Member Monday: Short Ride to Paradise

William and Barbara M. needed a getaway close to their Maryland home on short notice, so they opted to return to nearby Ocean Time in Ocean City, MD. They share their travel expertise for fellow Global Discovery Vacations members in this week’s Member Monday feature.

Where would you recommend a fellow member to go for:

Since it was off-season, we stayed in the condo. They kitchen was nicely stocked and we could make anything we wanted.

Depending where we were at the time, lots of restaurants open, fast food, Boardwalk (Thrashers fries…YUM), and we even took some lunch meats, cheese, chips, bread…like I said the kitchen was nicely stocked.

So many choices but our favorite was Clarion Hotel restaurant, forgot the actual name. AYCE seafood buffet, cooking station for 4 different pastas, carving station with ham and beef, soups, salads etc. Then there was the dessert buffet. WOW!

To shop
Everywhere, though we were really interested in shopping this trip, there were lots of souvenir, water sports and Boardwalk t-shirt shops. To top it all off it was Sunfest weekend and the huge arts and crafts tents were up with more food, entertainment (bands, singers etc.). More than 3-4 hours worth of entertainment and fun.

To have fun/attractions
The beach and pool were our targets and favorites. Walking on the beach, getting our feet wet (too cool this time of year for us to swim, but others were definitely enjoying the sun and surf). For a relaxing time we enjoyed the adjoining pool. Refreshing after a long day.

What was your favorite:

Resort amenity
The pool. On beach side and easy walk without crossing roads.

Condominium amenity or room
The balcony with ocean breezes, beach and sunrise views and plenty of light for drawing from the big slider windows off the balcony, washer and dryer.

Assateague Is., MD (3)

Place to go in the destination 
Assateague Island (ponies).

Why did you choose this destination?
Last minute decision and need to ‘get away’ left us with very limited choices but Ocean City is a short trip for us, love the ocean atmosphere and have gone there before.

Who did you travel with, family or friends?
My best friend and hubby.

Were you traveling for a special occasion? If yes, what?
Just a great need for some R&R.

What was your favorite memory of your vacation?
Hours and hours of drawing, taking photos, walking the beach and looking for treasures with our metal detectors.

Any tips for a traveler to this resort destination?
Check & double check the event schedule. So many things to do and yet being a good ways out of the center of town (136th street) we had peace and quiet after Bike Week attendees left on Sunday.

Any tips for a traveler staying in this condominium?
This condo or any resort, take bleach. Always feel more comfortable after I disinfect everything and it feels like home.

Anything you think they should bring?
Depending if you eat all your meals out or want to save money and eat in, bring snacks so you don’t have to run out late at night when you start to crave something or want to watch a movie.

Additional comments:
Be flexible but beg if you want suggestions and ideas from the representative. We had/still have a difficult time figuring things out and if the representative understands your desperation and confusion, some are very helpful, creative and concerned.

About you

How long have you been a Global Discovery Vacations member? 

Why did you join the club?
We love to travel, offered opportunities to take entire family (especially grandkids) along and seemed like the club was a good fit but we have had to work at learning the ropes.

What is your profession? 

How many trips have you taken using your membership?

Photos courtesy of Barbara M.

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

2 thoughts on “Member Monday: Short Ride to Paradise

  1. We also recently booked a condo through Global for a week-long getaway in Ocean City, MD in mid-September. Surprisingly, two of the best restaurants are in hotels, not the usual — Reflections, in the Holiday Inn at 68th(?) St., with brick and mirrors (nice, not as tacky as it might sound) had an excellent wine list, great service and rockfish with crab stuffing that was so good, we came back for more another night; The Captain’s Table, in the Marriott at 15th, offered atmosphere and wonderful seafood; and Jules, creative dishes in an ordinary location, a strip mall at 118th. Breakfast: Happy Jack’s at 25th pretty good for pancakes, but Satellite Cafe at 46th did great French toast, egg dishes, more. Went to Assateague twice to see the wild horses — 4-5 pm an excellent time to spot them. We walked the beach and the boardwalk, and enjoyed a morning bike ride on the boardwalk too. Took in a little of “Sunfest” by going to an Elvis tribute concert and watching all kinds and sizes of kites flying on the beach. Condo at Thunder Island needs updating and WiFi, but location was excellent with a balcony with fabulous views of a small marina and the bay beyond. Great sunsets, beaches where you can walk for miles. Horses! Sunsets! Beaches! hard to stop taking photos.

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