Southwest Florida Spring Break Condos: Why the Wait?

When it comes time for Spring Break, our members like to visit Florida. Specifically, Southwest Florida. Each year, we travel hundreds of families to these beaches during this short window of four to six weeks. While we never can guarantee anyone will get a particular destination during a specific week, we try our best to fulfill every member’s wishes. This year, we’re having more trouble than usual.

What Happened to the Condos in Southwest Florida?

Each year the Global Connections Property Management team works with travel industry partners and vacation homeowners to secure condominiums for your use in the travel club program. From time to time, circumstances beyond our control can reduce the amount of inventory available, and in 2016 it’s Southwest Florida.

Three events have caused this shortage:

  • Resorts with which we have contracted have been sold.
  • Construction is underway, causing the resorts to be uninhabitable.
  • Home Owner’s Associations have changed their documents, banning rentals on their properties.

Our professionals are currently searching for new opportunities in this area, which are slim due to the popularity of the season and the ability for these properties to get full rental rates. This isn’t the only time this situation can occur, which is why we have set guidelines to increase your chance at reservation success.

How to Reserve Condos: Vacation Week Request Guidelines

When you call or submit a request online or by mail, you should always give us two destinations and two dates of travel so we have more opportunities to find desirable vacation destinations. We won’t always have your first choice available but when you are flexible in your destination or travel date, we’ll have a better chance at sending you on vacation using your travel club benefits.

If you don’t recall this condition, you can refer to your Membership Guidebook or the online Terms and Conditions where it states:

The Global Connections, Inc. program is based on reserving available resort accommodations. Availability of these accommodations varies from time-to-time and is subject to change without notice. Members do not obtain any interests in, or recurring rights to use, any real estate or real property, and availability of accommodations and destinations at any given time is in no way guaranteed.

Rest assured, our mission is to send members on vacation. The unfortunate reality is there are limits to how many condominiums we can access during the most popular travel seasons of the year. In 2016, this is proving to be Southwest Florida for Spring Break.

The Global Connections Property Management team continues to try to secure resort destinations for our members’ use next year which is why we have the Waitlist. The decision is left up to you, the member, if, and for how long, you want to wait to see if a condominium becomes available in this highly sought after area.

We encourage those who are open to visiting new beaches or new places of interest this Spring Break to talk to their Vacation Specialists about other locations. We have thousands of amazing resorts to choose from in locations around the world.

Stacey is a writer with an eye for design. She’s been with Global Discovery Vacations since 2004, directing the creative department. Her passion for the written word is equal only to that of rescuing dogs and playing volleyball.