Enter the Mother’s Day Expressway Giveaway

Does your mom deserve a vacation? Now is your chance to give her some much-needed R and R with your Global Discovery Vacations membership.

In honor of Mother’s Day and some of the strongest people we know, we want to give one lucky mother an Expressway!

All you need to do is tell us why your mom needs a getaway. Is she selfless beyond measure? Has she been able to travel much throughout her lifetime? How does she inspire you?


  • Tell us, in as many words as you choose, why your mother deserves a vacation.
  • You can comment on this blog post or post on our Facebook wall.
  • We’ll have our executives choose from the entries to give one lucky mom an Expressway Week!
  • Entries are due at 5 p.m. CST on Friday, May 12. We will announce the winner the following week.

Tell us your stories below!

Membership must be in good standing to redeem the Expressway Vacation. Expressway voucher will be valid for one year upon receipt. Once an Expressway or other trip itinerary has been confirmed and tickets have been issued, no changes will be permitted. No cash value.

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

62 thoughts on “Enter the Mother’s Day Expressway Giveaway

  1. My wife, a mother of 3, grandmother of 5 and caregiver for my 86 year old live in mother is amazing. She works full time, cooks, cleans, does all the shopping & doctor appointments, helps with the grandkids and never complains about not having time for herself.
    On top of all the above, She gives of herself to the community by being a Township Supervisor & Committee Person.
    If there’s a mother that deserves a vacation, it’s her.
    Gerald R. Diehl
    Member, Pennsburg PA.

  2. My mom is strong, beautiful, selfless, most probably the same adjectives many would use to describe their mom’s. But my mom is mine, and I love her for all she is.

  3. I would love to take my mom on a relaxing, spa-like vacation for Mother’s Day. She has been through so much in the year that it’s been since I took her and Dad to California for a vacation. We lost Dad in November and it’s been so hard for her to cope. She acts like she’s fine but I know she is hurting. I just want her to forget about everything and focus on herself for a moment. She is so beautiful, kind and compassionate so I want this to be all about her for a change.

  4. I’m a mom and I deserve a free Expressway. I have only traveled once this year as I have been afraid to go out of town and miss my granddaughter’s birth! She decided to come three weeks early and was born last Friday. NOW I’M READY TO TRAVEL!

  5. My Mom…she is like my best friend. She has not been on a vacation for about 20 years and I think it’s time for her! She is a great Mom and I would love for her to be able to getaway for a week somewhere beautiful!! Also, this would be a great Mother’s Day Gift to her to thank her for everything she has done. Thanks Global! JS from Ohio

  6. I like to nominate my mother in law for this free giveaway. This lady is nuts but a wonderful person as well. She takes my girls to school, takes them to the doctor when they are sick, helps pay for their after school activities if we (husband and I) cant afford it and also drives them to many many places. She provides my husband and I every Friday night free of parenting so we can go on date night. She drives me crazy but I can’t denie that she is truly a blessing to us. She deserves a vacation. She is fighting breast cancer and now recently had foot surgery that has taken her a while to recover. She is unable to return to work as her foot has not healed just she continues to help out with the grandkids. I would love nothing more than to award her with a vacation. God has blessed me beyond belief by placing people like her in my life. If anyone deserves this is her. Thank you Brenda for all you do.

  7. You know what’s so special about my mom, she doesn’t judge! She has always been very welcoming to everyone, even my brothers friends that didn’t make the best choices in high school. All our friends were always welcome in our home. She had rules, but because she respected them they always respected her and her rules. She works so hard and is always willing to give up her nights and Saturdays to help out anyone in need. Man I love that woman!!

  8. My mom is 86 years old. With dementia closing in on her life she finds less and less joy in everyday living. She loves her family and loves to go places, yet her stamina is limited to a few hours each day. An extended getaway would allow her to enjoy her days little by little with plenty of time to rest in a different environment other than her small home. She doesn’t ask for much these days. Throughout her life she was always there for her family, remembering birthdays, attending special events and could always whip up something wonderful to eat. She worked full time and managed a home with 5 children. It doesn’t seem fair how this disease is making her life complicated. There are days she expresses that life is too hard because she knows her deficits and that there is so much she can no longer do. She now needs constant supervision in just about every activity in her life. Even the simplest things are challenging for her. For my mom, a get away to some place warm with new sights and new experiences would feed her soul. Though when it’s all done she might not even really remember what she did or where she went. She will, however, remember she went some place new and she enjoyed her time away from home. I’d really like to give this opportunity to my mother.

  9. My 83 year-old mother deserves a vacation. She has taken care of her youngest child all of his life. He is a brain trauma survivor from a car accident in 1986. She is a cancer survivor and a widow for 21 years.

  10. My mom deserves a vacation!!! She’s only been to Vegas once (my siblings and I pitched in on 3 day vacation for my parents) and she’s also been to Washington State because my brother lives there. Even when I was young we could only go camping in the mountains for vacation as that’s all my parents could afford. She doesn’t go anywhere. She’s never even been to Disneyland in her whole life. My parents live on social security so they don’t have money to travel much. My mom is 70 yrs old and I would love to give her a vacation to show her how much I love her! She is the sweetest most selfless person I know! She always buys my little baby gifts (he’s a miracle baby as I couldn’t conceive for 23 years) and I know she has to go without some things to do that. She lives an hour away from me and is always willing to come here and help me with my baby or help clean my house and tend for me. Along with me doing anything for me, she selflessly helps my other 5 siblings. She is so kind to everyone she meets. Her smile and personality light up a room. If you met her you’d know what I mean. She is always happy and just amazing to be around. Sometimes I feel like I just don’t deserve her. I really hit the jackpot with having her as a mother. I can only hope I can be a good mother myself as I’ve had such a great example!

  11. well to start off she is my mother because she took me inwhen I had no one and adopted me and love me like her own she seen me thur my bad attitude and bad ways and never gave up on me am 17 about to graduate and from high school and she my rock my bad bone and I know when i move on to start my life she will be there no matter what she has a heart that no many mother’s have she one of a kind and if she wins this becauseshe deserves this and more I will be in dente with her for the rest of my life. She has cared for over 76 kids and out of all those babies and teens and pre teens she has adopted 3 of us and finally after 16 years finally gave birth to my lil sister Yaneli which we live with all are hearts It’s hard to to raise your kid’s but its even harder to raise a trouble teen.

    I love her be on word’s can say

  12. My mom mother of 3, 1 girl 2 boys and then our addition another son after we was grown and left the house no not what you are thinking but a troubled teen who my parents took in and taught him self worth and determination. He later went on to serve a mission for his church then later on in his life received multiple college degrees. Through out this time my father a 100% disabled Veteran was at home undergoing multiple surgeries over many years.
    My mother put herself through school to receive her English Teaching degree where she has excelled. She has 20+ years and counting in the education system. In 2008 her oldest son my brother was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident while on his way to work she held our family together and kept use strong. She is an amazing lady.
    Now while teaching school and head cheerleading advisor she also is the main care giver to my father and her mother that moved in with them in 2009 when my grandfather passed away.
    She has worked all of her life for everyone else but herself she is truly selfless. She has never been given the opportunity to travel outside of Rural Utah other than for doctors appointments and school sporting events. It is time that she can do something for herself she has earned it and I know this world is a better place because she is in it living her life to the fullest. Thank you mom love Nate.

  13. I would like to nominate my mom for the expressway vacation. She does and always has put everyone else above herself. She is a mother of two and grandmother to four. She has done meals on wheels for as long as I can remember to help the people that need it the most. My dad has had cancer twice in the past 8 yrs and she helped him through it all. She has always had the desire to travel but it just hasn’t been in the cards for her. She is 67 yrs old and never even got to see the ocean yet! Please consider my mom because she is the most deserving person I know. Thanks..Melissa Tuttle

  14. I am a mom of 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren with number 7 on the way. I ALWAYS put my family first. I am a school bus driver. Our son has been battling cancer for the 2nd time in 4 years. I have been there every step of the way. I’ve changed his dressings, made sure he gets his meds, driven him to the hospital everyday for his treatments, made sure he ate right and never let him know how much it’s killing me to see him going through this! The stress has been difficult. I keep telling my husband that we need to get away. I know this is supposed to be about someone else but I really feel like I need this little getaway. Please consider me as the winner of this mini vacation. Thank you

  15. Maryann Frome my mom

    76 years old and married to my step father Rich. Maryann is usually full of laughter the infectious type. When she is in a room full of people they all start to laugh just because she can not stop and they find they don’t even know what they are laughing about. I have been blessed to have such a beautiful grabdmother for my children. They reside in Gardenspot Village in New Holland PA, where they have spent many hours volunteering she st the gift shop, front reception desk and I would never be able to tell you how many pumpkin breads and chicken pies she has made to give out to the lonely or shut in residents there along with the numerous donations of food and money for every charity they support there in their community even when it is over their limited budget. Her husband assists at the church and drives the community Jolly Trolly. About two years ago she became very ill with long lasting residual medical issues and the light in her eyes and the bould laughter shut down for a while. Amazingly she has rebounded and makes the best of every day. Recently her husban becam blind in one ey, he still works so this set them up for a hugh financial burden again making the future of ever vacationing again bleak. I find them more isolated due to ongoing pain and medical issues but she is a trooper and tries real hard. The laughter has returned but she said to me a few weeks ago I wish we could just go somewhere on a vacation as we have not physically nor financially been able to for 10 years. They have a poodle that needs to go with them so this too has always held them back to today. I have felt so heartbroken to know that due to finances she would never vacation again in her lifetime. I have been blessed to have a fiance who has helped me make these Global vacations happen financially. They have been a blessing in my life to be able to get away at an affordable cost and each one has been like a dream❤ Looking forward to our next get away and hoping you will see the amazing gift it would be to my MOM to get them away for a quick dream vacation too.

  16. My mother was diagnosed with Dementia. She has gone through the ‘panic’ stage, and is now again finding enjoyment in life.

    A vacation for her would really be the icing on the cake. We have so many awesome memories with her – how great would it be to add a family vacation!

    She has been through so much…I would love for all of us to vacation together so our family can collectively exhale!

  17. A good mother ALWAYS takes care of her child. That means sacrificing what she wishes to do and postponing them to a later more appropriate time. She, of course, needs vacations like what GDV is proposing here with this contest. A child should always act kindly towards her/his mother. A show affection to a mother one day a year is very superficial.

  18. Hi, my name is Owen Brininger.
    I am 8 years old. My mom is great! My mom and Dad have not been on a vacation by themselves without me and my brother since we were born. She needs one!
    My mom is not working right now. She was working with a boy who was Deaf and blind but he moved away and she was very sad. I think she was called an Intervener for that boy?
    Now my mom makes me, my brothers and dad’s lunches every morning. Sometimes they are too healthy. She puts carrots and cucumbers in them. But there is always a cookie or Twinkie so it’s ok!
    I love you mom and hope you win a free vacation and if you win you can ask grandma or nana to watch me and Ethan so you and Dad can go somewhere together! But bring me back a gift, please!

  19. My Mother deserves an Expressway with me because for 67 years she has always thought of others before herself. Eight children and she managed to make each and everyone of us feel special and loved. I remember my Dad brought home a roll of this blue fabric and Mom sewed us each a dress or (my brothers) a vest. We were poor but never knew it because she kept us laughing. When my sister was killed by a drunk driver, it was Mom who was our strength. When my husband died it was my Mom who kept me strong and putting one foot in front of the other. When my Dad passed a few years ago, her life long partner of 67 years, Mom has had a difficult time. The last vacation they went on together was a condo from Global at Gulfshores, Alabama. Three years have passed since then and it is time to take her on an Expressway!

  20. My Mom does so much for us six kids. Although we do not all live at home anymore, she still is there to support and help us whenever we need her. Three of us kids still live at home though, so she is constantly running us everywhere (with the help of Dad of course 🙂 ). She needs to go on a vacation. It would be the best, most well deserved, Mother’s day gift .

  21. My mom is amazing! She has a heart bigger than this world and everyone knows it. She is thoughtful, caring, strong, and inspiring. She lost her mother last year and has been struggling with it ever since. I would love to be able to surprise her with this amazing gift. She has only been to the Bahamas and Florida a few times in her entire 60 years of life. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider my mom!!!

  22. My mom, Wendy is the strongest, most loving, independent, and funniest person I know on the planet! For the first 11 years of my life it was her and I to conquer the world. We did not have money go on a vacation back when I was little. It was ok because I was always with my best friend. She has struggled recently with losing my stepdad to bone cancer. Then found out she had skin cancer on her head. It took her 3 surgeries to finally remove it all. I know the scar bothers her as she does her best to hide it. She still works 7 nights a week caregiving for an older lady she considers as a “mother figure,” since she lost her mom when she was 11. I could not imagine not growing up without my mom. I would love to take my mom on vacation so we can spend time together just the 2 of us again conquering the world. It would be a special memory for both of us and Global Connections to share in. She could finally sleep in a bed instead of on a couch, still she never complains about not sleeping in her own bed at nights just laughs about never needing to change her sheets 🙂 Please consider us for the express giveaway. This would be the most tremendous Mother’s day gift to show how much I love her for everything she is, has done and been through in her life. Thank you.

  23. My wife deserves recognition for her successful family. She has been an outstanding example for our three daughters as I drug our family from one location to another as a military family. She served others as a Navy-Marine Corp Relief society volunteer, an American Red Cross volunteer, and teacher’s aide in grade school classrooms. She completed her collegiate studies earning a Doctor of Dental Surgery from The University of Michigan. Through her example each of our three daughters graduated from universities, became officers in various branches of the US military, and are now raising children of their own. My wife exemplifies how to achieve personal potential and encourage others to achieve their potential while epitomizing and fulfilling the responsibilities of being a mother, wife, and best friend.

  24. My mom…she worked hard all her life. She took care of her family; cooking, cleaning, taxi driver, listening, crying, praying, and much more. When she retired she started to do volunteer work. Now she crochets hats, blankets, and scarves for cancer patients and the homeless (cleans, seals, and delivers). She volunteers at her church, sings in the choir, and helps with their events. She loves her family. Never missed any of our games or performances as kids, never missed the grandkids activities, and now the great grands. She’s still at every performance any of us have. No matter what, she stands behind us, always supports us. She is the greatest fan, support, confidant, any of us could ever have. Her door is always open, along with her fridge. My mom has never said a bad word about anyone, she really believes “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything”. My mom has always loved to travel. She lost her traveling partner, my dad, 18 years ago. She continued to travel, but it was never the same. I would love to take her on an adventure that she’ll love and never forget.

  25. My mom deserves to go on a vacation because she never thinks of herself. She is the most giving person I know! She has always given everything to us kids and her grandkids before herself. She has never been on a real vacation before and it would be awesome for her to feel what it’s like to not have to go to work all the time. I have wanted to take her on a vacation to pamper her and show her she needs to take a break once in awhile and treat herself.

  26. My Mom worked 40-60 hour weeks for 30+ years to keep the family afloat. My Dad was a stay at home who homeschooled me, and we all lived a pretty decent life. Looking back, now that I am an adult, I see all the sacrifices she made, to make enough money to keep us safe and fed, and even give us some fun trips and special things too. She was forced to retire early last year, because she is battling liver disease from hepatitis she caught as a child. It would be awesome for her to have access to an expressway, so she can see more of the world with us, since she spent most of her life working and unable to be with us and travel. Since being a member, I have used most of my planned trips for her to explore with us, and this would be a way to get one more squeezed in, just for her and my Dad…

  27. My mom! My mother gave birth to me at 17, 13 years later she gave me a sister. Our mother is the best, most selfless woman you will ever meet. She has dedicated her life to her family, neighbors and friends. She’s always there to help with my children. Whether it is a happy occasion, an illness, anything, she is always there. She does the same for myself, my father, my husband, my sister, her neighbors (their elderly family members) and her friends. 9 years ago I was able to take mom away for a mother’s day weekend. She hasn’t traveled since! It would mean the world to our family to see my mother be able to do something. Something for herself.

  28. Linda is my wife, mother of seven and grandmother of 25. She is now fulfilling a calling in our church at the Missionary Training Center. She is there every Tuesday night for four hours, Thursday night for four hours, and all day Sunday. She loves these young missionaries and shares her life long religious experiences and knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the missionaries who will serve all over the world. She herself has served the past few years as missionary with me in La Paz, Bolivia, Cochabamba, Bolivia, and Guatemala. She loves the people she serves. She makes every effort to see all games, recitals, cheer leading, and concerts of all her grandchildren. She really deserves the relaxation of a vacation.

  29. My mom needs a nice relaxing break. She works so hard for our family. She signs us kids up for things, and takes us many places….dance, sports, work, etc. She’s home schooled all of us six kids up through our high school years. She has done so much for us and our dad. Her vacations usually consist of going to visit her adult children in different states. Occasionally that is relaxing, but it can be very stressful, too. She would love a REAL vacation with nothing to worry about, and to just relax with our dad. 🙂

  30. I would like to nominate my mom for being the best mother in the world.I said this,because when I was in college she sacrificed a lot to finished my studies.

  31. My mom deserves a getaway. She is always giving up her time for our activities. ahe also is the center of the neighborhood and all the kids come over to play at our house. She doesn’t mind and always welcomes them in.

    My mom is a teacher and she works with kids with behavior problems. She sometimes has good days, but often the kids are mean to her. She has a heart of gold and just tries to work out different ways to work with “her kids”. The last two years in school have been really tough on her.she deserves a break.

    My mom is crazy because she watches the neighbors kids in the summer free of charge. We call is “Camp Brown”. She does fun activities to make sure everyone is having a fun summer. Again, she puts others ahead of herself.

    She helps in many other organizations and doesn’t like to be called out for her generosity. She just wants people to be happy.

    I asked my mom why she gives so much to others and she said it is because we have been blessed with a house and jobs and we are ok. We are not rich, but we have enough to help others who have less.

    My dad was in a bad car accident 4 years ago and she never complained. I know it was hard on her since my sisters and I were so young. She still doesn’t complain.

    There are many moms that deserve a free getaway. If my mom doesn’t win, she won’t be as disappointed as I would be. That’s my mom…. doing for others and not thinking of herself.

    Thank you

  32. My mother deserves a vacation she has raised 6 of us children dealt with the loss of her son to alcoholism take care of her 94 year old mother and helps take care of my father who is terminally I’ll she never takes time for herself and unselfishly gives her time also takes. Are of 3 grandkids that live with her and she raises them makes sure they go to school.i love you mom.

  33. My mother is always there for me and my sister. She was laid off from her job and forced to retire. Despite her numerous health problems, she still volunteers for community groups including Citizens Police Academy. My father was also laid off from his job in social work, so they do not get to take vacations due to budget issues. We would love to be able to send them on a much-needed and well-deserved vacation.

  34. My mother I think is the best and hears why, she has not traveled a whole lot because of 4 kids they never had the money but she worked hard to support her family but she has accomplished so much in her life, she beat breast cancer 1 time which is no small feat, she also spent money on all us kids and has sacrificed much for us. She was also there when my youngest sister was dignosed with leukemia and 1 yr later passed away and i saw in her eyes it killed her inside and even to today she still has a hard time with it, so i ask if i win i would love to give her a gift of a lifetime and to travel somewhere she might be able to relax and have a good time.

    Thanks mike

  35. Why my mother deserves a vacation…
    My mother so patient and kind, sweet as dove, believed I could fly! She always reassured me that I could be the best me I could be, if only I’d try…The world is yours, she’d say, if ever I cried! Her trust and faith, in all I could be, was always inner inspiration for me…She sacrificed a lot, to give me everything, even her dreams she gave up for me! Over the years, the trials surely came, but she never gave up on me, she loved me the same…With the economy, her business slowly faded away, her house on the brink of foreclosure, she could use this getaway!!!! She stays in good spirits, despite every trial, I’m sure a sandy beach would strengthen her smile!!!

    I love you Mommy!

  36. I N S P I R I N G, compassionate, affectionate, fighter, attentive … I could go on & on. These are words I used to previously describe her. However; growing up my description was much different. She had a rough childhood & experienced traumatic incidents that no one should have to experience. After my parents divorced mom took us to KY and we visited dad in the summer. One year turned into 10 before I saw her again. Not knowing the reasons all I knew is she wasn’t with me. The reasons were she was kept from us.

    I was 17 when she contacted me. She was just like I remembered her – everything! She gave her reasons and her genuine and painful apology. We connected again immediately and I forgave her & our relationship blossomed into what it is today.

    My mother was neglected, abused physically and mentally, tossed around in foster care & grew up poor having nothing of her own. She overcame several physically abusive relationships never giving up on love finding her true love! She rose above all the ugly in her life and made beauty from it all. She is the beauty. She is passionate, she is giving, she rescues animals, she was a ballroom dancer, she plants a garden & flowers every year. All of this while being legally blind, only able to see with 10% of her vision.

    The kindness and emotion this woman emits is overpowering. She and I have only been to Chicago on a trip & I’d love to take her somewhere.

  37. My mother has been superhero-esk my entire life, often leaping over tall obstacles in a single bound. She has dashed through her working life supporting her children, family and friends. She has used her super-sense to advise and console, and offer visibility to others. And now, she uses her super-strength to help raise her beautiful grand-daughters. Unfortunately, her ability for long term flight was stunted, and she has been isolated to our continent. It would be wonderful to be able to give back to my superhero, and help her travel abroad so that she can spread her super powers to other parts of the Globe. I love you mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

  38. My Mom is a SURVIVOR! She fought the biggest challenge this past year. We thought we were going to lose this special lady. My mom is a fighter, Last summer she began to lose weight. At first she was happy to lose a few pounds, but then it began to get scary. She started to get weaker and had no appetite.

    Around Thanksgiving she fell and went to the hospital. They ran some tests, but didn’t find anything. Her Doctor continued to do more tests, again nothing. We spent Christmas in a hospital room. My mom was so weak she could hardly get up. She required assistance and began using a walker to get around.

    She was in and out of the hospital until April. We couldn’t get any answers! My mom was slowly dying before us. We ended up going to U of M. They did all kinds of tests. She wasn’t eating and began to not know who we were. I traveled with my brother to get up to the hospital. We were going to say good-bye.

    While we were there I did some research. My mom had a jejunileal bypass in the 1970’s. All the doctors were calling it a gastric bypass. It wasn’t! Most of the doctors had never heard of this surgery. That is because most of the patients either died or they had it reversed.

    I looked up case studies about the jejunileal bypass and discovered that all the symptoms my mom was experiencing was identical to similar patients who also had this done. The options were to have it reversed of die from malnutrition,

    I printed off the study and found the doctor in charge of her care. I gave him the information and asked if this could be a possibility? He right away spoke with his team and later that afternoon they spoke with us. It was going to be a longshot, but if they put her on (TPN) total patient nutrition she would hopefully gain her strength back. When and if she was strong enough she could have a reversal surgery.

    There were going to be a lot of hoops to jump through. TPN is very expensive. Each treatment is specially formulated just for her. She would need an IV port to her heart. Every day she would be getting this treatment for 8 hours. My mom wanted to try.

    She started getting treatment the next day. We were hoping this would work. My dad was consumed with her care. Each day at the hospital. Then the bills started coming in. Now it came down to insurance issues. They only cover TPN while in the hospital or long term care. We also had to find a doctor who would be willing to do the reversal surgery. My mom had a lot of complications along the way. We started a go FUND ME account to help with costs.

    All last summer my mom stayed in a nursing home. She was getting stronger, She was learning how to walk again because her muscles were so wasted. The therapists were great. However her insurance only covers so many days in a nursing home. Her days were running out. They were going to have to discharge her in a couple of weeks.

    We found a doctor who had done reversals. He mainly did other weight loss surgeries. He was one of the only doctors in Michigan that does reversals. At the appointment he commented “I thought there no more people with this type of bypass. Most are gone.” The last reversal he completed was over 2 years before. He told her where she needed to be in order to do the surgery.

    It became a count down for our family. We knew we were not going to be able to cover her treatment out of pocket. It was $400 a day for her TPN. We weren’t sure what to do. My mom took every day as a challenge to get better. Eventually she had to go home. We were trusting Our Father God to help her.

    She ended up going back in the hospital because she was losing blood. She had to have transfusions multiple times. It was an emotional rollercoaster. The doctor set a date in September to perform the surgery. Over a few weeks she worked hard in therapy. The nurses she had gotten to know over the past year barely recognized her. She was so close to death just a few months ago!

    Before we knew it she was heading into in operating room. We weren’t sure if she would make it through. We prayed over the doctor and my mom. The surgery lasted about 8 hours. Our family was pacing in the waiting room. The secretary ushered us to a private room to speak with the Doctor. When the He came out he had a BIG smile on his face. He said the operation went well. Also, it was going to be a long recovery.

    We went in to see her with tears in our eyes and joyful hearts. She made it! She came home after about 4 weeks with visiting nurses and therapists. She still had to have the TPN until she was eating enough and gaining weight.

    We knew she was getting better when she started bossing My dad around her kitchen. LOL. Fast Forward to today. She no longer needs a walker. Just started driving again. She is off all TPN. She cooked us Easter Dinner! Truly a celebration of many miracles that Easter Morning. My mom is my mom again. She fought for us. She has 10 grandchildren ages 2-12, 2 kids and a daughter and son in law and a wonderful husband.

    My parents are getting older. They just went through the most difficult year of their life. I would love to celebrate my mom by having a relaxing vacation for her. She truly needs this. Life is too short and we need to give thanks for every day we have breath on this earth.

    Thank you kindly for letting me share my mom’s story.

    • What a Blessing. Thank God for your Mothers recovery… She for sure deserves to win this Vacation. I hope her & your Father have a memorable time. Congratulation…

  39. I have always found that there are never enough appropriate words to describe my mom. I have always told her that I want to be a Mom like you! I have gone through many things in my life, including breast cancer at the age of 39 and I know that I could not have gotten through it without my mom. She is always there for me and all of our family. She is always the first one to arrive with help and the last one to leave. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, she is always there for you. My brother has also had some health issues, and my mom moved back from Florida, back to PA to help take care of him.

    She has always been the glue that has held our family together. She is so generous and giving of her time and finances, she never complains, she hosts all of our holidays, she helps other in need. She is always welcoming and always has a smile on her face. She is the best of the best!

    Her favorite place is the beach! She loves to treasure hunt! A beach vacation for her would be something that she would never forget.

    Happy Mother’s Day Mom! The world is a better place with you in it!

  40. My Mom’s name is Joanne and she’s been someone i’ve admired for my whole life. My mom has faced hardships like when she was five and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She laid in bed for an indeterminant time while she waiting to get her period before going through with the surgery just to be sure that she could be a Mother some day. That time ended up being 1 year. For 1 year she laid in bed, bathing once a month, and switching positions by bending her knees as a break from lying straight down. After the surgery she was placed on heavy hormonal drugs until she was 16 and they invented new medication that “didn’t leave her mind fuzzy.”

    But despite this unfair mental and physical wall in her youth my Mom, Joanne, has remained appreciative and loving ever since. My mom is forceful and assertive like when she walked into the Chairs’ office at the Des Moines Art Center and broke down his resistance through her determination and charm so that when a faulty member went on leave, he reached out to her to fill the vacancy. My mom, Joanne, is a teacher, in quite literally in her career as an Art Professor at Skidmore College and also in how she helps others. My mom, Joanne, holds art lessons in her house for the neighborhood kids I have watched her help them understand how to push themselves in their work to reach levels they had never been before and also how to solve social disagreements over who gets the last handful of popcorn, both in ways she implemented with me and my sister, Chiara. I have seen how patient she can be while instructing these children, in much of the same way that Gordon Ramsay encourages kids, but I also also seen the lengths that she goes to help her students in college. Just yesterday I, (another college student), was face-timing with her, telling her about my life and asking her how to set up a dentist appointment in Boston for the first time, when a student came to her office for help. It was 9 pm. My mom, Joanne, introduces me and her student and proceeds to work out the issues and answer this young man’s questions while continuing to let me know she was on the line and thinking of me.

    I have never met anyone as giving and selfless as my mom. In the past two years she has taken another mortgage out on our house so that my sister could go to her dream school at NYU, connected two of her students as friends that mentioned to her that they were lonely and had no one at school, installed solar panels for the eventual savings and the environment, supported me while I studied abroad in Paris, and called a University near the venue for a concert my Dad wants to go to, to scheulde talks so that it’s financially possible to indulge his passion for this particular group of artists who make music inspired by Gentle Giant. My mom, Joanne, does this all while wearing the same clothes she has had for 20 years. My mom puts so many people before her own wants that she hardly ever does anything for herself and when she does, it’s usually buying a new plant or one time in 7th grade I remember she bought a new pair of heels for herself.

    My mom, Joanne, has so many qualities I admire. She is caring and positive, selfless and thoughtful, assertive and resilient. She has taught me so much about life and am I thankful that she is my mother every day. From the moments she laid next to me as I fell asleep as a child, to coming to my school every day in second grade to stay after with my teacher and help me learn to read, to saying yes to Paris and to NYU and finding a way to make her children’s dream’s come true my mom has always loved and cared for me. I cannot wait to start helping her out and giving back to her in the ways she has supported me and I would love it if it could start with this vacation.

    My mom, Joanne, loves humanity, culture, nature and the water and I would love it if she would be able to indulge herself in her passions for once. I love you so much Mom!! Happy Mother’s Day <3

  41. I believe that my mom deserves a vacation 🙂 . She works 5 days a week to try and keep our families income a success. A vacation is must needed with all of the hard work she does! Not only does she work a full time job, she has to keep track of two wonderful kids (if i say so myself). She truly does her best to make us happy. Between keeping the house clean, making a homemade dinner every night, giving rides, and overall making us feel loved, she deserve a break to relax from all of her work! I am going to leave this short and sweet: My mom deserves a relaxing vacation for all of her time spent working and juggling around other tasks! 🙂 Love you mom!!

  42. My mom is the most selfless person i have ever know. She will do everything she can for anyone in need. She lives on a very low Fixed income and could never go on a vacation if i didn’t take her. I know she would love to go on just one vacation where she was “treating”. She raised 8 children with very little but she was always there for us when we needed her. She’s the BEST!! Love her!!

  43. My wife is the ultimate mom in need of a break! She is an amazing mother to our two sons, ages 2 and 4. If that wasn’t enough, she works part-time, takes care of the house, cooks, has a side business, takes care of me and volunteers several hours a week. I don’t know how she does it all – I would love to see her relax for longer than 15 minute intervals!

  44. Mom – Master of Many….
    Our Mom is amazing. She has four children 15, 16, 17 and 21 and our father whom she also takes care of. She is a Reading Coach/Specialist and is a consultant for children and adults with Dyslexia. She is an active member in our church. She is our Dad’s biggest cheerleader. On her birthday, she will be cheering him on as he competes in a triathalon. She doesn’t miss any of our activities including hockey games, swim meets, volleyball games, etc. despite the fact that there are four of us. She always makes it work including finding time to watch her students’ sports because it means so much to them for teachers to attend. The past month she has been making extra meals for a sick spouse of a co-worker. Last summer she spent a chunk of her break being trained to work with Dyslexic children even though she had a few weeks off. She is giving and loving and always looking after everyone else. Our Mom deserves a relaxing weekend to take care of herself because she always puts everyone else first.

  45. My mom deserves this vacation!! Growing up the oldest and only girl of 5, we always did some sort of vacation. My parents always wanted us to see and learn. We are a very close knit family and continue to vacation together as adults with our own families.
    But, my mother has seen some hard times and/or has helped me thru some hard times. Without her constant support, guidance (whether verbal or not), strength, and courage, the family would not be as close as we are.
    Here are some examples:
    My mother did not really get along with my (now ex) husband but did not hesitate to take all 4 our us in when my ex experienced a ruptured brain aneurysm. We lived with my mother and father for over a year. I was an abused wife when my children were very young and when my ex- started the abusive behavior again, I filed for divorce. She and my father took me and my two sons ages 3 and 18 months in, mainly because I couldn’t work the hours I was on with such young kids. We lived with my parents for almost 4 years. My ex- husband left me in bankruptcy due to his drinking and gambling so living on my own would have been difficult. .
    Years later, I was able to move back into my house but my parents continued to care for their grandchildren after school and during school breaks. It was a great comfort to me knowing my boys were being watched by my parents. Finances were still tight so I tried to pay them as much as I could but they never complained about feeding my boys everyday.
    Several years after that: my father got very ill. He required surgery to have his Tricuspid and Pulmonary heart valves replaced. These are not the “normal” valves we perform surgery to correct. My mother spent over 5 weeks at Mayo clinic (we live in IL) with my father with numerous admits. She stayed by his side that entire time. When he got home and started to recover- we got additional news that he had myasthenia Gravis. My father ended up on a ventilator (breathing machine) for the last 11 months of his life. My mother took care of him with assistance of some home care nurses for over a year and never complained.
    When my father passed away, I discovered how much financially it impacted my mother. She took days off when the hospital was slow to spend as much time with my father as she could. They went thru a lot of their savings.
    Currently, my brother and sister in law live in the same house with my mother and she is caring for their 2 small children ages 3 1/2 and 16 months.
    My mother cares for so many others- patients (when she was working), family and friends. She stays with friends when recovering from surgeries or when ill. Helps with her sister’s when they went thru health illnesses. It would be great if she could take care of herself and enjoy some much deserved time with her friends.
    My mom is a fantastic mother, caring and loving partner in life to my father, involved grandmother, faithful and caring friend, and mentor. I have learned so much from watching my mother over the past 55 years of my life. I am proud to call her my mother and my friend.

  46. My mother is one of the most self-less people I know. She always asks about others instead of wanting people to ask how she is doing. She much prefers to help others than have people help her. She is a great role model to her children and grandchildren of love and faithfulness. She keeps mailed prayer request lists from organizations nearby so she can lift up many needs in prayer.

  47. My mom is a true survivor. In the past 10 years, we have lost everyone in our family except her and myself. During that time my mom battled breast cancer and a scare with esophageal cancer. She has given everything for me in the midst of all the loss. She is a great mother and is an example to anyone that through loss there can be life.

  48. When I think about my mother’s life, I cannot begin to comprehend all that she’s had to endure. As a naturalized citizen to the US with a foreign-born ESL mother, she found herself the oldest sibling of seven by the time she was sixteen. She took on responsibility in supporting the family. Four decades later, her unending care and support for her parents and her siblings in times of need continue to amaze me. How lucky am I, to be the only child of this strong person? Today, my mother works overtime every day at her job, covering for empty positions in her department for months at a time. With family health again at risk and this challenging task at work, I know my mom could use a surprise getaway to ease her mind.

  49. My mom is the most selfless person I’ve ever met. After inviting my grandparents to live with us, she spent many years providing around-the-clock care for my grandmother with severe Alzheimer’s disease and continues to provide full-time care for my grandfather with many physical and nutritional limitations. On top of this, she personally plans programs and takes care of many other senior citizens. She’s always willing to drop anything to take care of others, whether it be her parents, me, my dad, or anyone else who needs it. With this, she rarely takes time to take care of herself. She is the purest example of selflessness, devotion, and care and deserves to have a getaway to take care of herself like she constantly does for others.

  50. My mom was the oldest of 3 children. She grew up very quickly as both her parents worked. At the age of 12 she had to get dinner started every night, peeling potatoes, etc and preparing a nice dinner and taking care of the younger siblings. She did not have a lot of time to be with her friends or outdoor playing as other children were. Growing up she made sure that we had things we needed. Money was tight so she did a lot of baking and sewing our clothes as well as hanging clothes on a outside line to save money. She always cared for us and made sure that we were cared for. She would play with us in the snow and help us build snow forts and sled with us. She has never asked for anything her whole life and does not shop for clothes or anything for herself. She has always put everyone before herself. She is patient, kind and would never hurt anyone. She has lost her sister and best friend and has no immediate family left. She always keeps a positive attitude about life, health and the little things in life. She will be 80 years old the end of May. She has never been on an airplane, boat or taken a nice trip her entire life. I am so fortunate to have such a grateful role model in my life, I would be lost without her sweet smile. I just feel that someone so humble and loving who does not take anything for granted deserves something that she will never forget. I am happy I got to share this with you. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s.

  51. After reading everyone’s comments I’m not sure how you are going to choose. So many deserving mothers nominated by some pretty proud children. But, I have been trying to convince my mom for years that she needs to take a vacation. She works 60+ hours a week for the government in a HIGH stress job. Then on her ONLY day off for the week she watches my brothers 4 kids so that it’s one less day he has to pay daycare. She goes home from work every night and farms for a few hours then goes to bed and starts again at 3:30 AM. She never complains about her life and if you ask her she will tell you she is blessed beyond measure. With 12 grandsons who adore her, she feels like she doesn’t deserve anything more! BUT, my mom DESERVES a vacation. She NEEDS a vacation. Some time to care and worry about herself for once. I’d love to be able to send her off on a vacation.

  52. My mom deserves a vacation because she raised three of us pretty much on her own. Now that we’re adults she has to deal with that fact that she has three military kids: Army, Army Reserve, and starting in June a daughter in the Navy as well. She hides the fact that she’s always scared for us, but is never afraid to show how much she loves us, even if that means she cries all the time!

  53. My mom is a loving & compassionate friend to all she comes in contact with. Even as a child she would invite hobos living near the tracks by her home for a meal. She is so quick to give to others even before her own needs.
    She has only left home a handful of times in her whole life. I know she would love to go see her two sons that moved away yeats ago. We have tried to set up trips to see them but she doesn’t want to put anyone out to take her. I believe if she received this free trip she would go.
    Thanks for this opportunity. We have enjoyed Global Discovery Vacations for years.!
    Kurt & Ruth Stuart

  54. There are so many reasons why my mom needs a ‘real’ vacation, I will not list them all but I do want to share one of them. My mom and I have been through some rocky times. There was a time in her life where she almost lost it all, her husband, family, house, and money to a gambling addiction. Keeping it all to herself, she tried to fix things but to no avail they got worse and worse. Our family finally confronted her after figuring things out. It was a very difficult time in our lives, it tested our trust, patience and love for one another. We were able to work through things slowly and made a plan to get her back on track. I know it was hard on her to keep her secret for so long and I am proud of her for facing it and never turning back. With my help she learned how to really track her expenses and was able to mend relationships with my dad and brother. She was supposed to retire this year but chose to stay for one more. She is paying everything off and really staying on top of her finances. This year, my parents will celebrate 30 years of marriage. I am so happy that they could learn to trust again. Instead of letting her kids get them something nice for their anniversary (like a vacation or trip alone together somewhere), they chose to do a disney and universal trip with me, my husband, and two kids. I know they are aware that disney alone is so expensive that there is no way I can afford to give them what I really think they deserve. I love my dad and my mom very deeply and I would love to see them go somewhere with each other to relax and revel in the fact they made it 3 decades through thick and thin.

  55. Mom is the person who keeps kids in line. During travel, she teaches kids games to play along the journey.
    Mom sees the beauty in history and can make it come alive for the kids. If there is an important sit mom told the kids to pay attention.
    At the end of the trip, mom is tired, rather than relaxed. Mom needs some time to get away and relax.
    I appreciate all that you taught me mom.

  56. My mom is always guiding us, sheltering us, and most of all loving us to the moon and back. She is understanding, patient, and forgiving. She is generous in helping her family, who’s needs she places above all. She’s compassionate, and makes all our cares go away. She can lift our spirits and is very wise. Lastly she has a wonderful insight and can see into your heart. She really has big shoes to fill. Mom is truly a gift from God. We were very blessed to have her.

  57. .I would like to nominate my mother-in-law (who I feel is like a mother to me) she is one of the most unselfish people I know. Not only has she given of her time in attending everything from graduations, soccer games, baby blessings, plays, concerts and any other events. She attends these for her children, in law children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and location is not an obstacle to her. She has opened her home for almost every one of her grown married children and grandchildren in times of need and given them a place to live when necessary (including me and my family). Then she has never missed a birthday or Christmas gift for each of her posterity, all 98 of them. She has loaned money when needed and often these loans are “floating” loans. Then if you need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to confide in she is there no matter the time of day or night. She struggled to take care of children that were still at home when her spouse walked out on her while she was still recovering from a major surgery and came through it all an even stronger woman then before. She has given gentle and sometimes even very firm words of advice and always with love in her heart. She is a model example of service and love for not only family but many of those around her. For someone who is nearly 83 she is still very active, caring and my mentor. I love her dearly and the example she sets for all of those she crosses paths with.

  58. My mother is one amazing woman. What can I possibly gift her as her daughter? She is a woman that deserves the world and so much more. Even though most of her children have grown up and now started forming their own families; I cannot help but recall what sort of woman she was while I was growing up and continues to be for me. She is the the most humble, self-less, hardest worker, impressively dedicated in all she does, and the most giving person I know; often giving more than she probably should. She has worked hard all her life from growing up on a farm to raising a family with four children. I don’t recall her ever taking a sick day at work and barely took vacation when we were younger in order to provide for each of us. Now, as a mother myself, I am able to understand at a much deeper level all the sacrifices she has made over the years just to make sure we had what we needed and a little extra whenever possible. I am forever grateful and in awe of her and I hope that someday I can be at least half the woman she is. I still don’t know how she did it and continues to do so. I would love for her to win an Expressway to take that much needed vacation and time of rest that she needs to catch up on! She deserves it and so much more!

  59. My mom is always the first awake to go to work. When she gets home she always makes supper for the family. It isn’t unusual for her to stay up late in order to finish paying bills or repair clothes.

  60. When I’m asked about my mom, I couldn’t be more proud to say I am her daughter. My mom is selfless beyond measure. She has been working for more than 30 years without once thinking about herself.

    She freely gives to my life and those in her family more resources than she has available. She showers love on her family by taking care of them. It doesn’t matter whom it is in her eyes. It can be any one of her four children, three son-in-laws or three grandchildren.

    It doesn’t matter if there is more to do than there are hours in the day. Somehow she manages to conquer any task or request placed before her. For my sister’s wedding shower this spring, my mom went to 5 different stores before she finally located the seasonal raspberry sherbet required to make her famous sherbet punch. After that, she stayed up all night to finish the embroidery on the apron she was gifting to my sister. As that night was the only time my mom had left to complete these tasks before the party the next day.

    This is why my mom deserves an expressway vacation. She hasn’t had an opportunity to be spoiled in the same fashion as she spoils me or the rest of her family. I wish to allow her the opportunity to enjoy a moment for herself. To allow the rest of her family to reciprocate how much she means, not only to me, but to all of us.

  61. My mother is the most selfless person on the planet. I do not say that to be biased or because she is my mother; I say that because she truly is. Throughout my whole life I have only seen her give to others and never look for anything in return. There are times at her work that require extra hours. I remember growing up not seeing my mom for a few months during those busy times each year because she would leave the house by 6AM to get to work on time and not return until after midnight, some nights not until about 2AM. Then she would nap and get up to do it all again.

    She always has put her family first and forgets to take time for herself. Amongst all her hours at work she still found the time to volunteer at church, be present for every band concert or event that my siblings and I were in, and make meals for other families during their difficult times. Now our family has expanded and she has her four children, three son-in-laws, 3 grandchildren, and more on the way! She is always cooking up food, sewing or embroidering personalized gifts, as well as being a constant ear and shoulder as we all stumble through life. She makes it all look so easy, but when I try to take on even half the amount of her commitments I cannot keep up!

    While she is involved in many areas volunteering, one that she has really made a huge impact in is helping at what is called the “Giving Tree” at church. This is a program to help local families in need with clothing necessities and a present during the holidays who would otherwise not be able to afford this. This past year three times the normal amount of families had signed up and my mother coordinated it like a champion. When the deadline for the gifts came in, there were still several missing so she went out and finished all the shopping to ensure all the gifts were accounted for. She couponed like there was no tomorrow to ensure that no funds were wasted and to ensure the best gifts could be purchased.

    I also remember 3 years ago when I finished college and had to take my nursing exam to become licensed. All of the test centers in the state we lived in were booked out for several months and I needed to have my test taken within a month for my new job’s start date. My mom drove me to my test in the next state over and was ecstatic to be “going on vacation.” I quizzically looked at her and asked her what she meant. She had this huge grin on her face as she gripped the steering wheel and proceeded to explain how she had her bag packed and was on the road to a hotel in a different state so she must be going on vacation. We had nothing fun planned. She was simply driving me so I could study in the car, we stayed overnight at a hotel, she dropped me off at my test in the morning, picked me up after a couple hours, and we drove back. THAT was a vacation to her. These are the “vacations” she takes. She does not go on vacation for fun; she goes on road trips to ensure that the person she loves is taken care of and helps them. Seeing the joy on her face to simply drive me to a test, I cannot even imagine the pure bliss she would experience to go on a real vacation.

    I could keep writing, but there would be enough to fill not only one novel but a whole series. This woman is truly the most selfless person there is. I could not be more honored and proud to call her my mother. She has always focused on others and it would be a huge blessing for her to have a REAL vacation where she can relax and focus on herself. Please consider her for this vacation give-away; she will cherish it for years to come. Thank you.

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