We’re Flipping for these Pancake Houses

American pancakes with syrup and blueberry.

The brilliance of pancakes lies in their simplicity. But these flat doughy circles are capable of so much more – added fruit, chocolate chips, assorted syrup flavors and more. When you go too far down the pancake rabbit hole, you won’t have room for lunch! So for National Pancake Day, we’re giving you the best […]

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 Why Should You Visit Myrtle Beach in the Winter?

global discovery vacations myrtle beach

Keith Pierce of Visit Myrtle Beach Shares the Wonders of the Grand Strand. Arguably one of the most popular destinations for Global Discovery Vacations members is Myrtle Beach. With more than 60 miles of uninterrupted beach land, people most often come here in the summertime. But there is much more to this tourist town year-round. […]

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 Food Truck Favorites

Never judge a book by its cover, or food by its establishment. I’ve had the best barbecue and kebabs at gas stations. At checkout, I am still expecting to hear “do you want gas with that?” Good food can come from unassuming places. That’s where the food truck phenomenon rolls onto the scene. In certain […]

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