Let’s Make Fewer Excuses and Take More Vacations!

Plan a Vacation Day is January 30. That’s right – there’s a holiday dedicated to getting you out of the office and into vacation mode. Be honest – have you committed to a vacation in 2018 or are you still deliberating? Let’s stop making excuses and start planning excursions!

Project: Time Off launched last year, encouraging Americans to take time for themselves and use one of their hundreds of millions of unused vacation days. And if you are a Global Discovery Vacations member who hasn’t used their membership in a couple years, here’s how you can make the most of Plan a Vacation Day.

How to Plan a Vacation

We try to give you as many options as possible when planning a trip, whether you’re booking online or if you’re wanting help from a professional. Either way, we’ve got you covered:

1. Book Online

The easiest way to book a condo (or cruise or tour) is heading to your member’s-only website and clicking on the condo map. See something you like? You’re just a couple clicks away from booking it!

2. Submit a Request

Not seeing what you want? Just fill out a request form and we’ll see if we can find something that fits your criteria. You can also download and print a form to fax, if you so desire. Please give us enough notice as it can take time to find units from our vendors and note that we can’t make any guarantees.

3. Call a Vacation Specialist

Sometimes you just want that personal interaction to make sure your vacation is in good hands. Enter our Vacation Specialists, who can help you book the perfect condo for you and your family with a simple phone call. Just dial 800-879-7779, toll-free.

4. Call a Travel Agent

As a Global Discovery Vacations member, travel agents can be exceptionally helpful if you need help juggling car rentals, airfare and accommodations. And if for whatever reason you cannot find a condo in a certain area, our travel agents can help you find a hotel as well. You can reach a travel agent directly at (855) 999-7654.

Member Resources

Travel experts say it time and time again – travel is good! If you need a reminder every now and then, refer to the links below:

We know life can be hectic and time can get away from us, but there’s no reason why you don’t deserve a vacation. So let’s all celebrate Plan a Vacation Day by planning one!

When do you normally plan your vacations?

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

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