Food Truck Favorites

Never judge a book by its cover, or food by its establishment. I’ve had the best barbecue and kebabs at gas stations. At checkout, I am still expecting to hear “do you want gas with that?”

Good food can come from unassuming places. That’s where the food truck phenomenon rolls onto the scene. In certain locations, food trucks have been popular for a long time. But these days, the entire nation seems to have embraced the concept of these mobile food joints.

Since enjoying delicious fare can improve an already wonderful vacation, we want to share with you our top five US food trucks and one across the pond. Even better, they can be found in or near some of Global Discovery Vacations most popular destinations!


Photo courtesy of 900 Degreez.

Photo courtesy of 900 Degreez.

In Orlando, look for 900 Degreez, a 35-foot converted container truck with an Italian wood-fired oven on board. The design of the truck makes it easy for you to watch the chefs prepare your pizza. The heat of the oven allows the pizzas to be done in only 90 seconds – a nice change of pace if you’ve been waiting in long lines at the theme parks.

Myrtle Beach

Photo courtesy of Charleston Flats

Photo courtesy of Charleston Flats.

Due to local laws, South Carolina’s popular beach destination has not been on the forefront of the food truck revolution. Lucky you, that’s changed! Vendors can legally sell from their trucks in the county that includes Myrtle and North Myrtle Beach so the concept is gaining popularity. Charleston Flats certainly wants to stir up the food truck landscape and offer a modern take on the classic flatbread.

Las Vegas

Photo courtesy of Stripchezze

Photo courtesy of Stripchezze

The aptly named Stripchezze caters to your food needs involving cheesy goodness. From simple favorites such as a grilled cheese sandwich to deep-fried three-cheese mac and cheese egg rolls with kimchi, this food truck is cheesier than taking a gondola ride at the Venetian.

Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Stuart Spivack/Flickr

Photo Credit: Stuart Spivack/Flickr

Staying in Huntington Beach and spending some time in LA? When you have the munchies in the City of Angels, you are in luck because this is where the food truck revolution began. With around 200 options to choose from, you won’t go hungry here. Local favorites are taco trucks such as Lobos, El Chato and Kogi BBQ. The latter has four trucks serving the greater LA and Orange Country area. Locate them using social media, they are not always in the same spot.


Photo courtesy of Hey!... You Gonna Eat or What?

Photo courtesy of Hey!… You Gonna Eat or What?

Getting a food truck license in the “weird” city of Austin is said to be fairly easy. This leads to healthy competition across town. Due to regulations, you’ll often find these food trucks in clusters, creating mobile food courts. While the food should do all the talking, a standout name can be very helpful to attract attention from hungry patrons. Tommy Want Wingy, Three Little Pigs, Bananarchy, Biscuits + Groovy and Hey!…You Gonna Eat or What? are some of our favorites. The latter is a favored by the Austin crowd, as the oversized van is famous for serving up the Shiner Bock Beer-Battered Monte Cristo sandwich.

Meanwhile in Europe, food trucks may be smaller in size, but they are gaining popularity as well. Even the not-so- easy-to-please Parisians have taken to Cantine California, where organic meat and produce are the stars of the menu.

Which Global Discovery Vacations’ destination has the best food trucks? Share with us and other members in the comments below!

Top Photo Credit: Ted Eytan/Flickr

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