Good Times Roll on Jazz & Mardi Gras VIP Cruise

Pictured: Global Member John Morakis welcomes VIP cruisers to the Mardi Gras party.

Global Members and guests are raving about their “VIP” treatment on the Global Discovery Vacations Jazz & Mardi Gras Global VIP Cruise this February. The Eastern Caribbean cruise took place on Princess Cruise’s Regal Princess Ship and was hosted by Global Travel Consultant Jacky Butler and Travel Manager Lori Smith.

Among other “members only” activities, the Cruise featured a jazz show with celebrity entertainer Cleo Heart, a jazz, blues and R&B performer who has opened for celebrities like Jeffrey Osbourne, Nancy Wilson and Sinbad.

From left: Global Travel Manager Lori Smith, jazz entertainer Cleo Heart and Global Travel Consultant Jacky Butler

From left: Global Travel Manager Lori Smith, jazz entertainer Cleo Heart and Global Travel Consultant Jacky Butler.

In addition to the two-hour jazz show, the 34 VIP guests got special treatment with a concierge desk managed by Jacky and Lori, who answered questions and helped guests throughout the cruise. Personal invitations to exclusive events (tucked into their doors daily) also made each day extra special.

The exclusive events on this cruise included a complimentary pre-Super Bowl cocktail party (since the Cruise fell on the Big Game weekend), a group dinner at the ship’s Crown Grill specialty restaurant (free for Global VIP Cruise guests), and a Mardi Gras costume party.

“People couldn’t thank us enough for being there – they love the added amenities,” Jacky B. said. “It’s also nice getting to meet our Members face to face. I had several couples on that cruise that were my clients, and it was great to finally meet them.”

The incoming guest surveys say it all:

Loved the welcome Super Bowl gathering along with the jazz party and all the goodies provided to help us celebrate.
-George and Kelli K.

It was great having our Travel Agents aboard!
-Elton and Marcy W.

“A great time was had by all. This is the second time we have attended a cruise function sponsored by Global and we hope there will be more opportunities in the future.”
-John M.

Nice to travel with friends, meet other Global Members and share travel experiences.
-George and Kelli K.

Jacky and Lori were such fine ladies to be around…I feel like we have made friends with you both.
-Loretta N.

Next up in March is the Caribbean Hoedown with country and western singer Rusty Rierson, and more exciting cruises from Global Discovery Vacations to come after that.

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