Member Monday: Joseph G. Says San Diego is Well Worth the Trip!

Joseph G. of Ann Arbor, MI recently raved about this stay at the San Diego Country Estates, Ramona, CA., so we wanted to know more! Here’s what this retired college professor recommends you do if you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful city.


Where would you recommend a fellow member go:

For breakfast:
We stayed in our condo with its well-equipped kitchen and ample dining space, including a covered porch.

For lunch and dinner:
There are several places near the Estates, including the neighboring town of Ramona. There are also a couple of excellent supermarkets in Ramona.

To have fun/attractions:
We took the 45 minute drive to San Diego several times to visit the Zoo, (one of the world’s best), the Art Museum (one of several in the area), and the Harbor Village where we took a short cruise that we enjoyed very much.

Resort amenities:
We made little use of them because of our trips to San Diego. These amenities include golf, swimming and tennis. One thing we did do was to go on walks through the very scenic, if hilly, countryside.

Any tips for a traveler staying in this condominium?
Our cell phone (T-mobile) did not work in the apartment but did work down the street.

Any tips for a traveler to this resort destination?
The resort was in a very small town nearly an hour from San Diego along a mountain road. We made the trip several times and it was eminently worth it. San Diego is a beautiful city!


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