Gas prices are dropping across the US, time for a road trip!

Gas Prices are Dropping! Hit the Road and Take a Vacation!

Here in Kansas, gas prices dipped below $2.00 a gallon. As one of my friends put it, it’s a Christmas miracle! We’re happy to report that the federal Energy Information Administration is projecting an average price of $2.60 a gallon in 2015. That’s something to be happy about in the New Year!

When gas prices drop, it’s easier than ever to pack the family in your version of the Griswold’s Family Truckster and head for a Global Discovery Vacations adventure!

Did you know you can find Global Discovery Vacations resort destinations within driving distance from your home on the member’s-only website? Choose from 200, 300, 400, 500, 750 or 1,000 miles away and quickly discover new places to visit by car, truck or van.

The handy reservation system uses the zip code saved in your Membership Account information. Next to each mile option, you’ll see how many vacations you have to choose from within that range. When you select a range, a Google Map will plot available resort locations and list actual condominiums to reserve online directly below the map.

We show you the vacations with the closest check-in, and your best value since they are Expressway Weeks. If you’re looking to travel for a certain date, or want to use your Star Credits, simply narrow your search to fit your unique travel requirements:

  • By reservation style: Expressway or Vacation Week.
  • By number of Bedrooms if you need more space.
  • By Month.
  • By Check-in Date (option is offered after you sleet a Month).
  • By Destination if you know where you want to go.
  • By Amenity if you say have to have a pool or golf course on-site.

Of course if you don’t see where you want to go, you can always call a Vacation Specialist for help, or submit a Vacation Week Request form online or by mail using the form found online and in your membership guide.

My family road trip to Wyoming.

Our epic family adventure to Wyoming. My dad and my Grandma are no longer with us. The memories of this trip live on and on.

Memories of my own cross-country family adventures playing I-Spy and the license plate game always warm my heart. Now that there is some relief from high fuel prices in the New Year, we hope you can create your own vacation family memories on your next road trip.

Do you like to take road trips? Share your fondest memories with us in the comments below!

Stacey is a writer with an eye for design. She’s been with Global Discovery Vacations since 2004, directing the creative department. Her passion for the written word is equal only to that of rescuing dogs and playing volleyball.