Global Discovery Vacations activities bracket

Vacation Activities Bracket: Round 1

What are your favorite activities to do while traveling? Are you in it for the relaxation or the thrills? Do you prefer the sand or the snow? City or outdoors? To find out why Global Discovery Vacations members travel, we need your vote in this year’s Vacation Activities Bracket!

Watersports vs. Nature Hikes

Photos courtesy of members Joanne M. and David C.

Nature’s unexplored territories mixed with human’s penchant for discovery make for a perfect match. The water’s fathomless depths and free-range physics attracts the likes of divers, surfers and boaters.

Then, for the landlubbers, the great outdoors boasts mountains, forests and wildlife for exploration. Sea versus land – where would you rather be?

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Amusement Parks vs. Museums/Landmarks

Photos courtesy of Corey T. and member Gregory K.

Mickey and company might have dominion on vacation attractions for kids, but what about you? Do you travel for the thrilling rides and colorful characters? Come prepared though, as amusement parks such as Disney World, Six Flags and Dollywood are full of youthful energy.

Museums and landmarks (ex. Mount Rushmore, The Smithsonian, Statue of Liberty) are brimming with history, and are many times cornerstones for the country as we know it. When faced with mindless fun or mindful sightseeing, where would you want to spend an afternoon?

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Wineries/Breweries vs. Extreme/Thrill-Seeking

Photos courtesy of members Joel P. and David G.

Behind-the-scenes culinary experiences are great ways for travelers to test their palates on local food and beverages while learning a little something in the process. The flight of wine or beer makes it much easier.

For the more action-driven travelers, blazing speeds and daring heights are the name of the game: diving out of planes, zip lining and mountain biking to name a few. So what do you consider a bigger treat?

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Beach vs. Winter Sports

Photos courtesy of members Jhulee M. and Tim S.

Hey, don’t call us beach bums – it takes a lot of work to enjoy oneself this much. There’s an inner peace to building a sandcastle by the waves, soaking up the sun and taking evening strolls on the soft sand.

On the flip side, you might be more inclined to bundle up for a trip to snow-capped mountains. Take your pick from strapping on skis for an afternoon on the slopes, tubing with family or revving up for a snowmobile expedition. When it comes time for a vacation, are you heading to the sand or snow?

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Live Entertainment vs. Shopping/Dining

Photos courtesy of Visit Branson and Ingimage.

Destinations such as Las Vegas, Nevada, and Branson, Missouri, are famous for live entertainment, from musicals to magic shows to stage plays. You can’t capture the atmosphere of a live performance on a screen.

Or maybe you just want to keep it simple and see a town how the locals do: by eating their food and shopping for their goods. Who doesn’t love trying authentic foods and buying charming souvenirs? Or are you more likely to spend a night at the opera?

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Getting Lost/Exploring vs. Cruising

Photos courtesy of members James L. and Richard S.

There’s an excitement in not having a destination in mind and going with the flow. You may discover something your destination guide books didn’t mention and turn it into a memory of a lifetime! (Just don’t stray too far off the beaten path for your safety.)

Another type of going with the flow: sailing on a river or the high seas. Cruise ships are unlike any other vacation accommodation, putting you and all the action on one vessel. Then there are the excursions, which give you the chance to explore exotic lands such as Alaska and the Caribbean. So would you rather ditch the map in favor of adventure or hop aboard a structured cruise?

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Taking a Tour vs. Relaxing

Photos courtesy of members Lhea H. and Julianne B.

When you really want to get the inside scoop on a particular vacation spot, guided tours are the way to go. The first-hand knowledge will make sure you see the key attractions while understanding their significance, making for a truly rewarding trip.

Or, you could do what many people set out to do on vacation, which is just relax. Make a date at the spa, spend the afternoon fishing or just stay in the condo and recharge your batteries. Both of these activities exemplify the reasons people go on vacation. But if you had one day left on your trip, which way would you spend it?

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Immersing in Culture vs. National Parks

Photos courtesy of members Billy E. and Joseph M.

Many sightseers travel to broaden the mind and see how other cultures do it, inspiring the old adage, “When in Rome…” See a Hawaiian luau, learn from the Navajo Indians or farm with colonial purists in Williamsburg, Virginia.

You can do this in nature, too. Just look at the diverse geography at the hundreds of US national parks: the mountains of the Grand Tetons, the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, the sulphuric pits at Yellowstone. The magic of these natural wonders are perfect for any traveler. But if given the choice, would you want to immerse yourself with actual people or in nature?

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Round 1 voting closes Friday, March 17.

We had a lot of fun last year with our Bucket List bracket, Lake Tahoe emerging as the top destination. We can’t wait to see what vacation activities you choose for this year’s poll!

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

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  1. We go every year since being a member of Global to Daytona Beach we just Love it there!!

    • Hi Thomas,

      We’re here for you anytime you want to jump back in! If you need a refresher or a walkthrough on how to book a vacation, feel free to give us a call at (800) 879-7779.

  2. I had a Ball on my cruise, made tons of friends, made a BFF in the Grand Turk Islands, and we’re all now friends thru Facebook!

  3. Global has made us vacationers. Upgraded twice and between OUR vacations and then allowing our children to use stars, you can’t ask for more.

  4. New member, was pulled in for Cruises ! RV camping throughout the US and cruises that are worldwide !!

  5. New Member, our first trip in July!!!!!!!! Wonderful, helpful associates in Roseville, Ca

  6. How come all the condos we have stayed in are poorly made over hotel rooms,
    That sleep 4… With no ovens, table that seats two???

    • Hi Barb,

      Those sound like studio suites as opposed to a one- or two-bedroom condo. That’s one type of accommodation and is not indicative of every resort we offer, so bring this up with your Vacation Specialist next time you’re looking for a room. It all depends on where you’re booking and make sure you’re reading the Special Conditions so you have an idea of what is in the condo. Hope this helps!

  7. The beach is always a winner, especially for those of us who experience every year with all four seasons;)

  8. We go to Hawaii every other year, and the year we’re not in Hawaii, we go to the Philippines for Mission. And we do this w/ Global. One of my picture taken at Hawaii was featured here under Beach vs. Snow.

  9. we been to many places and take multiple vacations a year and we are always very pleased. LOVE GLOBAL !!!!!!!

  10. We’ve been on 10? 12? trips through Global and have never been disappointed. Whenever a problem has developed, the local staff jumped in and promptly resolved the issue. We are going to England in April, the Wisconsin Dells in July, and the Smoky Mountains in September. I am sure these will be wonderful.

    My one recommendation: use all your stars each year. A less expensive, quality vacation cannot be had anywhere.

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