What’s in a Name? On a Global Vacation, It Means Access to Your Condo!

When you travel do you meet family or friends at the resort? If you do, who will arrive first? That’s the single most important question to ask when deciding whose name to put on your Global Discovery Vacations Guest Reservation Confirmation. Why? Because only the person named on the paperwork will be given access to the condo. And if you change your mind, it could cost you.

Checking In: Why the Guest Name is so Important.

The front desk staff at the resort you are checking into has one way to know if you have reserved the unit—your photo identification. So when you show up, all excited to explore your vacation rental, you’ll have to prove you are the person who has reserved the unit from Global Connections before you can get in.

It’s so easy to check-in with ease. Make sure you travel with your Guest Reservation Confirmation, that you’re the person named on this important documentation and that you have your ID. What happens if you’re not? You wait for the named guest to show up with the proper identification.


Can you change the Guest Name prior to travel? You bet; within a time limit (there might be a fee)!

Many of our members make reservations months in advance. We realize that plans could change requiring check-in information to be updated. When that happens, notify us as soon as possible so we can make the necessary changes at our office, and at your resort destination.

You see, there is much happening behind the scenes to notify resort staff of an inbound arrival. Reports are generated, sent to the location and checked and rechecked for accuracy. All of this is done to make sure check-in is as easy as possible. When a name is changed, the process begins again.

Because of the extra man hours to process these changes, most resorts require a minimum of 48 hours-notice to change an inbound name. What’s more, some will charge a fee to process the update. And any additional fees assessed are payable by the Guest.

To make sure your Guest name change reaches the resort in plenty of time Global Connections has adopted a policy that name changes will have to be requested no later than noon on the Thursday before your check-in date. You must call your Global Connections Condominium Consultant with any Guest Name changes, not the resort directly. You’ll be notified by your Condominium Consultant if there’s a fee to make the change at the time of the request.

You can take one more step to make sure you have a smooth check-in experience. Reconfirm your reservation with an agent. This travel professional will double check the arrival name on your travel confirmation and let you know of any last minute instructions or notifications, including what to do if you arrive after hours.

When you vacation with the right documentation, you’ll get into your condo with ease! Don’t leave your confirmation, or your ID, at home so you have a great Global Discovery Vacations travel experience from start to finish!

Stacey is a writer with an eye for design. She’s been with Global Discovery Vacations since 2004, directing the creative department. Her passion for the written word is equal only to that of rescuing dogs and playing volleyball.

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