How to Stop Worrying and Travel Without Fear

We don’t take vacations as much as we should. If you fall into that category, you can forget the many joys and benefits of that much-needed getaway – and there are many! So what’s the hold up?

Is something keeping you at home or does an aspect about traveling make you uneasy? No matter what your apprehensions are about traveling, remember that it’s all mental. Here are some common obstacles and how to overcome them:

“I’m afraid to leave home.”

First, legitimate or not, determine where your doubts come from:

  • You don’t want/can’t afford to spend the money.
  • You don’t have the time.
  • You don’t want to leave your loved ones.

These are normal feelings, and there are many more reasons people create to talk themselves out of a vacation. But they all share a common thread: Though they directly affect your desire to travel, they have nothing to do with travel itself.

If money were no object, you’d be a nomad for life. If you never had to work, you’d have visited every country on the map. So if the act of traveling isn’t the problem, you’ll need to address your affairs at home.


Nothing good ever comes free. Accept that vacations, much like a gym membership or a 401K, are a rewarding investment. Instead of focusing on the cost, think of the results: improved health and wellbeing, a broader mind and priceless memories.

For an added level of comfort, reframe how you approach travel:

  • Create a budget exclusively for travel. You want to stay within your means.
  • Make travel a mandatory part of your schedule by establishing a routine (yearly, seasonally, etc.).
  • Encourage others to come along (ie. Two couples split a two-bedroom condo).

These are some of the main benefits of being a Global Discovery Vacations member. And if that’s not enough, ask yourself a simple question: Have you ever regretted taking a vacation?

happy young people group have fun and enjoy fresh snow at beautiful winter day

“I’m afraid of going places.”

If you’re a member of Global Discovery Vacations, we hope this is not the case. Still, many people have fears that do come directly from traveling:

  • You won’t enjoy or fit into the culture.
  • Something will go wrong in the trip-planning process.
  • The whole travel thing is too much effort.

This isn’t the same as having a fear of flying or xenophobia. We’re talking about common misconceptions or irrational fears based off a worst-case-scenario travel mentality. We live in a world where every second contains infinite possibilities, so dwelling on the negative isn’t doing anyone any favors. That’s not what travel is about; travel is about freedom to, not freedom from.


This fear is harder to resolve because it comes from within. But any experienced traveler will tell you this: The world is a much bigger place than you realize and every inch of it is worth inspection.

So when you visit a new area, think of it as a time to immerse yourself in a different culture, as locals will most certainly embrace you. No matter where I go, once I let locals know I’m a visitor, they overwhelm me with hospitality and are willing to make my stay as enjoyable as possible.

But you’ll come across factors out of your control. If you’re stuck at an airport, if there is a condo mishap or any other vacation snafu, brush it off and go with the flow. It’s all part of the experience and there are ways to actually enjoy it: Make new friends and laugh whenever you can. Years later, when the trip has settled firmly in your memory, we bet you’d have all positive thoughts.

And if you think planning a trip is too hard, there are people who would be glad to ease your mind.

If you just don’t want to travel, we’re not going to force you. But have you been here? Or here? How about here? If you think a vacation can’t change your life, just ask those members.

Most importantly, travel far, travel free and travel fearlessly.

What is your biggest fear about planning a trip? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to offer some helpful advice.

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.