Member Monday: Richard F. Was Jazzed to Tell Us About New Orleans

When Richard F. told us how great his vacation was at the Mardi Gras Manor in New Orleans, Louisiana, we just had to know more! Having been to New Orleans before, Richard knows many great spots to eat and visit, and he shares them with us in this week’s Global Discovery Vacations Member Monday!

Where would you recommend a fellow member to go to…
There are many places to eat, both inexpensive and expensive.

  • The Gumbo Shop has one of the best gumbos around.
  • Mr. B’s Bistro has great barbecue shrimp (not just shrimp with barbecue sauce).
  • The Court of Two Sisters has a great brunch ($30/person).
  • YoMama’s has the best hamburger around, including a baked potato with a full stick of butter.
  • Cafe du Monde for beignets and coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Acme Oyster House for guess what. Many more if you need them.

We don’t do much shopping, but there are plenty of shops to find local flavor stuff.

Have fun/attractions
Pat O’Briens is a great place for fun and drinking hurricanes at the piano bar. Next to it is Preservation Hall with old-time jazz.

Up and down Bourbon Street, you’ll find many different types of music, mostly live. Just outside the French Quarter, across Esplanade and towards the river, are some nice spots as well. There are many tours (cemetery, swamps, haunted, history, etc.).

What was your favorite:
Resort/Condominium Amenity or Room
We love condos instead of hotels, especially in New Orleans due to the late nights and varying sleeping habits of all concerned. The Quarter House is the best location. The Mardi Gras Manor was in their residential neighborhood and was quiet at night.

Who did you travel with?
Traveled with my wife, Mary.

What was your favorite memory of your vacation?
The food is the best part of New Orleans, followed very closely by the unique drinks and various entertainment.

Any tips for a traveler to this resort or destination? Anything you think they should bring?
Wear shoes, not sandals when walking the streets at night. Many wet spots, holes in the road and uneven sidewalks.

About you

How long have you been a Global Discovery Vacations member?
I’ve been a member for five years.

Why did you join the club?
I joined because most of the places we stay are 4 or 5 star resorts at a very economical price.

What is your profession?
I’m currently retired. I use to write accounting software for construction companies.

How many trips have you taken using your membership?
I’ve taken about 20 trips so far. Usually, we use one Star Credit for two trips and two Star Credits for another two trips each year.

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.