AAA Survey: 35 Percent of Americans Will Travel as a Family in 2017

We’re in one of the largest holiday lulls of the year – that hectic time after New Year’s where five-day work weeks are all too common. But you can start to see the light at the end of this long tunnel and, before you know it, the long-awaited summer. Let’s make a vacation out of […]

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 Traveling in the Age of Uncertainty

The Trump administration’s recent immigration travel ban sent reverberations throughout the country, taking the form of mass protests at major airports. As a travel club with members who love traveling, we wanted to address some worries that we’ve heard over the last few days. Even though these polices are aimed at select groups, travelers of […]

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 What United Airlines’ Low-Fare Option Means for Air Travel

low-fare options

You may have seen that United Airlines added a new low-fare option for passengers, which has sparked plenty of outrage, even from our members on social media. But on a broader scale, United’s new plan is a sign of how the airline industry is changing, which might work out in favor of passengers. So let us […]

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