Destination Guide: Virginia

Notable Cities: Williamsburg


Williamsburg, Virginia, does history as well as any place in the United States. But once you get there, you realize that there are a surprising amount of diverse attractions around. Travelers who like having options will have plenty of theme parks, live shows and natural beauty to balance during their stay, though we’re sure most of it will be spent learning about American history.

Must-See Attractions

Colonial Williamsburg
When Williamsburg was founded as Virginia’s capital in 1699, it was a significant part of the British colonies’ social, political and religious activity. It stands today as the nation’s finest representation of colonial history, which you’ll learn just by walking around town. You can visit the Revolutionary City and see firsthand (well, almost) the realities of war from reenactments and tours.

Photo courtesy of member Cheryl W.

Williamsburg reenactment in progress, courtesy of member Cheryl W.

Historic Jamestowne
You’ve all probably heard the story of John Smith and Pocahontas. Well, here is where you can actually trace their steps in England’s first settlement of North America. See the artifacts buried beneath the town in an archaeology walking tour; learn about the Native American and English cultures in the Visitor’s Center and walk through the 17th century brick tower, which is the only building still standing from Jamestowne’s early years.

Yorktown Battlefield
Yorktown is a vital location in our nation’s history, most notably as the victory site of the American Revolutionary War in 1781. With the help of the French Army, George Washington and his troops defeated British Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis. This ultimately led to the Declaration of Independence and the United States as we know them. This is the kind of compelling history that matters, and you can get unique lessons all over this waterfront village.

Also Try…

The Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. A brick Colonial house with a courtyard, and former home of Thomas Jefferson.

The Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, used to be a colonial government building and the home of Thomas Jefferson.


  • College of William and Mary, founded in 1693, is the second oldest college or university in the country, behind Harvard University.
  • Jamestown and Williamsburg were each at one point the capital of Virginia. That was before Richmond became the capital for good in 1780.

Suggested Resorts

The lovely grounds of the Historic Powhatan Resort, courtesy of member Linda N.

The lovely grounds of the Historic Powhatan Resort, courtesy of member Linda N.

Member Feedback

Member Barb G. lends Thomas Jefferson a pen in Colonial Williamsburg.

Member Barb G. lends Thomas Jefferson a pen in Colonial Williamsburg.

Terry and Shirley J. had a fabulous Christmas Vacation while in Williamsburg.

John G. said his trip to Williamsburg was “perfect in every way possible.”

“I travel to this location several times a year and it hasn’t let me down yet.”
– Rose Marie H. (Historic Powhatan Resort)

Top photo courtesy of member Cheryl W. 

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