10 Reasons Why Reconfirming Is Vital to Your Vacation

We know you’re probably busy packing and preparing for your trip, but taking a couple of minutes to reconfirm your travel arrangements with Global Discovery Vacations can make your check-in seamless.

Here are 10 reasons you should make that two-minute phone call:

Don’t Lose Your Room

Did you know some resorts wait to assign units until you reconfirm? They do! And like an airline might reassign a seat if you don’t touch base, the resort might give your room away. Resorts have different procedures that aren’t in our control. We do list the specific requirements on your Guest Reservation Confirmation, so read the document carefully and follow the directions.

Most resorts will require you to call 24 hours prior to your check-in date while others might need 48 hours. Note that you need to call before your scheduled check-in date, not the date you plan to arrive. If you are checking in later than the expected time, just tell the resort staff so they are ready to receive you when you get there.

Check-In/Out Procedure

We’ll tell you where and when to check in and check out, room specifics, and, in some cases, unit number. If your room is listed as TBA or TBD, you won’t have an assigned unit until you arrive.

Emergency Number

If there are any last-minute changes or emergency situations involving your reservation, we want to be able to let you know right away. When you reconfirm, your agent will make sure that we have the best means to contact you while you’re traveling.

Lockbox Codes

In an effort to keep guests’ possessions safe, resorts change lockbox codes. When you call to reconfirm, your agent will verify the code and tell you how to use the lockbox.

Getting Past the Guards

Some resorts have guarded gates. To get access to the property, you’ll be required to show your Guest Reservation Confirmation and any accompanying travel documents to the guard on duty. The security guards knows what the documents look like, so treat your travel documents like a ticket to your condo and always have them handy.

Getting Past the Gates

When a resort is located in a gated community, you’ll need a code to access the property. Like lockboxes, these codes will change for security reasons and your agent will provide the most up-to-date version.

The Mysterious Locked Bedroom

Some destinations only offer large, two- and three-bedroom units. When you only want to reserve for two and we can accommodate that request, the additional bedrooms will be locked off—meaning they are not accessible to you—even though your Guest Reservation Confirmation will still list the total occupancy of the unit.

When you reconfirm with Global Discovery Vacations, the agent will let you know if your unit is a lock-off, and how many you’ve selected to pay to stay in the unit.

Where’s the Check-In?

Instead of using the front desk, some resorts have their check-in office in a completely different area, such as a property management office. Your confirmation will let you know where to check in, and your agent will go over it with you before you arrive.

Hello? Front Desk?

Not all of our resorts offer front desk services. Your reconfirmation agent can let you know if you’ll be staying at a resort without a front desk. Even without one, you still get quality service! Be sure to read your Welcome Book (most often located on a coffee or kitchen table) where you’ll find a list of contacts should you need anything during your stay.

Reconfirm with Global Discovery Vacations

Make sure to reconfirm with us first, even if you do so with the resort. That way, your agent can make sure that your name is at the resort. If you call the resort too early, your name might not be assigned to a unit yet. No need to panic, it just means that your paperwork transfer probably isn’t complete yet. We can triple check for you.

Your reconfirmation number should be located on your confirmation email and it will either give you the number of the resort, our office or both. Even doing the simplest tasks such as reconfirming and reading the Special Conditions can be the key to a great vacation.

Happy Travels!

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Reconfirming Is Vital to Your Vacation

  1. Member Services,
    As new members, we wanted to travel to Lisbon, Portugal around Sept 05 through Sept 12, 2014. My wife was directed to several Global offices in order to make arrangements. She was told that Global doesn’t have any facilities in Lisbon. The service that I expect from any travel agency is when I decide on a time and destination and receive all the cost and accommodation information, then a trip can be booked. With Global, so far, that hasn’t been possible. I’m frustrated, not impressed. I admit that I’m not yet familiar with
    the services, but Global should provide the needed information.

    • Hi Gerald,

      We’re sorry you are frustrated, but it sounds like you were speaking with our Condominium Reservations, which is different from the traditional Travel Agency. You can reach the Travel Agency, which comes with your membership, at 800-879-7779.

      For clarification on how they are different (Star credits don’t apply for Travel Agency, for example), we highly recommend that you call New Member Relations (800-285-6665) and a helpful representative will explain the different benefits of the membership and address any questions you might have. We hope you find this useful.

      -Happy Travels

  2. Thanks for the info. I have never confirmed with global before and would like to do from now on. Whom should we confirm with? We often just book online.

    • No problem, Linda!

      A majority of our resorts list our 800 number as the reconfirmation number, though there are a few that list the resort itself. Some list both.

      As long as you’re calling the number on your guest reservation confirmation email, you shouldn’t have any problems. And you can always call our Customer Relations (800-879-7779) if you have any questions.

      We hope this helps!

      -Happy Travels

    • Hi George,

      Though we in the creative/communications department would love to help, you will need to call the number listed on your reservation confirmation to reconfirm. This is so that the information gets to the resort directly.

      -Happy Travels

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