Why you MUST READ Special Conditions!

You never know what can pop up at a resort. Thousands of motorcycles could descend to an area. Swimming pools could be closed for maintenance. Parking might be limited or additional fees may be assessed by a resort. This information can be pivotal to your choice of resort accommodations. So before you chose, you MUST READ the Special Conditions.

What can you find in Special Conditions?

Spec cond

Notification of city-wide events that could impact your vacation.
A prime example is Bike Week, these annual events happen at beach locations and bring thousands of motorcycle riders to areas for a week at a time.

Age Restrictions.
Some resorts impose an additional  age restriction, especially during certain times of the year, like Spring Break.

Like all properties, upkeep is necessary to keep the property in tip-top shape. Some resorts will expand to offer more rooms to travelers. You’ll find out if there is any building going on and in some cases, what to expect such as road closures or times when noise may be excessive.

In some dense tourist areas, parking is a premium. If you’re driving a large vehicle or have friends or family meeting you, you’ll want to know if you will be limited to one parking space. You can also find out if parking is in a parking garage, if valet parking for a fee is required or if RVs or trailers are prohibited.

Resort Set-Up and Additional Amenities.
You can sometimes find out what your mini-kitchen has in it, such as stove top burners or mini-fridge or if your unit has a blow-up mattress vs. a pull-out sofa sleeper. Some properties have agreements with neighboring resorts providing access to amenities such as fitness equipment, golf courses and playgrounds.

Mandatory fees.
You’ll find if there are additional fees assessed by the resort for anything from swimming pool heat and electricity to government taxes and all-inclusive dining fees. (These fees are not paid to or controlled by Global Connections and are the responsibility of the guest(s).)

3 Places You Will Find Special Conditions

Spec cond2

Resort page on globaldiscoveryvacations.com.

1. The Online Resort Guide.
Click on the tab with the Special Conditions when on the specific resort page. This is the only way to find out this vital information prior to reserving your Internet Booking.

Offer email.

Offer email.

2. Offer Email from your Condominium Consultant.
When one of our Vacation Specialists is assisting you with a reservation, you’ll receive an offer email. This email begins with the resort and unit details and when available, a website link to see the property, followed by the SPECIAL CONDITIONS.

3. Guest Reservation Confirmation.
Whether you receive your confirmation in the mail or by email, you’ll find the SPECIAL CONDITIONS in the same place—directly following the ACCOMMODATIONS section.

Reconfirmation Phone Call.
During your mandatory Reconfirmation Phone Call, your Reconfirmation Agent will again notify you of the Special Conditions when you call 24 to 48 hours prior to your check-in at the property.

As you can see, you’ll find all kinds of useful information about a resort and a unit prior to making a decision on where to go on a family vacation with Global Discovery Vacations.  While this is kept up-to-date, from time-to-time reservations are booked before we are notified about construction or amenity closures. Other times, weather events can cause a resort to have a Special Condition. You can check on your resort by revisiting the Resort Guide and checking the Special Conditions tab, and always reconfirm your reservation.

Stacey is a writer with an eye for design. She’s been with Global Discovery Vacations since 2004, directing the creative department. Her passion for the written word is equal only to that of rescuing dogs and playing volleyball.