5 Membership Tips You Should Commit to Memory

Whether you’ve just joined Global Discovery Vacations or you’re a seasoned member, there are a few things about your membership it’s imperative to keep top of mind. Taking advantage of these membership “101s” will mean smoother sailing during your vacation planning.

Plan Ahead

We just can’t say it enough. This is probably the most useful tip to help you enjoy and maximize the benefits of your membership. One of the money-saving reasons members love the travel club is the rate guarantee your membership provides for available destinations.

However, we can’t always guarantee availability, particularly in the instance of short notice. By planning ahead, you reduce the possibility of not getting what you want, when you want, where you want.

“Ideally, any requests for a resort destination should be made at least 120 days (four months) in advance, regardless of plans or season. But when you’re traveling with a large group for a special occasion, or you really need a specific date or place, ask as soon as you can. You’re allowed to make your reservations and requests up to a year in advance.” -Emily Ceruzzi, Operations Manager, Global Connections, Inc.


Like planning ahead, getting in the habit of reconfirming makes for a smoother experience. We’ve said it a million times: reconfirm, reconfirm, reconfirm! Why? It’s vital to your vacation and can mean the difference between having a unit and losing it.

Different resorts have varying procedure, but the simple fact is, if you don’t tell the resort you’re coming, they may think you’re not showing up. The staff at the destination will in turn assign your condominium to an incoming guest who did reconfirm the unit so that their occupancy levels remain high. Don’t take that chance! Here are the simple instructions for reconfirming.

Keep Your Guest Reservation Confirmation Safe

Equally important to reconfirming is making sure your confirmation documents are where you can easily access them. As a member, it’s one of your most valuable documents. You need it to check in and you should keep it during your stay as well, since it tells you all the Special Conditions for your resort and the Emergency Number for after-hours assistance, along with other important information.

Parents and children are considered immediate family and can use your Vacation Week condominium accommodations.

You Can Share Your Membership

One of the great benefits to being a Global Discovery Vacations member is that you can share those benefits! Immediate family (parents and children) can use your Vacation Week condominium accommodations for no additional fee as long as your membership is in good standing and your activity fee is up-to-date.

You can also pay a Gift Certificate fee or use one Star Credit to transfer your Vacation Week vacation to a friend or a family member who is not considered immediate family. You can even transfer or sell your membership as long as you’re in good standing and caught up on all payments.

Take Our Call after Booking Online

It’s not a sales call, so try to pick up the call from one of our Vacation Specialists after you’ve booked a condominium vacation online. The reason we call is to make sure you are happy with your choice. We also want to make sure you understand your amenities, trip benefits and answer any questions you may have. Even with the convenience of booking online, there’s no substitute for that personal touch!

Don’t forget, you can earn unlimited gift cards to many popular retailers along with cash and vacation credit when you refer new members to Global Discovery Vacations. Be sure to Share the Fun!

It’s our sincerest hope you are enjoying your membership and using it to travel to places you never thought possible. For general questions or help getting the most out of your benefits, our friendly specialists can be reached at (800) 879-7779.

For more helpful tips on using your Membership, take a minute to look over the Membership 101 section of this blog.

What’s your Membership 101? Share your best tips for using the Global Discovery Vacations membership in the comments below.

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