Suit Up! Your Chance at Aerial Dogfighting is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When you visit Las Vegas with Global Discovery Vacations, you can experience aerial joyrides high above Nevada desert with Sky Combat Ace. This adventure-of-a-lifetime will have you suiting up for a wild aerobatic flight of non-stop spins, barrel rolls, hammerheads and loops high above Las Vegas.

Sky Combat Ace is Nevada’s only true aerial dogfighting experience. You’ll be paired with actual fighter pilots to learn the art of basic fighter maneuvering. You can fly with just the fighter pilot or take on one of your friends and test your skills against an equally matched adversary. Under the supervision of SCA’s highly trained fighter pilot instructors, you are at the controls, squeezing the trigger and getting the satisfaction of scoring a hit on your opponent.


You can play in the sky with no worries at Sky Combat Ace—safety is their top priority. Their pilots have amassed a perfect safety record with zero accidents or incidents. You can choose from five types of experiences, designed with first-time flight fanatics or advanced aviators in mind:

  • Aerobatic Flights – Become wingman to one of SCA’s 10 professional fighter pilots and learn the art of basic flight maneuvering. You fly the plane under the supervision of SCA’s pilots to execute loops, rolls, hammerheads and spins.
  • Aerial Dogfighting – Reenact your favorite “Top Gun” moment as you chase your opponent through the Nevada skies like a real fighter pilot. Feel the thrill of “the kill” as you aim and shoot your adversary using SCA’s special effects. If your aim is good, you’ll get instantaneous feedback as smoke flows from your opponent’s plane. Fight’s on!
  • Multi-Day Adventures – Can’t choose just one? Indulge your need for speed and break up your SCA experience over a few days time span. Or, build your skills by reattempting the same package the next day!
  • Sightseeing Packages – In an open-cockpit biplane fit for two (plus a pilot), enjoy aerial views of the Mojave Desert while flying over Las Vegas landmarks such as the Hoover Dam, Red Rock State Park, and the world-famous Las Vegas Strip (night flight options also available).
  • Spectator Packages – Invite your friends to watch the action in SCA’s non-aerobatic aircraft, where they can take in your incredible experience from an unrivaled vantage point only a short distance away.


Plus, groups can reserve the Sky Combat Ace Hangar for events pre- or post-flight to enjoy a state-of-the-art sound system, flat-screen TVs, foosball, darts, pool table, a Golden Tee and a Redbird Full Motion Simulator.

Sky Combat Ace flies seven days a week, 365 days a year and is located at 1420 Jet Stream Dr. Henderson, Nevada 89052. For more information or to book your reservation, call 888-494-5850 or book direct on the Sky Combat Ace website. All SCA packages include photos before take-off and video captured by one of four airplane-mounted cameras.


What is the craziest flight adventure you’ve ever been on? Share your adventures in the comments below.

Photos courtesy of Sky Combat Ace.

Stacey is a writer with an eye for design. She’s been with Global Discovery Vacations since 2004, directing the creative department. Her passion for the written word is equal only to that of rescuing dogs and playing volleyball.