Find the Perfect Vacation with Our Online Booking Engine

With the Online Booking tool found on, you can narrow your search results using the search selections on the left of the map just by clicking on them. Choose from one or any combination of the following to find your perfect condo accommodations:


  • Vacation Type (Vacation Week, Expressway Week or Special Buy when offered)
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Month of Travel (when you click a month, you’ll even see the weeks!)
  • Destination
  • Distance (This will show resorts closest to your home!)
  • Resort Amenity

Each option even shows how many condominiums are available before you click on it, so you’ll have an even better idea of how many vacations are offered. As you make selections, a new box appears on the left showing what you’ve selected. You can remove the selection by clicking on the check mark (it will turn into an “X” when you hover over it with your mouse). Each click you make automatically redefines the search for you accordingly. With these new features, you can search just how you want. If destination is important, start there. If the time of year is more important, click month and week first.

Not seeing a condo you want? No problem!


Simply click the blue box below the search options to get help. There you will find contact numbers for our Vacation Specialists, who can begin a resort search for you. You will also find links to submit a Vacation Request or book an Expressway Week online. Remember, Vacation Weeks with Peak Season or holiday travel dates are rarely found online. You can book these vacations by speaking to a Condominium Consultant.

Visit to check out our Online Booking tool today.

Stacey is a writer with an eye for design. She’s been with Global Discovery Vacations since 2004, directing the creative department. Her passion for the written word is equal only to that of rescuing dogs and playing volleyball.

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