Bucket List Wish Recap: Back From Disney World

Fatigue doesn’t really matter when you’re having the vacation of your life. Sometimes you just have to squeeze in everything you can.

A year ago, we told young La’Trell and his foster parents, Gloria and Michael, that they were going to Disney World. A year later, after having had the vacation of their lives, we caught up with them about their action-packed trip.

How was the trip?

Gloria: “It was great. There was so much to do and we enjoyed it, but it was all for La’Trell. In spite of us being tired and overwhelmed, it was all good. It was a trip that we won’t forget, you can believe that!”

What attractions did you visit?

Gloria: “Oh, I don’t know the names. I had to go where La’Trell wanted to go. We went to so many! We wanted to go to Epcot but we had done so much and it was just overwhelming.”

How was the resort (Windsor Palms in Kissimmee)?

Gloria: “I want to thank Global Connections, not just for the trip. We have never stayed in a finer place. This place was the best. Everything was right there, the stores, Disney and more.”

Did La’Trell love the vacation?

Gloria: “He will never forget this trip. Ever. If we don’t have money and can’t do too much of anything else, he can always say that he went to Disney World. He tells people all the time, so I have to say, ‘La’Trell, you already told them that story!’”

La’Trell even wrote us a note!

It was fun! We went on lots of rides, we went to the Buzz Lightyear shooting contest, we watched Stitch and saw so many parades. We went to the Magic Kingdom on the Aladdin ride, the jungle safari, and to Tomorrowland. I got lots of cool things and a new backpack with Disney on it. So much food.

Oh yes, we went to the Haunted Mansion, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the Tomorrowland race. I had so much fun. My mawmaw and pawpaw got tired and wanted to leave. I was NOT tired at all. My feet were hurting, but I still was not ready to leave, even though they said we had been here ALL day.

We’re so glad La’Trell and his family could enjoy this fabulous vacation and it sounds like it was an experience they’ll never forget!

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Global Discovery Vacations since September 2013. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.

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  1. Awesome!!! What a great report!!!! Thanks, Global, for giving this family the time of their lives

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