Jovan W. Gets Goofy in Hawaii, Lands in Second Place

After a long hike up a Hawaiian waterfall, you don’t expect a Wild and Wacky photo to come from the faces of the hikers. But the views were too good to contain their joy and a standard photo just wasn’t going to do for Global Discovery Vacations member Jovan W. and his family. Here’s how his second-place Shoot for the Stars photo came about.

GDV: What inspired all these goofy faces?

Jovan: We had just gotten to the waterfall. It was a breathtaking view and we were excited to be there, so we said let’s take some pictures. Then we took one with wacky faces to look different than the rest of them.

GDV: Where was this taken?

Jovan: I don’t remember the name of that particular one, but there were five to six on the road to Hana. This was the first major one. There is a smaller one that isn’t that big of deal, but then you hike further inland and this one is around the corner.

It was a little bit of a hike, but that’s something we anticipated because of the briefing they gave us at the resort.

GDV: Did your brother (with the GoPro on his head) get a lot of good footage?

Jovan: (Laughs). You know what, I don’t know what he got on it. I’ll have to ask him.

GDV: How was the trip overall?


“At the top of the hill near the Black Sand Beach in Maui.”

Jovan: We had a fabulous time. It was our first time in Hawaii and we basically saw everything in Maui. We  snorkeled and went to a luau.

People definitely will want to see “the tree.” It’s a huge tree that has inter-tangling vines. It’s near the pier where many of the tourists go to anyway (Lahaina Banyan Court Park), so it’s right there. You’ll want to check it out and really engage because that is something you’ll never see anywhere else.

GDV: How was the resort (Outrigger Resorts)?

Jovan: It was very nice. We were steps away from the water. It was spacious and had a washer and dryer in the room, which we utilized. And we were within a short driving distance from everything we wanted to see.

GDV: Where else have you traveled with the membership?

"On the plane for our first trip to Hawaii."

“On the plane for our first trip to Hawaii.”

Jovan: We’ve been to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Orlando, Florida; Avon, Colorado; and Lake Tahoe twice. Our most recent trip was to the San Diego area at Solana Beach. I like to change it up and go to different places.

Jovan: In Orlando, the resort was really great because it had a movie theater and a heated swimming pool. The water was very comfortable and very pleasant. It was the most memorable.

GDV: With a free Activity Fee, have you thought about where you’ll be going?

Jovan: We haven’t even planned our next trip. We just upgraded our membership while we were in Hawaii, so with that upgrade, we’ve covered our annual fee for 2017 and this prize winning should cover us for 2018.

Not a bad deal, Jovan, let’s hope the next two years are full of adventures just like this one!

Photos courtesy of Jovan W.

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.