Travel Playlist Essentials: Modern Hits


We already showed you our favorite classics, but there’s so much good music to go around, we couldn’t contain it all in on post. This week, we’re giving you some modern artists putting a new spin on world travel. And remember to tell us what’s on your travel playlist for a chance to win a […]

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 Travel Playlist Essentials: The Classics

Group Of Young Friends Dancing In Back Of Open Top Car

Music is one of those beautiful art forms that permeates every aspect of our lives from entertainment, to exercise to ambiance. And travel is no stranger to the music bug, with many artists drawing inspirations from their time on the road or in memories of home. We’re sure that many of you travel with the […]

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 Member Monday: The Poconos Packs a Punch

Last month, Diane G. and her family headed east to spend some time in the Poconos. They decided to stay at the exciting Wyndham Shawnee Village at Crestview in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. With Diane’s daughter living in a nearby town and history around every corner, they mixed in some exhilarating and fun activities during this […]

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 Discover Orlando Beyond the Parks


Every time I think of Orlando, the thoughts come attached with mouse ears. As if the city is just one big collection of amusement park rides, costumed characters and souvenir shops. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, beneath Orlando’s flashy façade lies an active city entrenched in tremendous Florida scenery and countless […]

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 Condo Grocery List: Ingredients You Should Always Have on Hand

Banner FB Corey Foods

Condominium cooking is arguably the greatest perk to staying in a condo. And to make it worthwhile, you’ll need to have the right goods on hand. All you need is a couple of key ingredients in stock and you can pretty much make anything once you get your main entree, which will likely be meat […]

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