See the World In-Depth with Tour Vacations

Tour vacations offer fantastic sights and adventures you might not see by booking the traditional accommodations. With a full itinerary based on your interests pre-baked into your own trip, tours are easy ways to create trips you have only dreamed of. Through the Global Connections Travel Agency, you have a vast selection of tours featured […]

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 Towns That Shut Down are Your Ticket to Escape

Chairs down on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

We live in a beautiful age, where almost any information we desire is accessible with the click of a mouse or the tap of a phone. But with limitless information comes infinite distractions. There are times when that does more harm than good, which is why it’s good to escape from it all every once […]

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 Vacation Activities Bracket: Round 2

global discovery vacations attractions bracket 2

This past week was a typical first round: A number of huge blowouts, a few upsets and some close matches mixed in. We’re of course talking about the Global Discovery Vacations Activities Bracket, which we expect will have some tougher matchups as we narrow down the list. Beaches made a bold statement in Round 1, […]

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