5 Reasons to Cruise “VIP” Style

Going on a cruise is always cause for excitement, but what if you could go on a cruise themed around something you love, full of people who like the same stuff you like, where you get special attention throughout your trip?

You can! Your friends at Global Discovery Vacations are here to remind you what VIP stands for – “Very Important Person!” With a VIP Cruise, that person is you. Whether you’ve never done a VIP Cruise or it’s just been awhile, now’s the time to book one of our themed VIP cruises.

Here are five great reasons you deserve a VIP Cruise:

Themes Are Fun!

You can really get into VIP Cruise themes. Are you into the country western scene? Zumba? Jazz? Wine? Ballroom dancing? The on-board events created just for the group by Global Connections reflect this theme, and usually feature a guest celebrity or performer who provides live entertainment just for you!

 You’re Always on the VIP List

Global hosts Cathy and Michelle greet passengers at a Valentine’s dance on a Princess Cruises Caribbean Cruise.

Global hosts Cathy and Michelle greet passengers at a Valentine’s dance on a Princess Cruises Caribbean Cruise.

VIP Cruises feature lots of extras just for our members. You’ll attend private parties and events with special souvenir gifts. While non-VIP cruisers are paying extra to go to that popular specialty restaurant, you’ll be enjoying a special dinner there…on our dime.

The Royal Treatment

We put our own staff at your service on VIP Cruises to make sure you get a very pampered and personalized experience. Individual phone calls and invitations tucked in your door ensure you never miss an event or party, and we have concierge desk hours for any questions, concerns or needs you may have. Or just call one of our staff 24/7 and we’ll be there to take care of you!

More On-Board Fun

Our travel manager Lori S. (center) bringing travelers together!

Because VIP Cruises have additional special events, meals, parties and more, you’ll have as much fun on the ship as off at ports of call (maybe even more).

Birds of a Feather

Did you select a jazz VIP Cruise because you love jazz? Guess what? So do the other guests who chose this cruise. So not only do you get to meet other people with similar interests, you get to meet other Global passengers and share your stories, experiences and recommendations. And for the extra win, our staff gets to spend time with you, giving us the great opportunity to get to know our members.

Check out our upcoming VIP Cruises and book yours today!

Got an idea for a VIP Cruise theme? We’d love to hear what you’d like to see!

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  1. We have done Glenn Miller ballroom cruise, leaving from NY heading North on QE2 Sailed out of Boston Harbor watching fire works while Ballroom Dance on the Aft Deck on July 4th.. Could never beat that one. Plan a Ballroom cruise and we will be there. .p.s.have some of the Dancing with the stars on board. Why not plan the best. You will fill the cruise! Sherrill Sundberg

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