beaches. All of the locals we met were friendly and very helpful. If you are looking for an awesome vacation, contact GDV and enjot ARUBA!!!

  19. Hawaii
    Mediterranean cruise
    Caribbean cruise
    African safari
    It’s hard going on vacation with little children.
    We won’t mind reading everyone if we get good airfare

  20. I love this Bucket List giveaway!!! We are members of Global Discovery but have only used the vacation club once about 3 or 4 years ago. We have not had the finances to use it again. Would love to take the family on a trip to the Grand Canyon before the kids get too big to want to travel with their parents. Also on the bucket list is a Disney World Trip, swimming with the dolphins and a trip to Barbados. We would love to use our Global Discovery Vacation Club for one of these fantastic trips. Soon the kids will be on their own and not wanting to be around their parents. Thank you for this opportunity! Shelly Albert

  21. My partner and I have been Global members for about 8 years and have used our trips every year. We have been able to cross one trip (Glacier National Park) off our list while staying in Whitefish at Crestwood Resort through GDV. Still on the bucket list are Alaska, Hawaii, Pacific NW and Europe.

  22. My bucket list. Caribbean would be nice or Hawaii. Been with global for 14 years. Only global has the means to get us there safely and where we can have the most fun. Thats what vacations are all about.

  23. I have never been to San Antonio and would love the opportunity to travel there someday, the added bonus would be to being able to see my Texan daughter!

  24. Our bucket list includes Africa ( for a picture safari) to take pictures of the beautiful elephants before they have no open space to live anymore. My husband and I have enjoyed Glacier National Park this last year thorough global and it was wonderful. We leave in March for Saint Kit. Thanks to Global Travel for helping us to mark off our bucket list places one by one..We love traveling and want to see the world..Global makes that possible..

  25. Want to take my family to Hawaii. Oahu to sèe the tourist stuff and another island to have some laid back fun. Want to stand at the edge of a vacant, go to a luau and see a black sand beach. Aloha!

  26. My husband and I love our global vacations we take. Have had a few medical problems this year and could not use our stars. We would love to go to Africa and go on a safari. That is our dream vacation . We have been married for 47 years. Would love to go while still in good health.

  27. Would like to go anywhere. Have had for five or six years. Tried to go to florida and arizona a few times but could never find what we wanted. Very diffucult to use and have never figured out how to use the site. I dont find the site user friendly at all. Have tried to give it to my kids to use and they couldnt figure it out either. Subsequently, we have used other means to get where we were going. Next destination on our list is the smokeys in the spring

    • Hi Sue,

      We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble using the membership. We encourage you to call our Customer Relations an 800-879-7779 and one of our representatives will be happy to walk you through the process. You’ll walk away a pro!

      -Happy Travels

  28. My BucketList, have always wanted to travel through England and Ireland. Dream trip with Hubby and Sis. 3 weeks would be the bomb. I am 61 and want to do this before I am tOO old!

  29. Norway and Poland – a trip to see the land of my great grandmother (Norway) and to look into my husband’s Polish roots honoring their lives and soothing my heart with wonders, heritage and traditions.

  30. About two (2) months after joining global my husband became disabled, but we’ve continued our membership (however, haven’t been able to use it) nonetheless, we would love to send our firstborn (who’s getting married in May-a bucket list item in and of itself) on a wonderful honeymoon to Hawaii (the innermost desire of her heart). Hence, we’d love our dear oneto actually get to experience a global vacation. She’s a good egg and beloved.

  31. See the soaring beautiful redwood trees in Napa Valley, California. Drive through the tree that is large enough that vehicles can drive through the tree. The Red Wood Forest is one of the grestest wonders of world that I’ve not got to see and definitely on my bucket list.

  32. We went to Maui a couple of years ago and had the MOST AMAZING vacation ever!! We loved going to the top of HALEAKALA and taking tons of photos!! Now we would like to take the rest of our family back to the islands for our 40th Anniversary and I know GLOBAL will help us achieve this dream!!! Thankyou GLOBAL ..best thing ever!! I would also like to say the most wonderful part of GLOBAL is that it will be part of our childrens INHERITANCE!! How cool is that???!!!

  33. We are foster parents and have a 7 year old boy when we got him as foster parents he was 2, my husband thought it was our duty as Christian to adopt him and give him a real home and a chance at life. so one thing La’trell always ask us if he could go to Disneyland and see all the Disney people We told him that could go on our bucket list to do hopefully one day, His name is La’trell we told him we will do our best to give him everything he needs and enjoy all that we could give him to enjoy everything in life. with that being said this is on our list to do we are not young but life keeps on giving..

  34. One thing on my bucket list is to undo the biggest mistake I have ever made. I want to re-marry my ex-husband. We were married 22 years and we got bored. Unfortunately we reacted to those feelings instead of working on what we had. After our divorce became final we realized what we had and what we lost b
    We took a beautiful honeymoon in Aruba and I would love to go back there with him. Perhaps we would have such beautiful and happy memories that it would only make sense to be married again.

  35. We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this June and we would love a trip to the Canadian Rockies!

  36. We both retired after my heart surgery in 2009. Our latest trip was just this month to Hilton Head South Carolina and Savannah Ga. It was wonderful. Still waiting to go zip lining somewhere in Australia.

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