Access on the Go with the Global Discovery Vacations App

Your membership just got even more convenient with the new Global Discovery Vacations bookmark app. Now you can do everything you were doing on your PC right from your phone: get specials notifications, book a vacation, find hotels, access your membership guide and more.

Today, people are more mobile than ever, and your phone is where you do just about everything. So having all your Global Discovery Vacations membership tools at your fingertips makes it even easier to travel more.

“We strive to use new technology that will better our products, making them more convenient and easy to use.” -Global Connections Chief Operating Officer Frank Zawojski 

The bookmark app gets you connected to your membership website faster and is available for Apple, Android and Amazon devices. Just search “Global Discovery Vacations” in your app store and install.

Here’s what’s great:

  • The bookmark app opens on a handy menu of things to do: Condos, Cruises, Hotels, Cars, Flights, and My Account.


  • You can see up-to-date blog posts under the menu.
  • The app looks and functions like the membership website you’re used to (which is why we call it a bookmark app), so everything is familiar and you don’t have to re-learn a whole new format.


  • You can access your Membership Guide, Travel Agency and additional perks like Concierge and Discovery Mall (“Other Services”) using the drop down menu in the upper left corner.


  • Everything operates in real time, so you can stay on top of specials, changes to the Membership Guide, news and more.

There’s never a bad time to plan more vacations! Download your Global Discovery Vacations bookmark app and book your travel whenever you feel inspired. If you like the app, tell us! You can rate and review the Global Discovery Vacations bookmark app in your app store.

Where will you go next? Tell us what’s on your vacation bucket list in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Access on the Go with the Global Discovery Vacations App

  1. Why create an app that just an internet link to the global website…. uninstall. Please create a true app that interacts with the great services you provide. Thanks.

    • Hi James,

      We are sorry that you feel that way, but we do appreciate the feedback. The app is all about convenience, from booking to having your membership guide on hand just a click away. As we mention in the post, we hope having all these tools at your fingertips makes it even easier to travel more.

      – Global Discovery Vacations

  2. I don’t like that I have to put in my credit card info before being able to install. Will not be using this app

    • Hello Rosie. You will never be asked to pay for an app from our company, it is free. If you are using an iPhone and are on the Apple store, they might require you to join their app store and provide a credit card for possible app purchases, but that is not from Global Connections or Global Discovery Vacations.

    • Hi Ben,

      This is a “bookmarking app,” which basically just gives you one-click access to condo bookings, reviews, the membership guide and more. It’s all there for your convenience.

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