Ready for a Rosy Road Trip? Tips for Traveling in the Car with Kids.

Moms and dads will be hitting the road with the kids in droves this summer. To help turn drive-time into fun time, we asked some experts for tips on traveling. Before you pack up and head out on your next Global Discovery Vacations trek, consider founder Corinne McDermott’s 5 Rs to Rosy Road Trips.

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 Prepping Your Vehicle for Winter Road Trips

If you plan on doing any form of driving in frigid and/or snowy weather, we can’t overstate the importance of taking precautions as the roads can be slick and dangerous. You don’t want to be stranded in freezing temperatures either, so you need to make sure your vehicle is fit to run. Before you set […]

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 Gas Prices are Dropping! Hit the Road and Take a Vacation!

Gas prices are dropping across the US, time for a road trip!

Here in Kansas, gas prices dipped below $2.00 a gallon. As one of my friends put it, it’s a Christmas miracle! We’re happy to report that the federal Energy Information Administration is projecting an average price of $2.60 a gallon in 2015. That’s something to be happy about in the New Year! When gas prices […]

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