Shouldn’t Kids Learn On Vacation? They Will At Science Museum of Virginia!

If you choose a Williamsburg, Virginia Global Discovery Vacations trip, you’re already on the right path. This colonial city has oodles of history. There’s even more to explore and learn less than an hour from Williamsburg in Richmond, VA at the home of the Science Museum of Virginia.


Located in a the historic Broad Street Station, the Science Museum of Virginia features everything from rat basketball (Yes! Their rats can play basketball!) to a giant domed theater showing IMAX films and monthly LiveSky planetarium shows. Believe it or not – but rat basketball isn’t the only guest favorite.

The Imagination Playground encourages your child’s creativity and team building by providing a place to construct their surroundings out of mats, fabric and giant foam blocks. The Science on a Spheretm teaches kids about climate change, storms and the environment from a giant suspended globe that stretches six feet in diameter!  You can see the 10-story high Foucault Pendulum in action and the kugels—a pair of floating granite balls that are a scale model of the earth and moon. The Earth kugel is 29 tons, you’ll love the fact that they can move it!

You can be among the first to explore the newest exhibition called Boost! Opened in June, now you can expand your creativity, flexibility, memory and strength. Boost! shares important scientific knowledge about sleep, memory and physical fitness and the interrelationships among these areas. Boost! even includes a full scale Kitchen Stadium where museum educators prepare tasty offerings while unlocking the science inside what we eat.


This family friendly museum is perfect for a day trip. You choose how fast or slow you go through all the amazing, thought provoking exhibits here.  You’ll find the museum located at 2500 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220, and there is ample free parking.

If you’re planning to visit Williamsburg, VA with Global Discovery Vacations, find out more information about this amazing Museum at Science Museum of Virginia, including science museum admission prices, directions and hours or operation.

Have you ever visited a science museum? Share where you were and what you learned in the comments below!

Photos courtesy of Science Museum of Virginia.

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