Member Monday: Catching Salmon in Oregon

Oregon turned out to be a great vacation spot for salmon fishing and meeting up with family, as Global Discovery Vacations member Tina G. finds out during her first visit to the Whispering Woods Resort in Welches. Read all about it in this week’s Member Monday!

Where would you recommend a fellow member to go to…
Our favorite meal out during our trip was at the Huckleberry Inn Restaurant, just a short drive up the road in Government Camp. The omelets were huge and the huckleberry jam was a huge plus.

There were some small shops in the area but most of our “shopping” was done in Sandy, a larger town about 15 miles away. We especially enjoyed the mercantile with their local craft items, delicious coffee and pastries.

Have fun/attractions
If you visit this area, you should definitely tour the “Loop,” a collection of area attractions laid out on the map that takes in most of the area attractions. We visited several waterfalls, including the breathtaking Multnomah Falls, the Columbia River area, the Hood River Fruit Loop, the Timberline Lodge, and of course, the awe inspiring views of Mt. Hood.


What was your favorite…
Resort/Condo Amenity
The resort was nice and very easy to get to. Our condo had a nice deck that looked out onto the golf course, a gas grill, a fireplace and a well-equipped kitchen. There was also a heated pool, but it was a bit chilly for us to make use of it.

Place to go in the destination
It was so close to so many things. I wish we would have had more time. But one of the first places we visited was a stream side park just a mile or two from our condo. The park was totally accessible and the trails took us along the Salmon River with lots of points of interest along the way.


Why did you choose this destination? Were you traveling for a special occasion?
We chose this location so that my husband could meet up with family members from Washington and go salmon fishing.

What was your favorite memory of your vacation?
There were many, but my best was the look on my husband’s face after the catch of his salmon.

Any tips for a traveler to this resort or destination? Anything you think they should bring?
Be prepared to dress in layers (there was a lot of temperature variation) and bring a rain jacket.


About you
How long have you been a Global Discovery Vacations member?
I believe that we are beginning our fourth year as members.

Why did you join the club?
We love to travel and wanted to be able to enjoy as many new places as possible.

How many trips have you taken using your membership?
Alaska, Lake Erie, Montana, Florida and scheduled for North Carolina next.

Why do you think traveling is important?
We both have stressful jobs and often it is hard to get away from it all. Being members has really helped.

Photos courtesy of member Tina G.

Ray originally hails from The Hague, Netherlands and one day showed up at Global Discovery Vacations’ doorstep. When he is not traveling or writing, you might find him engaged in playing ping pong, swimming or planting tulips.